"Eat the rich" | Internet Archeology

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Gilbert Giboyeaux
Gilbert Giboyeaux Kun oldin
The fact that there aren’t millions of views has me baffled cause this is too tier content
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno 2 kun oldin
mmmhmm very good tea
lois lane
lois lane 3 kun oldin
Even egyption pharos drank liquid gold...
Ester Fernandez
Ester Fernandez 4 kun oldin
Yessss baby, get that sponsor. I’ll listen to her alll day 🖤
Jessica Rivera
Jessica Rivera 5 kun oldin
i wonder what was flashed on the screen
Nana a
Nana a 5 kun oldin
You are so smart! I love your couch/loveseat. Where did you get it? Looks antique
Nana a
Nana a 5 kun oldin
And those earrings too! Where did you get them? I need em
NotToo Straight
NotToo Straight 6 kun oldin
Undertale shop theme, Zelda fairy spring, video game mana meter, Oren from The Witcher. roblox oof sound? Is this a gaming channel now?
Jaime León López Bermea
Jaime León López Bermea 8 kun oldin
This is a weird compliment but.... I really like your name
hardtainted 10 kun oldin
i wanna know the name of the music in the background
Pascal Maurice
Pascal Maurice 11 kun oldin
Work it gurl
Lockette 19 kun oldin
Contrapoints Opulence vibezzz
S Adams
S Adams 22 kun oldin
"The money that is so corrupt that it hides itself from you" 😳😳😳
S Adams
S Adams 22 kun oldin
"The money that is so corrupt that it hides itself from you" 😳😳😳😳
Zaneta LaChapelle
Zaneta LaChapelle 23 kun oldin
I love you and your eye your f****** fabulous keep up the great work,😘🤗🤗💞
Rafinha 25 kun oldin
Crazy how this is very much the Truth. And most of us never gonna know if it is or not.
nenni su
nenni su 29 kun oldin
gizelle contreras
gizelle contreras Oy oldin
Your analogy reminds me of narcos. If you’re from Mexico you might know what I’m talking about. They’re a chain of workers who work for a leader who controls everything but you never see the leader you only see his workers.
Kate Oy oldin
Excellent video yet again
Emily Berry
Emily Berry Oy oldin
Binging your content today 🖤 love it so much 🥰
Vanessa M
Vanessa M Oy oldin
I love these vids! Keep up the great work! Your editing aways makes my day :]
Rebeca Henrique
Rebeca Henrique Oy oldin
Zelda's music is like >>>>>>>>>>
thehallowenboy Oy oldin
You have opened my eyes I'm hungry
David Miguel Grado
David Miguel Grado Oy oldin
I like the fact that you’re using the “fairy fountain” music from Zelda, I was educated and relaxed
Chloe Twilligear
Chloe Twilligear Oy oldin
am I crazy or do I hear Genshin music in the background?
Nicks Lockhart
Nicks Lockhart Oy oldin
Not me hiding my Britney perfume lool
Alım Irmak
Alım Irmak Oy oldin
I respect you so effin much it is unbelievable
Mikka Oy oldin
I honestly love your videos so much.
nzuri parker
nzuri parker Oy oldin
The music starting at 0:44 is that botw?
Sunny Hart
Sunny Hart Oy oldin
quality content
Jaklin Gharib
Jaklin Gharib Oy oldin
I need more videos....More please
Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy Oy oldin
MerLuxe Oy oldin
You clickbaited me and I doubt you meant to- I see a picture of Elon Musk taken in the past several years and I click. (P.S. if we're forced to eat the rich I call dibs on him)
toxic.pink Oy oldin
God I love your videos
I'm Red
I'm Red Oy oldin
Honestly watching this makes me feel enlightened And yes we really do gotta eat the rich
transición grafica YK
transición grafica YK Oy oldin
i love it
Usokawa Oy oldin
Your work is amazing and you deserve way more subscribers
Delto Lemito
Delto Lemito Oy oldin
Bonobos are humans closest relative bro
audrey Oy oldin
thank you for this, more people need to see this
NEIN Yeah Oy oldin
Me when rich ppl
Socialists watching this video: 👁👁
When u said sexy librarian I thought of Lisa from Genshin impact. It’s perfect bc the image for the perfume is purplish.
