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mmm very good


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Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy Yil oldin
Ok, so a lot of people are commenting without researching and tryna scare people. So let me just clear some stuff up... - The shadows are probably magnetic from iron oxide, which is a commonly used pigment that is eye and lip safe. Lead is not a magnetic element. - Yes, these shadows contain mica. But so does every other eyeshadow, its like milk in ice cream. Not all mica is "mined by child slaves", in fact most of it is synthetic mica. Duo-chrome and iridescent mica are ALWAYS synthetic. These pigments do not occur naturally and are sometimes called "Synthetic fluorphlogopite". - If that brand says its cruelty-free and vegan, then it probably is. If you don't wanna believe that, then that's your conspiracy theory. Not fact.
G Avocado
G Avocado 6 kun oldin
It's because it's a Chinese brand and they're phasing out animal testing in cosmetics so it's possible for a Chinese makeup brand made and sold in china post 2019 to be vegan. If you don't believe it, that's called racism lol
Cammy Notes
Cammy Notes 3 oy oldin
Try Revlon color stay foundation but sephora is always having sales I got a really nice one 20$ and it is still 50%off
sneep snorp
sneep snorp 9 oy oldin
@Cloud sue them if it's true 🤩 go on, do it 🤩
Kitty Coutourxxx
Kitty Coutourxxx 10 oy oldin
Cloud if it’s produced in China, they don’t need to test animals.
Manh Vu
Manh Vu 10 oy oldin
@Cloud they need testing on animal if they want to be sold in physical stores, and um they're an ecom brand honey
Aaron Gutierrez
Aaron Gutierrez Oy oldin
@5:34 not a pumpkachubby picture omfg ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
Raeesaa Oy oldin
Its a very famous makeup brand in my country, it really is good , it maybe very cheap but the quality is amazing compared to other replicas in my country( which is illegal)
moira eiynck
moira eiynck Oy oldin
*....pick up the kids...* insert pic of planned parenthood Legit laughed out loud
Bag Bag
Bag Bag Oy oldin
I love these type of videos I miss them 😫
John Bhoy
John Bhoy 2 oy oldin
I think this style /colour makeup really makes you look just amazing but at the videos beginning with zero makeup you look absolutely stunning, that blouse really suits your beautiful skin tone and those gorgeous brown eyes. It's a travesty that you don't have millions of views/subscribers. Hopefully the recognition you deserve is in the post so to speak. Stay safe Liam. 😷 💕 Edit: Can't spell to save my life.
Aldo Reyes
Aldo Reyes 2 oy oldin
This part 16:53 got me rrrrrroooooollllllingggg lol
JHope watches nisekoi
JHope watches nisekoi 2 oy oldin
Can you do a pt2 of using AliExpress makeup
Shannon Leary
Shannon Leary 3 oy oldin
I don't know if anyone else shared this opinion but in general I don't like fart noises; I think there immature and inappropriate. *BUT* for some reason in your videos I'm ok with them. I don't know if it's just because I like you but I think they're done tastefully XD
Jordan Luces
Jordan Luces 3 oy oldin
3:08 atrocious 😂😂😂
Jamie Rose F
Jamie Rose F 3 oy oldin
Your brow pencil idea is genius.
Kelin Turcios
Kelin Turcios 3 oy oldin
Thinking about buying some make up lol 😆 cause why not
James Duane
James Duane 3 oy oldin
I think I just heard Santa land on your roof
HANEUL ASMR 하늘 3 oy oldin
I was just looking for this brand and i can't believe u did a review on it😭💕
Bobbie-Jean 4 oy oldin
Girl that primer looks exactly like the primer that came in my Foundation from that company IL Makiage. It felt like it was going to be siliconey hehehe new word, but it rubbed on and soaked in very nicely, now I wish the dang foundation that I purchased with it would have been better, it broke me out an I did the skin test of skin type and color, an it just was all wrong. It could be my skin but it came out this way that was likely before mine I do a lot of freckles very easily so I don't think I'm very good at comforting my face I do love you and I got to go in like big lashes and brows the first country isn't I've just never been able to find a full coverage Foundation that wasn't different heavy or that's just the night. Maybe something important sensitive might work but even if it's stuff that I paid $70 for it just made my face feel as though it was suffocating idk maybe its just me.....
