No, Lil Nas X is not sAtaNiC : How LIL NAS X's "MONTERO" utilizes the Taboo

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Liam McEvoy

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Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy Oy oldin
monterio by lil nash 💗
Carlos Feliciano
Carlos Feliciano 13 kun oldin
Monte Carlo by lil nash taters
Ryan Cohall
Ryan Cohall Oy oldin
a lil disrespectful to me but go off
Lily C
Lily C Oy oldin
honey honey HON EY you look so good with your hair like this i live
Alux Cia
Alux Cia Oy oldin
U kept killing me w/that☠️☠️☠️
Birthday date
Birthday date Oy oldin
i would love a video about plagiarism and copyrights and how dumb this concepts are
Jordan Grigg
Jordan Grigg Kun oldin
Your young and very naive! The video is lucifer the fallen angel that is lucifer sliding down the pole! It’s devil worship! When your older you will understand as you literally have no idea what your talking about! 🤣
softdecay 2 kun oldin
lmao the seriousness after you put the lipstick on
Feather McGee
Feather McGee 3 kun oldin
The way you articulate everything as well as your demeanor makes me have the utmost respect for you. Your videos are another level of diving in while actually educating at the exact same time. The videos are on another level 110%. I think, without a doubt, that you are one of the most underrated channels that is currently available today and you deserve far more recognition for your intelligence. I really think you could be one of very few people in society that could actually make a real difference if you went all out to advocate on one specific subject. 🙌🙌
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye 3 kun oldin
I just bought a Lil Nas shirt that says "I listened to Montero by Lil Nas X and all I got was this lousy shirt and now I'm gay and love Satan" 😈🔥🔥🔥
HMDY 5 kun oldin
You're very intelligent and it's such a delight watching you analyze the song, thank you
Hailey S
Hailey S 5 kun oldin
Watching black swan was my gay awakening.
ღ ѕєяαρнιηє ღ
ღ ѕєяαρнιηє ღ 6 kun oldin
I reeeally hate how people hear satanism and think "devil worshipper"... Satanism (or atleast in modern day satanism) has nothing to do with devil worshipers SOME do worship deities , but they don't sacrifice babies and kittens or whatever , those are called theistic satanists. For example , the Church of Satan does work with the more religious / magical aspects of it. Those that DON'T are non theistic satanists! They mostly focus on the ideology aspect of Satanism, so the Satanic Temple. They mostly advocate for their belief system (which I align with , despite not being a member of either organization)
Puppy pup
Puppy pup 6 kun oldin
so fake candles... that dance? Dancing plastic flames? You jus blow my mind today hun
Nicole Wardin
Nicole Wardin 6 kun oldin
You are always intellectual I'm going to go find wreaking ball
Christena Wade
Christena Wade 7 kun oldin
Omg you have Inferno?! That copy looks amazing!
Mimi Raom
Mimi Raom 7 kun oldin
Leaving a comment for the algorithm King! But I love how you articulate, communicate on such difficult subjects yet you make it so easy to understand and follow. You make us want to study theology! You deserve more followers! Personally I resonate a lot with Lil Nas’s struggles and creativity. I love how he catalyzed his struggles into an intriguing artwork. He is also very clever and consistent in terms of marketing (whether digitally and through his merchandising) which I feel many brands should take notes on! Keep up the good work Liam!
Michelle Violeta
Michelle Violeta 7 kun oldin
I love your videos, so different from every other creator. I learn so much. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
repetitive reality
repetitive reality 8 kun oldin
Lill nas and James Charles. Maybe is that?
sergio vega
sergio vega 9 kun oldin
Please do a video about faeries from around the world and their influences in all cultures! Thank you!
kamenotost22 13 kun oldin
Great video. keep up.
Sola Rose
Sola Rose 15 kun oldin
I’m laaaate Liam ! But as always, your content is very interesting and it’s such a joy to watch it. Thanks
Amy-Jo Breach
Amy-Jo Breach 18 kun oldin
S Adams
S Adams 22 kun oldin
Thank you Liam for talking about these things with so much maturity.