tootllama Oy oldin
though this was a cool video and gave me food for thought (whilst not replacing the rich HA sorry), I think its still very valid to think about these people who "broke the wealth cycle" when eating-the-rich comes up. I at least still think they're complicit with the "misuse" (why not redistribution) of wealth but i agree they're not the ones to spend energy on. maybe jake paul will be saved for dessert ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gisela Gonzalez Zermeño
Gisela Gonzalez Zermeño Oy oldin
This was very interesting. I had never really thought about those that remain hidden and hoard the money. It really blows my mind that a lot of us have been putting our time and energy “fighting against” the wrong people.
Ekaterina Drokina
Ekaterina Drokina Oy oldin
Chimpanzee is an ape. not monkey. )
katherine Oy oldin
so many missed opportunities to put a clip of arthur morgan saying “MUHNEY”
saana salonen
saana salonen Oy oldin
comment comment comment. support my boy yuuutuuube!
Oscar Dodier
Oscar Dodier Oy oldin
Get it honey! First major video sponsor!! Love your vids and how you peacefully and may I say, sartorially tear apart bad taste youtubers and ideologies.
Lila Oy oldin
I was down this rabbit hole a while back. Thanks for sharing! Good vibes.
Artill *Irie
Artill *Irie Oy oldin
Eat the "filthy" rich 🤙 Loved the upload
princessqcumber Oy oldin
oooooohhhh love this new cameraaa angle. haven't been here in a while happy for u!
Crimson Oy oldin
stooppp it. The great fairy fountain is distracting me from the words.
Love your videos!!
Upnorth 3390
Upnorth 3390 Oy oldin
I hate everything about money but of course need it.
pessimissimo Oy oldin
Subbed! UZpost recommended your vid essay about l0licon and checked this out too (surprised that there are Filipino/half-Filipino UZpostrs who talk about some left leaning topics like this), looking forward to more of your content! 😊
Vocanimeify Oy oldin
*Leaves a comment for the algorithm*
TempleX Dank
TempleX Dank Oy oldin
Tell me if im wrong but... If a person have more money than Jeff Bezos Elon musk, etc... I think its more than obvious that they will know who it is... This is my example, if I win lottery and just 2 or 3 people know me on my neighbor and after that I start making my house better, buying cars, etc people will know I ended up being rich. But whats the point of having more money than Elon musk and all those guys and not using it or using to do idk... A hospital or idk I think its more than obvious that people will end up knowing who did that Hospital.
Elisia's Evolution
Elisia's Evolution Oy oldin
Great content, I've not upgraded my phone for years, I'm really looking to raise my higher vibrations That's why I started my Locs, I was spending too much MONEY,energy,time on wigs, weaves etc. I made a video about it...
Amanda Tedrick
Amanda Tedrick Oy oldin
You’re the only UZpostr that I truly identify with their opinions. So often, I find people on this platform to be under informed and not relatable and then I get bored. I keep coming back to your videos because I love to hear your opinion, you tend to look at things objectively, you’re researched and you make me feel like I’m at home. Thanks for the amazing content. I’ve been subscribed for maybe 6 months now and I’ll keep coming back for as long as you create. Love this! Love you! Kthanksbyeeeee❤️
Max Daun
Max Daun Oy oldin
I feel like things have value just because there is a limit to them if there wasn't a number to how much water, coal, diamonds on our planet money wouldn't be as valuable
RhianKristen Oy oldin
I was going to make a comment about how obvious this is, but then I realised this video was not for me. Thank you fro trying to educate people
Tatyana Passaretti
Tatyana Passaretti Oy oldin
I also am irritated by the whole internet 'eat the rich' thing. I see people on tiktok (peak cringe i know but just as an example) getting literally bullied and told to unalive themselves because they're showing off a few designer purses or a big house with a theatre room or some other 'rich' thing but yet at the end of the day those people literally have zero power in the world. Hating on someone who makes 6 figures or even someones who's worth a couple million dollars does nothing to address ACTUAL corruption it's just misplaced irritation and anger. It's gotten to the point where it's almost seen as virtuous to be so poor you don't even have enough money to properly feed yourself because 'eat the rich' and imo thats horribly toxic.
