An honest discussion of Fate: The Winx Saga | White-washing & Dark academia

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Liam McEvoy

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Can I get an F in the comments for Techna pls? thx

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Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy 3 oy oldin
This video contains spoilers for the live action and animated versions of Winx club!
nah brah
nah brah 3 oy oldin
Don't worry sis, no one was gonna watch it to begin wt 😳
Nia Abejero - Mc Connell
Nia Abejero - Mc Connell 3 oy oldin
@Pippi Haha, Gay-lic. 😂
Pippi 3 oy oldin
Gaelic is literally Celtic, Gaelic culture is a part of Celtic Culture. They’re not separate.
za;lia n
za;lia n 3 oy oldin
They white washed the animated version too! Ayesha and flora are white now 😍
Matias Felipe Ugalde Jorquera
Matias Felipe Ugalde Jorquera 3 oy oldin
Grrl I love your channel 💖
Madeline Illustrations
Madeline Illustrations Kun oldin
Whilst watching the show I could not stop thinking about how the actor of Rosalind played Sky from the episode "midnight" from Doctor Who. I just keep expecting her to crouch down in the corner and start copying everyone. 😭
Hannah Kun oldin
That fact that it was filmed in Ireland all but proved to me that Fate wasn’t originally meant to be a Winx remake. When big budget series film here they have a specific look in mind and it is very much not a Winx look. Plus, they still had everyone talking in those super posh English accents so...very specific look I guess
deedee1769 5 kun oldin
Girl I love the small edits you added in there. Made me laugh so much. Great video!
Allison Sherwood
Allison Sherwood 8 kun oldin
Commenting for the algorithm! Your content is great!
I just watch videos
I just watch videos 10 kun oldin
I just wish they kept the diversity. They made flora and musa white... and you might say “oh well that’s not flora, it’s terra (idk her name), flora is her cousin!”. Terra’s original name is was flora but they changed it due to backlash and it cover Terri whitewashing tracks. Flora was literally based of Jlo, she’s not white so why tf did they make her white? And that doesn’t change the fact that musa is Chinese but white in the show? Wtf? Out of the 6 girls in the original three were poc, now ONE of them is poc. Do you see the problem? They just need to bring flora is and make her latina, they need to recast musa and make her Chinese, and they need to make techa Asian now too to make up for season 1, AND they need to fix Aisha/Layla’s character
Amira B
Amira B 18 kun oldin
U really said that the problem is not the aesthetic itself but the interpretation? Because the problem IS the aesthetic itself, is upper class, racist, colonialist, etc. There are lots of videos explaining this if it wasn't obvious enough. Also, they way in which u frase un the first part of your video contradicts the second part, bc you put a lot of the in quoting marks like is just an opinion that "other" ppl have when is not, is there at plain sight, and then u say in the second part of the video that the whitewash the series. Tha problems are in plain sight is not "interpretation", is like saying that racism is just a "interpretation", when is not. Dark Academia is problematic.
Raquel P
Raquel P 19 kun oldin
Your channel stopped showing at my feed so I searched EVERY CHANNEL I follow to find you, don't disappear again Liam!!!!!
Bratzie Ramieverse!
Bratzie Ramieverse! 28 kun oldin
Gay lick mythology 😍
baofbwkxog Oy oldin
you're fabulous!
Bratz Doll
Bratz Doll Oy oldin
i was so scared of the three ancestral witches, seeing them in the video made me uncomfortable 💀
Cerise Dragon
Cerise Dragon Oy oldin
We need your insight on the upcoming powerpuff girls live action.
Vanessa M
Vanessa M Oy oldin
odiwalker Oy oldin
The 3 Elder Witches trope doesnt come from Shakespeare, it came from the Moirai
Cassandra Garcia
Cassandra Garcia Oy oldin
Also why did they change flora name to terra, flora sounds way better
heliya tan
heliya tan Oy oldin
heliya tan
heliya tan Oy oldin
She is a girl
Cassandra Garcia
Cassandra Garcia Oy oldin
Also what is up with the whole sky and Stella thing like in the cartoon they never when out like that, and what happened to all the specialist?
