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Sarah C
Sarah C 2 soat oldin
Oh Liam I am just so grateful you took up UZpost. I think you are such a wonderful and kind person. I have a 12 year old daughter and I’ve always worried about UZpost and all these gurus and how they “influence” my child and her peers culture but knowing there are humans like you out here that she can watch that teach beauty (something she absolutely loves) as well as educate younger people on incredibly important topics makes me so hopeful for her future. Please keep doing this and talking about the important things. Bless you ❤️💕
imfeelingx 3 soat oldin
4:54 yesss mumbles has taste stream the bops 😌
Nikki Shaye
Nikki Shaye 4 soat oldin
I am loving the background. Love the classical music, and that gorgeous 🦋/🧚🏼 lamp! 😍
Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese
Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese 5 soat oldin
I love your theory, I'm curious what you think of vr chat rooms? Is this a way to "cross-over" into the spirit realm of the internet?
Mashaba 10 soat oldin
As a communications major working in beauty PR, this internet archeology series is EVERYTHING 🔥
XiXi AzXa
XiXi AzXa 11 soat oldin
I can’t believe people are still arguing about this in the comments.. if you defend it you’re part of the problem
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Why did I *just* find this video AND your channel. It’s so strange because I watch content like this all the time. What’s the deal UZpost?
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Always thrilled to see your videos!
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I love your videos; thanks for sharing you education with the rest of us.
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god your videos are just so good. perfect balance of funny and informative but also interesting topics i'm so glad i found ur channel
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your too smart for the youtube community lol. you butchered them all
Madeline Illustrations
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Whilst watching the show I could not stop thinking about how the actor of Rosalind played Sky from the episode "midnight" from Doctor Who. I just keep expecting her to crouch down in the corner and start copying everyone. 😭
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Liam you speak so eloquently. 💜 your videos !!!
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Your young and very naive! The video is lucifer the fallen angel that is lucifer sliding down the pole! It’s devil worship! When your older you will understand as you literally have no idea what your talking about! 🤣
Hannah Kun oldin
That fact that it was filmed in Ireland all but proved to me that Fate wasn’t originally meant to be a Winx remake. When big budget series film here they have a specific look in mind and it is very much not a Winx look. Plus, they still had everyone talking in those super posh English accents so...very specific look I guess
Otneimica Kun oldin
Though unrelated to the topic, the way your eyes look in this video's thumbnail is really weird. Your left eye just trails off, and it's a little unnerving. I don't know if you edited that still to look that way or something, but if you didn't, you might want to get that eye checked out.
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Uhm this doesn't look good, someone gotta be honest
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this is such a good video oh my god
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I love the way your brain works 💜
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# *Apology Video Bingo*
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Is this the finer things club?
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The fact that there aren’t millions of views has me baffled cause this is too tier content
callmelyn73 2 kun oldin
I really enjoy when you do an Internet Archeology discussion. I learn about a topic I never thought about before or you present a different way of looking at a topic or situation. Thank you, Liam. Ps, love the eyes.
softdecay 2 kun oldin
lmao the seriousness after you put the lipstick on
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno 2 kun oldin
mmmhmm very good tea
Ping4d0 2 kun oldin
Of course every apology sounds the same, ppl pick apart the wording of all of those videos so it’s basically a checklist of things they need to say
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Dude your house looks and probably smells like an education. Also your videos make me want to write a thesis for no reason, I love it⭐️
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Yqaaaas mama teacher teach me somethingggggk!
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This makeup look is so adoreable ❤️❤️
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"They were ordered from least to most desperate" I choke-laughed. ETA: there are so many hilarious memes in this video😂😂😂 that go with each subject point. This is the funniest TED TALK ever
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can we get more funny videos too
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Honey.. the amount of work that goes into these videos.. holy fucking shit. You’re gonna grow to be BIG ✨ I’m so excited to watch you grow
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Dog In Sombrero 2 kun oldin
I really enjoy the beauty segment at the end. We don't get distracted during the main topic and get a nice chat and wind down at the end of the video <3
sophie grace
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I've had a lot more piece of mind since I've become a fan of the content, not the creator.
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this is a way to cosplay just the upper half tho
Daniel Moreno
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bestie we love your effort into these videos
Feather McGee
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The way you articulate everything as well as your demeanor makes me have the utmost respect for you. Your videos are another level of diving in while actually educating at the exact same time. The videos are on another level 110%. I think, without a doubt, that you are one of the most underrated channels that is currently available today and you deserve far more recognition for your intelligence. I really think you could be one of very few people in society that could actually make a real difference if you went all out to advocate on one specific subject. 🙌🙌
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i love your videos so much and your skin is looking so good!
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Love the music intro...classy like you
Russian Bear
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"Yup..thats wonder how I got myself into this situation" classic
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This is my favorite channel and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their content. I always walk away from these videos educated and more informed. I officially stan lol
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I just bought a Lil Nas shirt that says "I listened to Montero by Lil Nas X and all I got was this lousy shirt and now I'm gay and love Satan" 😈🔥🔥🔥
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I love your videos and can't wait to watch your Lil Nas video next 💕💙😊
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Even egyption pharos drank liquid gold...