allteethnotrust Oy oldin
@Tatyana Passaretti ya girl
Tatyana Passaretti
Tatyana Passaretti Oy oldin
@allteethnotrust did you even watch this video?
allteethnotrust Oy oldin
those ppl trying to flex on others during a pandemic where many are struggling need to get bullied like what makes them think we want to see that ? flex culture is a symptom of the culture that has been created under capitalism. if they are capitalists, even if they “just” have a couple million dollars, we SHOULD eat them. “eat the rich” means eating the capitalists who own workers and means of production too much exploit their labor. if the ppl who r flexing their handbags or their home theaters exploit workers, bullying them shouldn’t be seen as too extreme/mean
Megan Sokol
Megan Sokol Oy oldin
I agree, that's a bit excessive, but I still respect the eat the rich philosophy, it's just sent to the flashy or nouveau rich, rather than the corruptive old money folks that stay hidden.
Dragan Pavlovski
Dragan Pavlovski Oy oldin
Youre simply amazing
JackxthexReaper Oy oldin
Loving the Fairy Fountain theme. Big Zelda fan, by the way...
Cloe Cowles
Cloe Cowles Oy oldin
Do you have multiple degrees? You are incredibly smart & wise! Like damn. 🥲❤
Denise G.
Denise G. Oy oldin
Khameron Evans
Khameron Evans Oy oldin
Just here to impact the algorithm
Joaquín Castro
Joaquín Castro Oy oldin
I looove this!!! 💖💖
Jayla Perkins
Jayla Perkins Oy oldin
Girl dont do Britany!! “Fantasy” is the best perfume 💖
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez Oy oldin
Monsato the food company subliminal message
Cloudy Cakes
Cloudy Cakes Oy oldin
yuhhhh get into it
JHope watches nisekoi
JHope watches nisekoi Oy oldin
Yo*tu*e acting up making me unsubscribe smh. Male sure y'all subscribe to Liam! And is that zelda music, I felt a strong wave of nostalgia from that free DSi zelda game
Gaynin Gabe
Gaynin Gabe Oy oldin
Nutritious for this school starved fairy
Valeria Stefchova
Valeria Stefchova Oy oldin
I really enjoy your videos. I like the way you formulate your thoughts and how analytical you are. Honestly its very refreshing to see someone talk about such interesting concepts and ideas. I hope your channel grows so more people could see this.🥰😊
Luli Cortes
Luli Cortes Oy oldin
Liam! Love your videos! These kind of phylosophal videos are incredible and really entertaining, really apreciate the memes. Sending you love from Argentina!!
Lhae Greenleaf
Lhae Greenleaf Oy oldin
This setup is EVERYTHING mama
Gloxxinia Oy oldin
Love how he used the fairy theme from botw in his backround, it matches him sm
E P Oy oldin
It doesn't mean you have $800 to spend on a t-shirt, it means you HAD $800
Emerald Alcantar
Emerald Alcantar Oy oldin
Points were made
Veronika Kőhegyi
Veronika Kőhegyi Oy oldin
I love the fairy fountain background music:D
guillermo Oy oldin
This feels like a brief continuation of Opulence
Jenova Oy oldin
Is....is there final fantasy music distantly playing in the background? Or am I crazy? Edit: Nope, i realized it may be the fairy fountains in LoZ, ignore me please
Kendra Luna
Kendra Luna Oy oldin
Your videos are everything, I have an anthro minor and I love hearing your perspective on everything. You and Contrapoints need to do a video together. Also, I took your perfume recommendation and midnight fleur is amazing.
