destroying my face again for lols | using the first makeup I ever bought (expired)

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Liam McEvoy

8 oy oldin

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Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy 8 oy oldin
After a momentary skin graft, my face is back to normal :)
asa 7 oy oldin
@J-Me*Tallulah in the lgbt community, some gay men use poppers like rush lol
Smol Rat
Smol Rat 8 oy oldin
Ily ur vids
Monkey Wrench Moment
Monkey Wrench Moment 8 oy oldin
You look so beautiful with old make-up, new make-up or no make up.
Monkey Wrench Moment
Monkey Wrench Moment 8 oy oldin
@Liam McEvoy I’ve told you before, your voice soothes me like ASMR. I LOVE your content 💜 but your voice lulls me to a place that can only be described as sleep. It’s not from boredom. It’s just so relaxing. You are like a human Ambien to me. Lately I’ve started listening to you when I’m walking so I can hear your content ( you are so freaking intelligent) and rewatching at night as an ASMR (that way I don’t miss anything while sleeping). The main ones I’m talking about are your psychology videos on certain people. You are a big brain sis!! I love it!! By the way, what do you recommend for people with hooded eyes as far as eyeliner, fake lashes and eye shadow?? I need help!! I gained weight after I got married 😢 I’m a boomer (ssh a little over 50 in #s, but not in heart) I’m female, with pale skin and light brown hair. It’s grey in truth but I make it light brown. Instagram can make me look pretty decent, but I don’t even know how to do it the Instagrams way!! 😂😂 I really need advice. I trust you Bc I love the colors and amount of makeup you use. Plus your make-up style is perfect to me. ✌🏼❤️🌞 I can NOT do super flashy Jeffree Starr colors like blue lipstick with red eyeshadow. And green blush. I like a more toned down look. But still pretty, (like yours). My Instagram is slhillje50 and my Facebook is Sunny Dunn Hillje. I don’t use twatter very often. 😂 PS do you have a Twitch account?
rachelle burkey
rachelle burkey 8 oy oldin
The mascara made me cringe a little. 😬
Gerda's Makeup Corner
Gerda's Makeup Corner 4 kun oldin
I actually love this eye look on you! 😍
Peter Fiolet
Peter Fiolet Oy oldin
You are a great host, but your make up skills.....LAUGHABLE AF!
Fremi Panggah
Fremi Panggah 3 oy oldin
I'm currently very sad, and every time I go to your channel, I laugh, and feeling better, thank you.
Alrie Aquino
Alrie Aquino 3 oy oldin
alexis 3 oy oldin
Omg I used to love that lipstick color I was obsessed lmao
Aimee Kane
Aimee Kane 4 oy oldin
I'm drunk watching this and I'm pissing myself laughing
Nani Frantz
Nani Frantz 6 oy oldin
No one would notice unless they are the same exact way so I have to say #shakyhandsgang and I love you for being so relatable. I'm a 21 year old straight white girl and appreciating your unique personality is my guilty pleasure late-night. There's something about you. Energetic but still calm and collected. Respect
Nani Frantz
Nani Frantz 6 oy oldin
Okay gotta be rEAL honest I could care less about your content I just come for your energy. 😂❤️ LOVE you
Markwahh Row
Markwahh Row 6 oy oldin
Totally off topic ...but if you could do a video on the die antwoord and zheani Sparxx Weird out I think you have the perfect way of breaking shit down so we all could get a good picture of what really went down. If not it’s cool love ur content !!😘
confessedbiblioklept 6 oy oldin
The editing of your videos....#chefskiss
Me Me
Me Me 6 oy oldin
I am shooketh to find my old classmate Tony is a UZpostr.
Rosalie’s Belongings
Rosalie’s Belongings 6 oy oldin
Liam: I used to not have good makep *proceeds to show photo of perfect makeup look*
Матip 7 oy oldin
i only use white in my water line because... black makes me look like an apex predator
Aligha 7 oy oldin
my god your editing must take WEEKS to do, appreciate you luv 🥺
Gloxxinia 7 oy oldin
Can we appreciate how he put the animal crossing wild world theme in the background I LOVE IT
Miranda Nils
Miranda Nils 7 oy oldin
the animal crossing music ? or am i craxy
Sarah Gomez
Sarah Gomez 7 oy oldin
This my 3rd time watching this again 😀
Alejandro Jusino-Sánchez
Alejandro Jusino-Sánchez 7 oy oldin
does anyone know where the video from 11:18 is from?
Dylan Hughes
Dylan Hughes 7 oy oldin
Love you used Norman freeman in the video!