Bobbie-Jean 4 oy oldin
Girl I'm going to tell you right now drugstore makeup prices have gone through the roof especially like Maybelline it like that I don't like to go with hard candy it's a brand at Walmart they have night statement they make it look like I have to boil rural T3 and they have a lot of cute colors like Khaled I have Stop store OKC borders 10,000 units when they get a hundred thousand units in the rest of it too late to play PJ masks that way taking discount anyway vs. Oregon State and I thought myself and the color test and everything and they sent me something that was really pretty and so I was really disappointed me Albert for it I can't remember the name of it, oh IL Makiage is the name, yeah I know foolish right
Haley 4 oy oldin
The eyebrow twitch
Amsey 4 oy oldin
Focallure in Indonesia only cost between $1-$30 MAX. Idk why in this video Focallure cost more
Shiv Wesker
Shiv Wesker 5 oy oldin
I have legit watched this video like... eight times and I never get bored of it. It’s so damn good 😂👏🏻♥️ Edit: Also I keep thinking the music is from Sonic Unleashed...
Helen Faunway
Helen Faunway 5 oy oldin
I literally don't care about makeup / beauty routines at all yet I sat through this whole video just for your editing
Helen Faunway
Helen Faunway 5 oy oldin
I literally don't care about makeup / beauty routines at all yet I sat through this whole video just for your editing
yasmeen guadalupe
yasmeen guadalupe 5 oy oldin
*Helicopter actually crashes in the background * Liam: THAT WAS SO LOUD 🤣
W M 5 oy oldin
Do you have such a video about o two o
Fiona Goode
Fiona Goode 5 oy oldin
I’ve never ordered anything from that website lmao
Alles Falls
Alles Falls 5 oy oldin
Yes I caught that hazbin hotel reference
Im Dead 094
Im Dead 094 6 oy oldin
4:52 the shade honey THE SHADE!!! (But she ain’t wrong)
KikMa93 6 oy oldin
Prague palette with actual Prague names! Woooow
Jexxx uwu
Jexxx uwu 6 oy oldin
When he mentions god or jesus the "what happend you, you call me?" Always get me💀😭
Quills Pen
Quills Pen 7 oy oldin
Excellent tutorial and product review. Im really interested in tricks you had in this video, especially the primer and matte liquid lipstick one.
d 7 oy oldin
You should try bh cosmetics! They’re great and are always having sales.
Ava Berlin
Ava Berlin 7 oy oldin
Why the brown nose!? It looks funny.
Diane S
Diane S 7 oy oldin
I love watching you put on makeup. Really good job. Did you go to cosmetic school? The makeup looks very nice.
Nish 7 oy oldin
God the constant sound effects and clips are so annoying.
Warren Caelum
Warren Caelum 26 kun oldin
YOU are annoying
la_ Rosalia
la_ Rosalia 7 oy oldin
Ok so I love the sonic unleashed soundtrack sis I think im in love
Pearl Grover
Pearl Grover 7 oy oldin
Over edited, gets kinda irritating
Warren Caelum
Warren Caelum 26 kun oldin
lmfao you clicked on this, it's your fault dummy
valeriagotsmalaria 7 oy oldin
Spa wahfers?
angelcakes 8 oy oldin
14:44 we stan the Hazbin Hotel reference
miss kanzaa_98
miss kanzaa_98 8 oy oldin
I added 22 lipsticks to my cart in aliexpress and the price for all of them was less than 1€ ,is it possible? I'm afraid it's a scam .plz someone answers me . J'ai choisi 22 rouge à lèvres mais le prix pour tous était moins d'un euro, svp quelqu'un m'explique est ce possible d'acheter tous les 22 rouge à lèvres de cette prix? Je parle d' aliexpress .
Marie Rodriguez
Marie Rodriguez 8 oy oldin
shellbell313 8 oy oldin
I love your makeup...it’s gorgeous
Burr 8 oy oldin
the loud sound at the beginning gave me minecraft cave sounds vibes
jhorielle 8 oy oldin
yall his editing has me rolling on the floor laughing i-
Unabashedly Broken
Unabashedly Broken 8 oy oldin
Try hard candy glamoflauge. It's transfer proof and matte. I am oily af and this foundation while full coverage (which I don't normally like) it sets beautifully and it lasts all day. No transfer! Give it a shot it's $6.00. the best drugstore foundation I ever tried. I hate to say it but the too faced peach perfect is also an oily girls best friend if you can find it on sale...it is worth it.
