How English class can politically "brain-wash" students | The impact of "morals"

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Liam McEvoy

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where tf is ethan winters? he ran away again :/

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ꕥ Radio_Phobia ꕥ
ꕥ Radio_Phobia ꕥ 3 kun oldin
Sis is giving me more information than my sociology professor
Sunshine 5 kun oldin
I've been addicted to this channel recently. These videos are so well throughout and researched, eloquent and utterly gay and fabulous. I adore! 🗣
John Doe
John Doe 6 kun oldin
aline silven
aline silven 7 kun oldin
Thank u 4 writing my reflection on 1984!! Jk
Reneth 23 kun oldin
_I've never read 1984, love that._
John Marco Melucci
John Marco Melucci 24 kun oldin
“More like Soviet Union or Nazi Germany” yessssssssssssss bitcj
esther kabwika
esther kabwika 26 kun oldin
Oh god, this world is messed tf up. We love that brainwashing for us. Yall politicians have no shame AT ALL
josspider100 Oy oldin
*rolls eyes* “Ethan Winters is here”
Vanessa M
Vanessa M Oy oldin
Cosmic Ashleigh
Cosmic Ashleigh Oy oldin
i never see your videos anymore pop up so I'm having a binge session :D
sweczka24 Oy oldin
that makes me appreciate german schools because we have something called "beutelsbacher konsens" which teachers have to follow: its like a codex which demands that when something political stuff is the topic teachers have to say their stands but arent allowed to push them onto the students, the entire discurs must be discussed and students must be enabled to make their own opinion teachers can be sued for indoctrination
Thoughtful Devil
Thoughtful Devil Oy oldin
I wish for once somebody would compare our world to a Huxleyan Nightmare World. Not necessarily because it is, but to vary the language I keep having to hear from people who never read 1984. That, and I liked Brave New World more. I can't seem to crystallize why, I just enjoyed it more when I read it alongside 1984 in sixth grade.
Mona Megistus enthusiast
Mona Megistus enthusiast Oy oldin
Rosalina's music in the bg caught me off guard lol
Julia901 Oy oldin
Great video! Here's a comment for the algorithm 😉
Pluvillion Oy oldin
gigi talks
gigi talks Oy oldin
in 2019, my year 9 English class did Animal Farm. I was away a lot due to a chronic illness, so I wasn't heavily involved. When I showed up for English class one day, kids were presenting PowerPoint's about whether they think dictatorships are good or bad. I was the only Jewish person there, and kids went up and said that Dictatorships are amazing and that Hitler and Stalin are proof of that "fact." They said Hitler was successful and that Animal farm supports dictatorships. And the teacher didn't stop them or ask if I was okay when my classmates were literally saying that I should "get in the gas chamber." that's proof that orwell can be insanely misunderstood in an English class setting.
Paula Ladelnicho
Paula Ladelnicho Oy oldin
Actually, the book is inspired by spanish fascism
maria gardero
maria gardero Oy oldin
The fact that they were able to twist the anti-capitalist meaning of these novels into a big red scare type of narrative just makes me sad
Ray Jay
Ray Jay Oy oldin
I agree with you. And at the same time a high school teacher can be heavily influential politically so can college professors.You are very wise for your age and it gives me hope for the future. Here's something scary though how far will they go with all these subversion tactics and all this chaos?! Nice hat btw very beautiful!
shantanu panda
shantanu panda Oy oldin
I studied IGCSE in India, we don't have to read full books and extracts etc are not titled, we read the three pages do the questions and move on, it's never supposed to have deeper meaning other than to provide enough information for students to analyse how the language is used
lily T.
lily T. Oy oldin
not the super mario galaxy theme playing in the background 😳😳
Suhasini Srinivasaragavan
Suhasini Srinivasaragavan Oy oldin
Liam is my queen. I really enjoy the intellectually stimulating conversations that their videos spark. Also, class of 2018 from Chennai, India whoo whoooo
brianna Oy oldin
Omg Liam you're so beautiful!
Pidgey Tastic
Pidgey Tastic Oy oldin
Ayyye I’m class of 2018 too !!
Cedric WK
Cedric WK Oy oldin
'Uninformed people, with short attention span' Sis snapped and I almost choked on my banana
Jaiyliah Cochran
Jaiyliah Cochran Oy oldin
All I have to say the makeup is on paint and the style is on another level of perfection
Meep Simon
Meep Simon Oy oldin
Interesting subject. In my country literary classes aren't very politicized, I feel most of my teachers were unbiased. (Except the middle school MATH teacher that told the class that gays shouldn't adopt children...)
Terri Lord
Terri Lord Oy oldin
It was in SIXTH grade that we were given the assignment of reading either 1984, or Brave New World, or both (compare/contrast).