Cassandra Garcia
Cassandra Garcia Oy oldin
I wanted to rewatch the winx club cartoon on Netflix but they deleted all the seasons but kept season 7 like why and how does that make any sense.
Xegane Oy oldin
No mention of Sailor Moon... smh. You young people make me SICK *hobbles back into my trailer*
Jynx's Workshop
Jynx's Workshop Oy oldin
Javier Olmedo
Javier Olmedo Oy oldin
Thanks a lot. I've been a Winx Club fan my entire life and I was very disappointed when I watched the live action but you've give me hope for the next seasons
Mary Oy oldin
They killed flora :/ my first representation abgssgsg
Marlee LeBlanc
Marlee LeBlanc Oy oldin
A R.
A R. Oy oldin
Let's be real. Techna could have existed perfectly fine as a character in the show if she had been a fairy interested in human culture, specifically computers and tech. She could be less magical, but a whiz in rigging up computers with magical power and ability to reconcile the binary, rigid coding with the wild, elemental magic. Also this show SUCKED, but Beatrix was okay. Just not as good as the OG witches.
Viktoria Petrovich
Viktoria Petrovich Oy oldin
WHAT THE HECK DID ARTEMIS FOWL HAVE A FILM ADAPTATION????????? I was a huge fan of the book series back in the days, I had no idea...
Benedictsaint Oy oldin
Can’t wait for Aisha to arrive to bring some color. But if they screw that up then it just shows 😅🥲
Cat Oy oldin
Today Ive decided to spend several hours binge watching your channel. No regrets 🧚🏻‍♂️
Coco Gates
Coco Gates Oy oldin
Liam, I just discovered your tutorials and I’m hooked. I think your intelligent and affective in your delivery. I strive to mimic your edicate as it skirts on the edge of pretentious without ever offending. You always keep it professional never loosing your cool making topic effective without breaking my concentration . Lookbforward to you future videos
Amanda Tedrick
Amanda Tedrick Oy oldin
I love that you’re into fairies! I’ve always felt a connection with you since I found you and it makes my heart happy to know you’re a fellow fairy lover. I’ve always said that if I were anything other than human... I’d be a fairy. Love. Love. Love that you say, “welcome fairies!” In your intro. 🧚‍♀️
Carmen Carrasco
Carmen Carrasco Oy oldin
I absolutely love you. I have no idea what show you were talking about but I listened anyway cause you were talking about it. Thank you for sharing your ideas with all of us. I love listening to someone that has smarts.
AD Oy oldin
16:52 oop-
CSCSCification Oy oldin
Guurllll do a video just about dark academia pleaseeeeee
Lundell Simmons
Lundell Simmons Oy oldin
Last 30 sec.... PURR
Jay Oy oldin
I hate the "Riverdale angle" many of these teen drama shows go for. It feels just too edgy and dark, like everyone constantly has a stick up their ass. Now I never watched Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, but that is honestly the best way to have a teen trama/hero story.
Dusana Havlikova
Dusana Havlikova 2 oy oldin
Is it whale sound from Return to me in backround??🐋🎶
Fernanda Vivanco Osorio
Fernanda Vivanco Osorio 2 oy oldin
I think the show itself would of been so much better if it was just an original from Netflix instead of this reboot of Winx club 🤷‍♀️
General Lamarque
General Lamarque 2 oy oldin
Gaelic means Scottish and Irish! Celtic is relating to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Brittany and/or Cornwall
A. M. Flynn
A. M. Flynn 2 oy oldin
Many are reminded of House of Anubis. I guess I can see, where the connection is drawn, but I loved House of Anubis when I was a kid, and it was so much better than Fate. :D
Tilly Mahone
Tilly Mahone 2 oy oldin
I hated the white washing but terra was the most likeable character on the show :-( it was such a shame how they made a plot line out of the plus size girl being bullied and fat shamed.