TeAja Brown
TeAja Brown 8 oy oldin
You are so damn smart! They should have been made codes
Daniel Salas
Daniel Salas 8 oy oldin
Your so hot 😍
Obsidia 9 oy oldin
I bought 2 shadow palettes for less than $35 total. Thanks for the coupon code! I'm excited to experiment with some colors I otherwise wouldn't be. You look gorgeous as always, take care. :)
Obsidia 9 oy oldin
Tysm for including some vegan products! Looking fab as always
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic 9 oy oldin
The beginning sounds like 2025 when there’s WW3 going on outside and those who stayed have to make UZpost videos to pay their bills
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic 9 oy oldin
16:52 I CRIED
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic 9 oy oldin
*Less moans, more memes please!*
Adi Valdez
Adi Valdez 9 oy oldin
Yes drug store is definitely getting more & more expensive 😫😫😫
_chimchim__ 9 oy oldin
As someone from Prague I have to say Liam kinda slayed the pronoucination
Jennifer Greggerson
Jennifer Greggerson 9 oy oldin
I could seriously listen to you talk about anything
Ann Phillippsen
Ann Phillippsen 9 oy oldin
Hi, I am a new subscriber & I love your channel. I dont like to spend a crazy amount on makeup as well. I loved the powder actually. Well & the eyeshadows & that one lipstick that goes on like a lip gloss. Thank you for making me laugh as well! Everyone needs to smile & laugh so ty!
Makeup My Mind
Makeup My Mind 9 oy oldin
You are so beautiful !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dat_Ella* 9 oy oldin
Oooo please do egirl makeover!
Leanda 9 oy oldin
Thankyou so much Liam..
Lukáš Danihel
Lukáš Danihel 9 oy oldin
The way you pronounced the words in Czech- love that Prague pallet lmao! All love from a fellow Czech fairy ✨✨✨🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰
Primula Miguel Shuggana
Primula Miguel Shuggana 9 oy oldin
Yas thanks. Love your videos.
Ana Paula Cardoso
Ana Paula Cardoso 9 oy oldin
You could make your own makeup brand. I would buy every single thing.
Viktorya Rose
Viktorya Rose 9 oy oldin
Lmfaoooooooo the memes. Miley is a turd
Isy Mauloni
Isy Mauloni 9 oy oldin
you should do a review of Shop Miss A, everything is like $1 lol
Matilde Lina Ramírez Reyes
Matilde Lina Ramírez Reyes 9 oy oldin
I also wear my make up until is finished, I don't look too much to expiration dates 😅
. ilacziko
. ilacziko 9 oy oldin
Cut the cameras, deadass
ModernForever 10 oy oldin
In the intro when Liam heard loud noises coming from outside, I thought he was going to play an earrape or loud moaning noises 😂😂😂
pea6ch 10 oy oldin
I’ve been binging your channel today!!! I am so glad I subscribed lmao
truMalma 10 oy oldin
"idc if its expired i used it anyway" i ... THIS. Your channel is my favorite thing I found this week, it sparks joy, thank you for being you
Tari Owen
Tari Owen 10 oy oldin
Do a revaluation review video! Super affordable makeup
MoniniPanini 10 oy oldin
the serial code thing is so good i wonder why don't all brands have this
RoofKorean 10 oy oldin
Omg the Brandon Rogers clip 😂💀
Mouthy Mama
Mouthy Mama 10 oy oldin
The sun kissed blush duo looks like the coverfx blushes but they’re 30$ cheaper. 😳
Chan Chan
Chan Chan 10 oy oldin
I'd be $25 USD richer right now if I hadn't watched this video 🤣
Jessica Dactyl
Jessica Dactyl 10 oy oldin
You're so pretty😍
melanie chiriacescu
melanie chiriacescu 10 oy oldin
You always have the cutest ear pieces for real!