Christian X
Christian X Oy oldin
Omg I had a teacher my senior year who recommended Ayn Rand 😳😳😳
Demifiend Lover
Demifiend Lover Oy oldin
I think it's funny how there's people who think Orwell was anti-leftist when he was a huge advocate of leftist ideology, he just didn't support some regimes but overall had leftist beliefs. Also the description lol
Emma Q
Emma Q 2 oy oldin
There’s a lot of things going on that people could relate to 1984. I literally saw news articles calling for Biden to appoint a “Truth Czar” or “Ministry of Truth”. I think people are scared because the news wants them to be and they are purposefully agitating people with headlines like that. So they see a few things that remind them of that book they read, and I think it makes people spiral and believe everything is Orwellian .
Christian Zaye
Christian Zaye 2 oy oldin
You would be such a great documentary director. Such talent. Love it! ✨🧚🏽‍♂️💕
Janencicmsm Nxnsmdkoxmsm
Janencicmsm Nxnsmdkoxmsm 2 oy oldin
Hahah the last few seconds of this we’re pretty fucking funny my dude
R33D B00KS
R33D B00KS 2 oy oldin
What about the demonization of autistic people in Huckleberry Finn? My English teacher explicitly told us he was autistic, and while reading the book kept saying “they have no control, that’s why he killed this women”. This is so toxic and untrue. My brother is Nuro divergent
Gigi Christine
Gigi Christine 2 oy oldin
You blew my mind with class of 2018....what? There is no honesty. There is no truth. Oh, no crisis at the border either. You are impressive.
jisoo 2 oy oldin
This is very true. For me it wasn’t even subtle. In our class we studied an inspector calls and instead of a discussion about socialism and capitalism first (so we could understand what they even were) we were just taught socialism is good, capitalism is bad. Not even with the note that this was what the author was trying to show, it was just simply that. For years afterwards I sat there and watched all my classmates spout this again and again. And I’m not saying they couldn’t believe in socialism, but it was obvious they didn’t make their own minds up, that was just what was told to them. (And I mean, in mock elections at age 16 they were voting for their favourite colours so... enough said).
Austin Fisicaro
Austin Fisicaro 2 oy oldin
feeling: educated
Noel Hernandez
Noel Hernandez 2 oy oldin
levi 2 oy oldin
Girl go awf!! You’ve put into words perfectly what I’ve been trying to explain to people for so long 😪
darkPegasista 2 oy oldin
Damn... Vampire lady pretty woke
megbro 2 oy oldin
Liam is by far my new favorite UZpostr.
Isabela GeekArts
Isabela GeekArts 2 oy oldin
I remenber that my history teacher was more on a comunism side, and me and other classmates didn't realize this until graduation. It's hard to change the way of thinking after that ( at least, was for me)
proserfina21096 2 oy oldin
queen do a video why celebs are butt hurt these days with a hundred year old jokes bout themselves
Hey Bulldog
Hey Bulldog 2 oy oldin
i hear that super mario galaxy music in the back, good shit liam
aunpaidintern 2 oy oldin
Bet you won't make a video digging up James' past predatory behaviors.
Loveless 2 oy oldin
Love the video but you should play village when it comes out
nefilibata 2 oy oldin
this reminds me of my HUMSS days back then, I got so hyped up and nostalgic :/
Joshua Lane
Joshua Lane 2 oy oldin
Please do more videos of this, this is entertaining by the way love you
brianna Oy oldin
@Joshua Lane yw
Joshua Lane
Joshua Lane Oy oldin
@brianna yes it is and thx
brianna Oy oldin
Omg is that you in your pfp? You're so beautiful!
C Mo
C Mo 2 oy oldin
I was halfway through this video before I realized you were cosplaying hahah
Author Adrian
Author Adrian 2 oy oldin
I never could quite articulate it, but omg you look like hollywood's golden age actor Sal Mineo! Anyways, love your videos and I especially appreciate all of the hard work you put into them!
Sophie Mendoza
Sophie Mendoza 2 oy oldin
I love this kind of content. And I really enjoy your sense of humor. Hope your channel continues growing!