BlueUnicornDreams 1
BlueUnicornDreams 1 7 oy oldin
Yourself is. Beautiful
BlueUnicornDreams 1
BlueUnicornDreams 1 7 oy oldin
Such a warm vibe love it, and clear quality, first visit and I feel welcome
sechiru kaoru
sechiru kaoru 7 oy oldin
BlowItOutYourCunt 7 oy oldin
Have the same lippy, that's probably just as old cuz it's just as broken! Lol! Cheers mate!
Gnat Vova
Gnat Vova 7 oy oldin
rieke is the name
rieke is the name 7 oy oldin
these products really do brings us down the memory lane... a lot of them are SO POPULAR back there!
Leo Girl
Leo Girl 7 oy oldin
E.L.F brand is so good for so cheap
stealthis 7 oy oldin
The cuts are hilarious. Take the piss out of these high level influencers, hunty! I'm dying.
stealthis 7 oy oldin
Oh, you'll be fine. Preservatives and preservation goes a lot longer then the "use by" mark on the bottle. Now, if they were actively being compromised, that's another thing entirely.
vits 8 oy oldin
I still use stuff that I got when I was like 11 (I'm 21 now) and haven't died, so...
Kallie S
Kallie S 8 oy oldin
Teresa Garcia
Teresa Garcia 8 oy oldin
I love Cherri bomb!! I forgot Liam is a fan of Hazbin Hotel
NormalGirlSZA 8 oy oldin
U look like my mom
dead chan
dead chan 8 oy oldin
amo cada uno de sus vídeos y los edits aunque a veces no los entienda JAJSLA. protect him. ♡♡♡
I believe in mha boys supremacy
I believe in mha boys supremacy 8 oy oldin
Lavender Jasmine
Lavender Jasmine 8 oy oldin
These editsss have me rolling laughing 😂🤣🤣🤣
strawberryloli 8 oy oldin
The Tati edit lmfao
Miss Estherin
Miss Estherin 8 oy oldin
Your channel is literally the best I found on UZpost in 2020 and I’m so thankful ♥️
Mr. NLR 8 oy oldin
🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮what is that thing
Miranda Nils
Miranda Nils 7 oy oldin
Juan Ignacio
Juan Ignacio 8 oy oldin
Your mom
Fernando Wisse
Fernando Wisse 8 oy oldin
Bitch, im obsessed with ur videos since js drama, now im a huge stan. Love from Brazil!
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 8 oy oldin
Finally!! You’re back with content! Now time to wait for another month 🥺😓😞
Brayan Sanchez
Brayan Sanchez 8 oy oldin
Liam you should do a video where you go all out✨✨, It’s basic but it would be awesome if you popped off 😌❤️
Kona Rose
Kona Rose 8 oy oldin
gem boi
gem boi 8 oy oldin
"noone noooone"
snail 8 oy oldin
the makeup look kinda slapped tho 😳😳
The AmberUmbrella
The AmberUmbrella 8 oy oldin
Your editing style is probably the best representation of my mind that I've ever seen
ReactKing 8 oy oldin
I used to tell ask my mum for money the same way, but instead of make up I bought heroin. Thankfully I’ve been 2 months clean now
Caroline Garant
Caroline Garant 8 oy oldin
I missed u
benadryl smoke
benadryl smoke 8 oy oldin
didn't expect cherri bomb but nice
Mauricio Jordan
Mauricio Jordan 8 oy oldin
baddie zay
baddie zay 8 oy oldin
harlah quinn
HakuElfSloth 8 oy oldin
had to pause the video to type this comment MY FIRST FOUNDATION WAS THAT EXACT FUCKING BB CREAM OMG
Lana Wana
Lana Wana 8 oy oldin
Liam talking about 2016 makeup being old when i still have a bronzer from 2004 and a single shadow from 2011 lol
Jose Amaya
Jose Amaya 8 oy oldin
Girl, I just wanna say... I went from being one of your haters to absolutely loving your videos. You’re fucking hilarious and clearly one of the smartest beauty gurus on UZpost. Keep blessing us with your amazing content! ❤️❤️❤️
Manuel Moreno
Manuel Moreno 8 oy oldin
9:15 mood
Help lol ఌ
Help lol ఌ 8 oy oldin
9:41 gives me flash backs to when I was emo
Shiny Cardboard
Shiny Cardboard 8 oy oldin
Har Le quinn
Shiny Cardboard
Shiny Cardboard 8 oy oldin
Lel. I still use makeup from the previous decade.