Eden 2 oy oldin
If the show wasn’t based off of the Winx club I would have enjoyed it more
Alondra I Peña Chamorro
Alondra I Peña Chamorro 2 oy oldin
If the trix somehow appear, they better look at least somewhat like the OG design or I’m throwing a tantrum.
Di Matteo
Di Matteo 2 oy oldin
The intelectual level of these videos just keeps growing and growing xd Girl you're making me gain brain cells lol
Fallen King
Fallen King 2 oy oldin
Not related but I love the Return to Me instrumentals in the background.
Annalea Rodriguez
Annalea Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Serving looks and intelligent commentary. I love your channel. 😊
harry hariham
harry hariham 2 oy oldin
erm sparks.... the planet is called domino...
Alex Hornsey
Alex Hornsey 2 oy oldin
americans are calling oxford expensive 🤡
dead kat
dead kat 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that they use minor characters in the Netflix series change the age of them and sexualized them? I don't know I just think it's very cringe-worthy you because not everybody has into that kind of stuff and it always seems to be the only topic that Netflix loves to focus on the most it's really just Stupid
tottaka 2 oy oldin
Are you a guy or a girl
low quality
low quality Oy oldin
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With flora 2 things have you seen a british Latinx person and why is flora latinx but her sister isn't
Samara Salinas
Samara Salinas 2 oy oldin
Algorythm brought me here! ♥ Suscribed :3
Cristina 2 oy oldin
I loved this video because Winx club was my favorite show when I was young, but my friends didn't know the show so I couldn't talk about this with them lol thank you I WANT TO SEE VALTOR And I do have to say that the show disappointed me in a lot of ways but I was also surprised in the end, just as you but... Idk I'm still mad about Flora and Tecna not being there and the whitewash and the sometimes unecessary forced gen Z dialogue..... Also Stella was my fav but her personality in the remake is just... Not her... I wanted to see her stepmother!! Her family issues with her dad and all the stuff!! And WHY IS RIVEN AN ASSHOLE AND WHY ISN'T HE DATING MUSA FKSKFLSKFLDK I just keep getting angrier so I'll stop now
Iichu 2 oy oldin
Italians everywhere when seeing that the colourful Winx Club was turned into posh dark british fantasy: fuck my drag right? 😬😬😬😬
Vanessa W.
Vanessa W. 2 oy oldin
No idea how I got here, but I am glad I did. You are so satisfying to watch.
Travon Nared
Travon Nared 2 oy oldin
The 1st seanson of the live action one feels rushed through.
Bradley Andrew
Bradley Andrew 2 oy oldin
I think it’s because I helped take down one of their highest earning influencers 😂😂😂
Elisa Lotto
Elisa Lotto 2 oy oldin
Woo they changed Bloom's home planet name: in the original version it's called Domino
Lucinda Shadowthorn
Lucinda Shadowthorn 2 oy oldin
All four!!! Those shows were great!
Symantha Gattis
Symantha Gattis 2 oy oldin
So Iginio Straffi said early on that he noticed a lot of Asian and Latinx kids didn't have anyone that looked like them and he wanted to inspire them as well, he added a black character in season 2 because of the kids who wrote to him upset that they didn't see themselves. He wasn't so much finicially incentivized tho I'm sure the studio was.
bbreanna 2 oy oldin
hi fellow filipino
Swaggy Kitty101
Swaggy Kitty101 2 oy oldin
The way they replaced Flora with Terra in Fate almost reminds me of how they replaced Nabu with Nex in the series😩-
yellowflowerevy 2 oy oldin
I wanna help against algorithm so uhh your voice is really relaxing. Umm ye hope there’s no word necessity on these.