Roberto Lie
Roberto Lie 2 oy oldin
We love our 8ft Vampire Lady holding up the political novels
Roberto Lie
Roberto Lie 2 oy oldin
We love our 8ft Vampire Lady holding up the political novels
Spider Man
Spider Man 2 oy oldin
Off topic, but I love the outfit
Carina 2 oy oldin
We are reading Anthem in English right now and I’m rewatching this video lol.
thegirlnooneknows5 2 oy oldin
Obsessed with how well articulated your videos always are
Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum
Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum 2 oy oldin
Hi, I'm new to You channel and I'm enjoying the videos, question are You transgender? I'm just wondering because your name is Liam yet You look like a girl and a lot of your content is Jeffree star etc lol I'm in no way trying to throw shade actually I have only not only fucked But dated and Goten in serious relationship's with several TS girls since I was 24 or 26 now I'm 44. I date GG girls too and fucked many, I was in professional xxx back in the days so I been around. But for relationships I usually have a better time with Trans girls I just feel more comfortable. Im from a very rough part of NYC so me being open could have ruined me but I shot a couple of people etc before coming out so my past life as a gangbanger etc protected me people kept their mouth shut and I made it clear don't think because Of my sex life don't take me for soft and don't pick on my girls gg or TS I have no problem going to prison for putting one in your head, I done most my life in and out of prison
Slater is dead
Slater is dead 2 oy oldin
You’re honestly the only makeup channel that I genuinely watch and find entertaining
Carissa Cunningham
Carissa Cunningham 2 oy oldin
Excellent video! Very well done.
Vxlley_ Flower
Vxlley_ Flower 2 oy oldin
Watch out AP lit class, i'm using this🤪 Edit: With proper credit of course wth, I should have said that; Liam deserves more attention ;-;
Willow Moon Wolf
Willow Moon Wolf 2 oy oldin
Sadly, history classes today are trying to rewrite history. Leaving out details and make up up facts. Some of the things my daughters told me that they learned in history class were appalling !!! So bad that the district will be hearing from a lot of angry parents. Just sayin’. And teachers aren’t suppose to talk about politics. They’re not supposed to push their political beliefs on to the students. But they do.
brianna Oy oldin
Ikr 🤦‍♀️
Abdullah Barlas
Abdullah Barlas 2 oy oldin
He replied to me on Instagram so I cam back here to brag about it 💅🏃
brianna Oy oldin
@Abdullah Barlas yw!
Abdullah Barlas
Abdullah Barlas Oy oldin
@brianna thanks 😊
brianna Oy oldin
lyssatiny102 2 oy oldin
I feel like some of the books/literature I had to read in high school- 1984, 100 Years of Solitude, The Invisible Man- would be much more interesting and insightful and engaging in college. In high school I was just not fully equipped (and definitely not interested in) reading and “”analyzing”” these works. And often times we read them and moved on too quickly to really absorb them as a whole. But give it a few years, give my brain more time to grow and contemplate things on my own, and suddenly I’m considering reading (or skimming...) some of these again. Basically, bottom line is, trying to force kids to read and interpret these works is incredibly ineffective. But idk, something something “classical literature canon” something.
Brynn S
Brynn S 2 oy oldin
I think they were trying to teach about satire.. I love the background and appreciate you growing our brain cells 🤩
val 2 oy oldin
I love these kinds of videos :))
junie 2 oy oldin
Ngl I was distracted by your earrings LOVE them 😩✨
Z Calhoun
Z Calhoun 2 oy oldin
the opposite has been happening to me actually
Kery Mae
Kery Mae 2 oy oldin
I love that I'm old enough to be your mom & know you are so much smarter than me. You are going to be an even bigger force by tbe time you're my age. Also completely digging the outfit & crease color.
zen valo
zen valo 2 oy oldin
Literally my favourite content on UZpost ever
Nugget Perry
Nugget Perry 2 oy oldin
Jokes on them, I haven't read a single assigned book
pf wang
pf wang 2 oy oldin
I could listen to ur discussions forever
Sarah Hart
Sarah Hart 2 oy oldin
This was a great video. Thank you for breaking down some of the key points of the novel as it relates to our current political landscape, and how it doesn't. I would love to see more about making claims, supporting claims, and rhetoric in general.
ishmael 2 oy oldin
omg this video was so good, definitely contrapoints vibes, literally more videos like this would definitely be a vibe
Diana Reynolds
Diana Reynolds 2 oy oldin
Liam: American literatute classes gets usually politicial Me: Laughs in Europe
esther kabwika
esther kabwika 26 kun oldin
All of our reading material are filled with political arguments and I really like it
Elise k
Elise k 2 oy oldin
I'm an English TA for a freshman college composition course. I think something you point out really wonderfully is the way high school English courses end up occupying the space of both a rhetoric course and a course on fiction. One of the things I've noticed in my students is the ways these two halves get blurred once they come to college. They expect to start and end an analysis of any text with the "moral." As an instructor, I try and encourage them to instead focus on all aspects of a work's rhetorical situation, especially the ways it establishes its ethos. Personally, I do not think the goal of an English course (high school or college) should be to teach grammar or syntax. Unfortunately, those rules reinforce harmful conceptions of "proper" English which marginalizes other ways of experiencing language. In high school though, this standardized approach is extended to a moralistic lens as well as sentence-level corrections. Teachers correct both grammar and "surface reading" in the name of a supposedly more accurate heuristic. The result is a cohort of students who read between the lines, but only in the one direction they have been instructed to do so.