Charlie Evangelista
Charlie Evangelista Oy oldin
Liam: Leave a comment! Me, dumb and confused but still understood the video: UH, EAT THE RICH, BITCH
Jen Vizvary
Jen Vizvary Oy oldin
How did I miss this when I'm subscribed and this posted on my birthday!! 😭😭 I live for your videos! Absolutely love the way you combine memes and this kickass commentary on our deranged pop culture. You're honestly the best😍😍
Megan Araceli
Megan Araceli Oy oldin
Hitomi Yamamoto
Hitomi Yamamoto Oy oldin
I would love to see more videos about fragrances by you Liam! Especially about lesser known/indie fragrances. I don’t know if you want any fragrance recommendations but there’s this shop on etsy called Alkemia perfumes that I think you would like! They have amazing reviews and I feel like they are very your aesthetic. I’ve personally never bought from them but I’ve heard they are good and also they are a small business. ❤️
Roze Ayyyeee
Roze Ayyyeee Oy oldin
This is my first video I've seen on your channel and your aurora is so kind ❤
Jason Anaminus
Jason Anaminus Oy oldin
omg get that money mommy
Atticus Nuñez
Atticus Nuñez Oy oldin
I love this video ♡♡♡
Michelle Monroe
Michelle Monroe Oy oldin
I wish you good fortune; and please do talk about religion, I’m intrigued. 🥸
Abbie LeGary
Abbie LeGary Oy oldin
Leaving a comment for the algorithm ❤️
Sarah Núñez
Sarah Núñez Oy oldin
On a more serious note, money is god. The Bible addresses this entity as Mammon, which means richness in Aramaic. It even goes on to specify, you can not serve God and Mammon (money), you must choose one, recognizing even then how money enslaves us. Our dirtiest bits shine through when money is involved, as Machiavelli once said "men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony."
Sarah Núñez
Sarah Núñez Oy oldin
Humans are just ants on a macro-scale
Apollo9898LPs Oy oldin
Another good point when talking about the The Rich versus people who are just rich, has to do with that individual's relationship to capital. Like, a sports star who breaks his back week after week to provide entertainment and make money for his team may have millions of dollars in the bank, but he's still *working* for that money. Even though that sports star is rich, he's still a worker. That's different from the man who gets multi-millions of dollars just for *owning* that sports star's contract. A pharmaceutical CEO or even a more public billionaire like a Jeff Bezos or an Elon Musk, they don't get that money by *working* for it, they get that money by *owning things*. The rich are people who get money simply because they have money, they own things, and that existing wealth gives them easy access to more wealth, and so they end up hoarding that wealth. It's all about their relationship to capital.
J Falk
J Falk Oy oldin
we eat the algorithm; also it's so fucked that people can profit off of pharmaceuticals (i'm not a native speaker don't bully me lol)
pink ._.
pink ._. Oy oldin
Off topic but I love the Breath of the Wild music in the background
Mary Oy oldin
I love your videos, just to be respectful when i refer to you, do you prefer she or he? Sending love from Boston!!
Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy Oy oldin
i'm he/him. Thank you for asking!
Leah Morton
Leah Morton Oy oldin
Looove your vids, Liam💕 thank you for always educating us and keeping us informed queen🥺👑
L I Oy oldin
Love you so much Liam! You are one of the best creators on UZpost xoxoxoxo
GenericEnby Oy oldin
leaving comment for yt big bad algoritme!
YuriTarded Oy oldin
The background music reminds me a lot of Twilight Princess's Light Guardian Theme.
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