Bookish Error
Bookish Error 2 oy oldin
What bothered me the most was that Winx is of Italian origin and you can spot exactly zero (0) people of Mediterranean heritage, and almost if none references to this culture at all. This is why I despise American media, they take a foreign production, adjust it to their preferences and claim it as theirs.
low quality
low quality Oy oldin
i mean as an italian there werent so many references to my culture in the cartoon so
Nadia J
Nadia J 2 oy oldin
I think you are confusing American entertainment with Western
loren. a
loren. a 2 oy oldin
The actor Who played musa is not White wtf
Nadia J
Nadia J 2 oy oldin
Yes she is
Kawblin 2 oy oldin
I was really enjoying what they were doing with feraghonda...until they had her go out like a bitch. Smh og feraghonda WOULD NEVER
Evangeline 2 oy oldin
As somebody who grew up watching winx club, i don’t even want to watch the netflix one. I wanted to see that colorful aesthetic/tone in the new show, poc, magic and friendship. The dark academia/white washing was just a no. Honestly i’d make my own winx club show at this point
Julia Lopez
Julia Lopez 2 oy oldin
The wings of bloom lol so TACKY And later on the girls be like "way nicer than tinker bell wings"BITCH NOOOOO
kairu 2 oy oldin
I love your videos!
idiotoninternet 2 oy oldin
Side note, Beatrix... bea TRIX
ShyBean4Life 2 oy oldin
I laughed uncontrolably out of saddness at 00:46
Rhiannon Miller
Rhiannon Miller 2 oy oldin
I agree the white-washing, and the cut characters/story lines was a disappointment. But in addition to that, in my opinion, the show was just straight up bad. The pacing was awful, there was at least three seasons of material crammed into one tiny spot. The dialog was pretty much unbearable too, it felt forced and uncomfortable. Not to mention it seems like they all hated each other. There was little to no chemistry in either the friendships or the romances. Personally most of the time I was left wondering why I should care? The characters were just overwhelmingly not compelling. Lots of Netflix shows struggle with the pacing issue so I could have forgiven it if the characters had been -if not likeable- complex, and varied. Also, they spoon fed the viewer the whole time! Show don't tell, and by tell I mean have the characters spell it out every time! It's ok to leave the viewer wondering and it encourages re-watching the show! We don't need a recap of everything that happened in the episode at the end!
Sanjna Mahobia
Sanjna Mahobia 2 oy oldin
I'm so glad you addressed the art nouveau element!! I was wondering about that too!!
noemi vitek
noemi vitek 2 oy oldin
Ma com’è possibile che gli italiani non hanno ancora invaso la sezione commenti?
low quality
low quality Oy oldin
ma meno male lmfao la insulterebbero
JustWannaFreeFx 2 oy oldin
Knowing Musa was based on Lucy Liu, instead of taking the opportunity to make her an Asian lesbian, making her a white girl whose arc was dependant on a white man... 😭 Edit: I also forgot to mention how ANGRY I was that there were so many English people. Also... NO ASIANS? NOT ONE INDIAN PERSON WAS AROUND?
madgirlmuahaha 2 oy oldin
9:45 It’s the old adage: show, don’t tell. If you want to be progressive, SHOW us you’re progressive through your casting and character dynamics. Don’t try to force it in the dialogue, it just comes across as cringey and forced.
sharanya konandur
sharanya konandur 2 oy oldin
GirlwithaRhapsody 2 oy oldin
What if Beatrix is supposed to be technica? She does stuff with static electricity, and electricity has to do with electronics
Adila Moola
Adila Moola 2 oy oldin
Best review I've seen so far!
Jade Mehl
Jade Mehl 2 oy oldin
Is Beatrix supposed to be these Trix characters?