Claudelmar 2 oy oldin
Worth it. 😍
Schindler’s List Of Mistakes
Schindler’s List Of Mistakes 2 oy oldin
Your outfit gives me Vodka Auntie vibes ✨✨
Christi Nunya
Christi Nunya 2 oy oldin
You've made a very good point here. I had to read both Fahrenheit 451 and Lord of the Flies in high school. I don't recall my teachers using them to influence us to lean towards one party or another though. It has been a while since I attended high school though, a few more years ago than 2018. Uuuhhh, quite a few more years actually. I could be remembering incorrectly or it may have just flew right over my head at the time. I never paid attention to politics in high school. I've also read 1984, but on my own. They are all great books and I enjoyed reading them. Keep your eyes open to people trying to pull the wool over them guys. Question everything and everyone, do your own fact checking. Also, keep an open mind.
Gagana 2 oy oldin
What are Liam's pronouns? I'm new here so I don't really know 😅
Maksymilian Włudzik
Maksymilian Włudzik 2 oy oldin
omg queen i was just wondering is it cosplay of the giant lady, and then you showed your "sisters"
micash 2 oy oldin
class of 2018 gang 🤪🤪🤪
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson 2 oy oldin
I am getting giant vampire ascendancy, contrapoints-esque vibes here and it is WONDERFUL
Rannie Manangan
Rannie Manangan 2 oy oldin
At this point, you may say that the US education system really f*cked up the minds of the students, and yet they keep on preaching that they excel on that department than the other countries..... Like "Delusion, Convince yourself"
victoriatheestallion 2 oy oldin
Give Ethan Winters my worst thank you Liam✨😌
glitznglitter1000 2 oy oldin
Hunty, you’re glossing over the fact that these dystopian novels are read in tandem with what is taught in history courses, where censorship is a major topic. They echo the same message so that students learn the impact of historical events. Fiction is a form of art; you don’t need to spell out history as it happened. The same message can be conveyed with a fictional setting that not only reflects but comments on said “historical events.” The books you mentioned are also classics, which is pretty much what all teachers assign as reading material, dystopian or not. And let’s not pretend that the left plays no part in the “introversion of language.” You have fundamental biological notions of gender being torn apart, words like “assault” having their definitions be loosened, and the media straight up lying instead of reporting the truth. I like your editing, and I think you’re super funny, but let’s not spin a narrative on things.
Rayne Redwyne
Rayne Redwyne 2 oy oldin
I could listen to you discuss literature for hours
TheEniBody 2 oy oldin
U r Mr gay observatory music was a good touch 💚
knight shopper
knight shopper 2 oy oldin
what's very ironic to me is that I was unable to finish my High School English class and never got the chance to read 1984 due to the corona lockdown lmao, isn't that a bit of a doozy
knight shopper
knight shopper 2 oy oldin
coommentinq for that algorithmic enhancement
rum tears
rum tears 2 oy oldin
i'm literally in love with your videos omg
Astro 2 oy oldin
Nothing like a 8ft tall vampire lady educating us
Jessica Conley
Jessica Conley 2 oy oldin
Yes daddy destroy my childhood!
Oswaldo Mezquita
Oswaldo Mezquita 2 oy oldin
This is why the only reading I'm doing is subtitles.
Katy Perry's Boobs
Katy Perry's Boobs 2 oy oldin
Can you say informative yet entertaining?!
Robert Ibarra
Robert Ibarra 2 oy oldin
Not me learning more in this video than actual class.........🙊
Alpha Kilo Alpha
Alpha Kilo Alpha 2 oy oldin
LOVE your videos classy, informative and respectful..its rare to find x
Jay Raine
Jay Raine 2 oy oldin
is this a lady dimitrescu outfit I thought this was a contrapoints tease FHJDS
CyewWayne 2 oy oldin
I'd like to offer some pushback on this idea that history classes are "less political" than English classes, they are actually for the most part very nationalistic and conservative leaning. US history classes overly glorify the US revolution and founding fathers, to the point where the founding fathers sometime are portrayed as infallible and all-knowing. Also, there is very little mention about some of the more darker parts of US history. Some curriculums may mention the slave trade, the genocide of the Native Americans, or the Jim Crow era, but more often than not these are glossed over and their root causes and lasting impact largely unexamined. Not to mention the last 100 years of US intervention and imperialism are pretty much never studied in most history classes despite its profound influence in shaping the modern world
Hanna Artrip
Hanna Artrip 2 oy oldin
I'm living for that outfit
Delphy Zavala
Delphy Zavala 2 oy oldin
Howdy from Texas & much love.
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