Mice Are Nice
Mice Are Nice 10 oy oldin
Late comment but drug store cos has gone through the roof. I have run the department a couple times and hey Revlon you don't have a counter at Macy's anymore. (I'm hell old). L'oreal as well.
Brody Orion
Brody Orion 10 oy oldin
That charter scene was iconic 💀❤️
Kawaii_Pineapple123 Oop-
Kawaii_Pineapple123 Oop- 10 oy oldin
What is the best way to nose contour? What color?i have same color as your skin and nose shape.
Mrknaus 10 oy oldin
liam omg i'm rewatching all your videos and i realized how perfect your nose is💔 icon
bu3asalli 10 oy oldin
Honestly makeup brands have a high markup, We should all be trying to find alternatives
Slater is dead
Slater is dead 10 oy oldin
Oh my god the sonic unleashed music ❤️
Bee Lynn
Bee Lynn 10 oy oldin
This is definitely one of my favorite looks - I absolutely LOVE the shadow combination
Tess's Sh!tshow
Tess's Sh!tshow 10 oy oldin
Pilsner is from Saskatchewan Canada I fucking hate that taste but it still feels like home 🙄😀
Umi Saadah
Umi Saadah 10 oy oldin
didn't expect silhouette in this video
BlowItOutYourCunt 10 oy oldin
LOL cruelty free from China! There is no way that is cruelty free since Chinese cosmetic laws prescribe that it must be tested on animals before it is sold in China, now this testing may be done by a third party to avoid disclosing on products that it was indeed tested in animals. This is the reason why a lot of western brands can't sell in China and maintain their cruelty free status or they go the third-party route and have plausible deniability (it wasn't us) and paperwork for the Chinese government that it was done. Dig deep into this sis and you'll find some interesting shit. Cheers! Ps - if you check out crown Industries, in 2014 a lawsuit was filed between them and morphe....
CuteDuck WithHands
CuteDuck WithHands 10 oy oldin
Rakhan getting that good ass 5:34 😩
Kallie S
Kallie S 10 oy oldin
OMG 7:22
Elodie Elvira
Elodie Elvira 10 oy oldin
where is it made though? cause if it's sold in China....Let's be honest, if it is that cheap, you know nobody making this is getting a decent paycheck and the ingredients most likely aren't first grade
bayleerae13 10 oy oldin
The toot edits 😩😩😩
Ari 10 oy oldin
can we pleasee take about the Liam McEvoy videos on Jeffrey ?? you'll love the tea their sis.
Fiona Goode
Fiona Goode 10 oy oldin
“the war plane left”
Nico Nic
Nico Nic 10 oy oldin
I thought you were about to say alllllahhh at the start
Lou Coconut
Lou Coconut 10 oy oldin
a brand that sells in CHINA cannot have the 'cruelty free' label. It is against Chinese law for cosmetics and beauty products. If this brand is indeed produced and sold in China, they are tested on animals. I believe there may be loopholes in their legislation that allows them to claim these products are cruelty free when sold outside of China. The only way these products are really cruelty free, is that this brand has factories outside of China for products sold exclusively for the foreign market and then they have factories in China for products sold in China, that have to be tested on animals as per their national law and regulations (producers can go to jail if the cosmetic products sold in the country are not tested on animals).
ThëGøōdWįtćh 10 oy oldin
I’ve never immediately loved a UZpostr as much as I immediately love you. I’ve watched three videos and I’d already take a bullet for you sis.
E 10 oy oldin
Your editing is EVERYTHING
Aileen_ 10 oy oldin
Convinced that was the Kobe and Gigi crash
Susan Adam
Susan Adam 10 oy oldin
卂尺ㄒ匚ㄖ尺乇 10 oy oldin
Hi Liam. I would love to know what top you were wearing in this video? I love your channel so much!
Trendy Golbin247
Trendy Golbin247 11 oy oldin
18:50-18:58 😐 ummm chile let me👋🏾💅🏽 That wasn’t a normal sound 😶 you be careful and stay safe, your to precious to us and this world 🌍
CatCrazyGirl 11 oy oldin
Love your edits so funny 🤣😍
Elizabeth Sandoval
Elizabeth Sandoval 11 oy oldin
love your ear cuff!
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