Angel Simmons
Angel Simmons 3 oy oldin
This is my first time on your channel and I’d like to say I agree with everything you stated because there was an opportunity to bring something beautiful to life and they chose not to run with it.🤦🏾‍♀️
Open Minded
Open Minded 3 oy oldin
Anne The Elf
Anne The Elf 3 oy oldin
They all dressed like 40-50 year old upper middle class white women
starrylapin 3 oy oldin
I hated literally almost everything about the reboot💀 they could’ve just made flora a plus size latina and musa Asian I MYSELF would’ve done a better job ESPECIALLY with the fashion. Stella and Bloom are supposed to be really good friends wtf happened. 💀
Alex T
Alex T 3 oy oldin
The Miranda sings Beatrix through me off. I legit spit my coffee out
Alex T
Alex T 3 oy oldin
They need to higher some young queer and POC writers. Add characters that are POC (trix sisters, flora, techna (I would also like techna to be NB personally). They need to hire new wardrobe people and set people (that have actually seen the show). Keep the main plot points and keep the effects (maybe something more fun for transformations) . and then they have a fantastic show on their hands.
Jonathan Fils-Aime
Jonathan Fils-Aime 3 oy oldin
I love this video, I’m subscribing
What r u looking at
What r u looking at 3 oy oldin
Winx club was my childhood and I now it’s my adulthood
Bambam E
Bambam E 3 oy oldin
This video was great and informative! I like how you focused more on the lore of the series rather than just a direct comparison! It broadened my perspective a bit :>
junodragon6780 3 oy oldin
Did we all watch the same Harry Potter, because I remember them stairs and dorm rooms looking more magical then that!
Jo 3 oy oldin
the thing is that I am so disappointed with almost every aspect of the show that I'm just speechless.
Herry Swift
Herry Swift 3 oy oldin
Do you know that Beatrix is actually the three in one form of the Trix?????.....also Netflix make last minute decision to change the earth fairy to be call Terra Netflix original character and a cousin of Flora...probably to save they ass from being cancelled😂😂😂😂......that what I heard but still they literally make an asian to a white chick....not hate by the way to the actress😊😊😊
issa foye
issa foye 3 oy oldin
Great video I was completely upset when the witches aka the tricks weren't there. The show kind of reminded me of Stephen King's The Firestarter mixed with Harry Potter. I hated the way they change Stella she was my favorite character I also hate the love triangle. Please tell me where you got that butterfly & that dragon in the back those look cool.
Resin by Shevii
Resin by Shevii 3 oy oldin
It's the Nicki Minaj Memes for me🤣
konstellat 3 oy oldin
Yo, I really liked this video! I’m actually kind of a stranger to Winx but your commentary was very insightful and interesting. However, if I may ask, what are your pronouns?
cooltina789 3 oy oldin
I could rant all day about the lack of diversity. Like honestly that what ruins everything for me. I can’t not have diversity. Like it’s not okay! I really don’t want to support the show because of it. It’s not hard to have diversity. I think I have the right to feel this way
cooltina789 3 oy oldin
YESSS @8:27 you know how sad I got everytime my parents bought me CHLOE???? Likeeee, that doesn’t look like me 😭. I wanted Jade, I love jade. Although I’m Hispanic, the Asian dolls looked more like me. Most Hispanics in animation have brown hair and green eyes, that’s not me hahah. I have almost black hair and eyes. So yes, I didn’t care about race, I just wanted the one that looked like me when I was a kid
Jeanna Beckman
Jeanna Beckman 3 oy oldin
There was another movie that had a problem with white washing omg it was the terrible live action The Last Airbender movie Katara and Sokka are obviously brown but in the movie they found white people to play their roles 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ash Tree System
Ash Tree System 3 oy oldin
Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies, Ten Titans, OR Winx Club? How about all of the above and them some!!!!!!😅😅😅😅😅😅
Ace Healer
Ace Healer 3 oy oldin
F in the chat for our gamer fairy 😔 We miss Tecna
Lys 3 oy oldin
So smart!
Froggy77100 3 oy oldin
Liam, I feel like a proud momma when I hear you cultured, educated, commentary. No fear of telling it like it is. I love it!
gracefully unknown
gracefully unknown 3 oy oldin
I searched the whole UZpost for this video just to rewatch techna's celebration of life meme 6:33 Rest in peace with your tiny waist queen T
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