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wow you're so beautiful
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Liam should be just as big as D'Angelo Wallace, idc idc, but you can tell he puts so much work into his videos. And has so many good points. I wish his videos would blow up so people can see through these fake ass apologies.
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loved the video. my poor genshin impact ;_;
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For every Liam video I watch, I gain 2 brain cells. Never stop making these🥺❤️
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Thank you for this informative video! Keep slaying!
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I stan you.
Obsidia 3 kun oldin
You can always make me laugh. Even when we discuss serious topics. Thank you.
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nope nope 3 kun oldin
I’m so glad to be lucky enough to have found this channel
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leggo your ego 3 kun oldin
the lolicons are so mad in these comments it's hilarious
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U work so hard on ur content and it shows. I never feel like im wasting time watching ur videos bc it’s also educational
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Eeeeeeyyyy Virgo gang gang 💅
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Sis is giving me more information than my sociology professor
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is that shiro the space dad in the background
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raisin s
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What did jenna do wrong?
Japheth Olmillo
Japheth Olmillo 3 kun oldin
I know you didn't mention it...but my petty ass still can't stand it. Shane dawson never said the words "I'm sorry" in his "Apology" videos.
Oscar Garza
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You're the only person in this house that i've ever respected
creatrixZBD 4 kun oldin
Haha in the first 30 seconds I thought to myself, “hmm I wonder if he’s read much Joseph Campbell?” 💜🙏🏽
Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese
Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese 4 kun oldin
Amazing analysis!! I just wanted ask what your pronouns are?
creatrixZBD 4 kun oldin
Nice work 👍🏼 I’m glad that rather than doing videos on individual people, you instead offered people the tools to do it for themselves in their own minds. Kinda like the “teach a ‘man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime” thinking. Good on you for encouraging the audience to practice these approaches and develop their thinking skills. Also, beautiful look 💜
отважный камазист
отважный камазист 4 kun oldin
You look like that one rich, widowed countess that appears very posh and cold, but in reality tries to protect someone’s orphaned daughter. Mad respect
couriersix- 4 kun oldin
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Ester Fernandez 4 kun oldin
Yessss baby, get that sponsor. I’ll listen to her alll day 🖤
Emily O.R
Emily O.R 4 kun oldin
Daniëlle 4 kun oldin
People make mistakes and if they are led to believe that someone is telling the truth, it’s only normal to want to believe them. So, speaking about the people who defended him, I think they should get the benefit of a doubt. I don’t think that people knowingly defended James. I know I have defended people in the past who didn’t deserve it. You go off the information you have at that time and when someone gets in trouble, it’s honorable to want to defend them. Unfortunately that completely backfired in this scenario, but I think if people were to admit that they made a mistake there it should be accepted and moved on from. James hopefully will be receiving punishment for his actions, because he is the one who committed the crime and should do the time. Thankyou for this video Liam! I’m very impressed with what you presented here and the research you have done. You have my respect and I subscribed. I hope you have a wonderful day.
Taurus Lord
Taurus Lord 4 kun oldin
NOO james got the jojo doo in his apolog vid :-:
se7 en
se7 en 4 kun oldin
so clear and so informative I love it 💕
benjamalone 4 kun oldin
Are you gay
Lily Homma
Lily Homma 4 kun oldin
Commenting for the algorithm and also for the sake of (figuratively) letting you know you you have spinach in your teeth 🙃 Just wanted to give a friendly reminder that remediation and duress (should be pronounced dur-ESS) were mispronounced! This has happened to me before when I’ve read about something but have never heard it spoken aloud, and then find myself in an awkward situation later where I say it as I’ve been hearing it in my head, and it goes past several people before someone finally tells me lol 😅 Not coming from a place of hate whatsoever, I stg if someone in the comments comes for me for that “reason” I will...not respond. Anyways, I appreciate UZpostrs such as yourself who clearly have a love for learning and for sharing what they’ve learned, and bring in academic sources. IMO things are always that much more interesting when social phenomena like influencer apologies are put through this kind of theoretical/academic lens. LOVE this stuff, keep it coming 🙌
Robert Zurenko
Robert Zurenko 4 kun oldin
Fluffy Mcsparkle
Fluffy Mcsparkle 4 kun oldin
Commenting for the algorithm
luna The Storyteller
luna The Storyteller 4 kun oldin
Most people that have a lazy eye try their damnest to focus it 24/7. But not Liam. Nope! He uses his for comedic purposes and I give him mad props for that bc I was always embarrassed by mine.
Nicola Douglas
Nicola Douglas 4 kun oldin
The aesthetic continuity between your backdrop and the text images.... amazing. Love watching your channel continually develop!
Teodora Ristić
Teodora Ristić 4 kun oldin
He did not need to keep that my little pony vore art up for so long☹