Kayla Crase
Kayla Crase 8 oy oldin
I really enjoy your videos. Lol
Bunnie Byrd
Bunnie Byrd 8 oy oldin
You have seriously made my life since I found your channel. I seriously hope you never stop creating
Funk Monk
Funk Monk 8 oy oldin
manie 8 oy oldin
literally all ur videos are so good, whether it’s regular videos like this or an analysis, i keep coming back for more and each time it’s just imperfectly perfect💖💖💖
Georgia 8 oy oldin
ur editing SENDS ME
AP PLAYS 8 oy oldin
Nice job on the makeup beautiful as always
ErikaResponding 8 oy oldin
Omg their cutaways are a riot XD
Elise 8 oy oldin
I do this challenge every day. I mean I still use eyeshadow that's 10 years old and a 7 year old blush. No problem, just as good as new :'D
cancel flopna
cancel flopna 8 oy oldin
9:42 Girrrrrl bye 😭😭😭😭
Max Mccann
Max Mccann 8 oy oldin
I don't like makeup,but for some odd reason you're so entertaining to watch.
James Provost
James Provost 8 oy oldin
đinh song minh
đinh song minh 8 oy oldin
Liam, do ur makeup in Stardoll lmao
Gwen Gianella
Gwen Gianella 8 oy oldin
I live for your weird ass lmao
Christina Riera
Christina Riera 8 oy oldin
The cherry bomb ;) lol
Wolfie Willow
Wolfie Willow 8 oy oldin
1.25 fucking hell liam that insert killed me , im still rolling on the floor trying to let you know 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 8 oy oldin
It’s the 6 year old make up for me😼
Ursula 8 oy oldin
I feel and experience the same thing when I started using makeup back in 2007 when I was in college. No primer, concealer, contour, highlighter and setting spray. I'm a Maybelline girl because its affordable. I used their mineral bb cream (I forgot the exact name) powder to set my face,blush and a lipstick. These are the only products I used before. Hehehe
Bella Ryan
Bella Ryan 8 oy oldin
You have the most entertaining beauty content, PERIODD. 🧚‍♀️✨
Marce line
Marce line 8 oy oldin
I still use the garnier bb cream xD
Deo Dei
Deo Dei 8 oy oldin
Liam how many thumbnails are we gonna get for this vid?😂
Racharina B.
Racharina B. 8 oy oldin
But, but, you didn't talk about the smell? How about the lipstick? I bet it was pretty bad... 😂
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams 8 oy oldin
I peep you with the hazbin hotel😂
proserfina21096 8 oy oldin
do house tour queen
Mickycosplays 8 oy oldin
Lmao I had the same lip color!!! These are such throwbacks.
Majoras tears
Majoras tears 8 oy oldin
A whole Hazbin Hotel loving QUEEN
Invincible Beauty
Invincible Beauty 8 oy oldin
Love you and your content.
dabi isatouya
dabi isatouya 8 oy oldin
lmao someone pleeease tag Hyram to react to this
juana la cubana
juana la cubana 8 oy oldin
I just love you, the Harley Quinn lipstick made the video for me 🥺
Helen Sanchez
Helen Sanchez 8 oy oldin
That was my first eyeshadow too!!
Bettys Eyeson
Bettys Eyeson 8 oy oldin
Who else is here dying with all the memes 🤣
Dweller of Skinnylandia
Dweller of Skinnylandia 8 oy oldin
Your editing always makes me laugh and forget all my problems tysm🥺🥺
April 8 oy oldin
Toni is the main one I watch for ASMR lol.
Jeffry Matias de Jesus
Jeffry Matias de Jesus 8 oy oldin
Wait that part with Normani, was that song of Banjo and Kazooie ☠️
kendra payne
kendra payne 8 oy oldin
Pretty dang fly for first makeup!
kendra payne
kendra payne 8 oy oldin
You are so gorgeous in that look!!
kendra payne
kendra payne 8 oy oldin
Didn't you use to have like 20k subs! You have blown the fck up since I first found you!!! I adore you and I am so happy more people have found how amazing you are. Still a huge fan of internet anthropology. You are the inventor of that I think and it is so interesting! Love ya!!!
Jeffry Matias de Jesus
Jeffry Matias de Jesus 8 oy oldin
The Norman freeman edit, I ☠️☠️☠️
A Million Bees?
A Million Bees? 8 oy oldin
i promise you, you have a good personality, you don't have to use memes every 3 seconds
Érin Nic Coinnigh
Érin Nic Coinnigh 8 oy oldin
i had that wet n wild lipstick and you're right, it's still cute.
Darky Doom
Darky Doom 8 oy oldin
You look gorgeous
slashvsworld 8 oy oldin
I remember watching a review of that milk eye stick. They genuinely thought that it didn't sharpen and that, that was the amount of product you got. And totally ok with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
slashvsworld 8 oy oldin
Can we talk about how much brow product they gave you? That's enough for 10 years let alone the 3 years ago it expired.
slashvsworld 8 oy oldin
Beauty influenza 🤣😭😭😭
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