Arianna 22 kun oldin
You are so well spoken, you articulate these topics from such an anthropological stand point it makes me miss my professor 😭 thank you for your research I always appreciate your videos ❤️
10 out of 10
10 out of 10 22 kun oldin
Fuck. I hate that i doubted you, but you're so on point
Wilson Higgsbury
Wilson Higgsbury 23 kun oldin
QUALITY GURL. I think you can be called a member of breadtube with your educational content tbh
GeoAngel 23 kun oldin
I see that Pat Mcgrath girl
Galaxy Universe
Galaxy Universe 24 kun oldin
Alot of people criticized Ariana for her God Is A Woman too.
Scarlet Croft
Scarlet Croft 26 kun oldin
*literally killed satan* Christians: 😡
K.사라 27 kun oldin
re-watching the video. because why not
Sara Pato
Sara Pato 28 kun oldin
I seriously love hearing you speak. So eloquent
charu priya
charu priya 28 kun oldin
paganism and magic is like a whole different religion it's just it's like minor group...and they respect elements like earth water, herbs, moon.
KittyKat 28 kun oldin
What about the unofficial Nike shoe?
IO Martinez
IO Martinez 29 kun oldin
Watching this while applying my flying ointment.
jose avianeda
jose avianeda 29 kun oldin
15:55 you see something passing by on the top left corner, looks like a ghost
Dana Mikey Robison Myers
Dana Mikey Robison Myers 29 kun oldin
I beg of you to please start another series on religion and cults 🙏
Jomar De Guzman
Jomar De Guzman 29 kun oldin
i love your videos, very educational alskdhsa
NotToo Straight
NotToo Straight 29 kun oldin
When you realize Christians watching this will most like think you’re using big words to influence young people to be satan worshipers 😂🥲😭
AnnaKraF 29 kun oldin
me after the roblox concert🥰
taqiyah 29 kun oldin
magic video, lets go lets go lets goooo
Ashley Lobsinger
Ashley Lobsinger 29 kun oldin
i luv ur videos, there so fun to watch but also educational
Bellá Mint
Bellá Mint 29 kun oldin
Chirara Oy oldin
Fredric Fredrickson
Fredric Fredrickson Oy oldin
大石金曜日 Oy oldin
The huge difference between biblical reference to literature reference is SO important! Thank you Liam to explain all this so maturely without throwing shade neither Christiany neither satanism. I feel like I earned a degree
titto Oy oldin
I am absolutely LIVING for the set design here
scarlet juju
scarlet juju Oy oldin
I mean the bible is also just literature. It's just a book written down stories from different people. And about the white and the black swan it reminds me of yin and yang. In kindness exists evil and vice versa.
boqak Oy oldin
ma'am liam so underrated
XIII Oy oldin
You are amazing funny smart talented breathtaking stunning beautiful and iconic I love you🧐🥰🌟
darkPegasista Oy oldin
Sis pls read the satanic Bible
Miscellaneous Cell
Miscellaneous Cell Oy oldin
metal does it better.
aunpaidintern Oy oldin
Gonna ignore the James Charles drama?
Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy Oy oldin
I'm not sure, ask my 5000 tweets I made about it.
Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost Oy oldin
As if satanic plp would claim him LOL
o p
o p Oy oldin
For the algoritmo
Ebrill Owen
Ebrill Owen Oy oldin
There’s also atheistic Satanism which is commonly called LaVeyan Satanism, which is what I lean towards. It’s basically Atheism with black plastic horns.
•_•dumbbxtch3000 -
•_•dumbbxtch3000 - Oy oldin
These videos make me feel so smart.
Ebrill Owen
Ebrill Owen Oy oldin
He literally lulls Satan into a sense of security before killing him. What more do Christians want? He literally killed Satan!
It’s Cesar btch
It’s Cesar btch Oy oldin
He’s an artist he does what it takes to get attention and I love him anyway people need to get over it .
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Oy oldin
Lil Nashville W
michael pederson
michael pederson Oy oldin
When satanic imagery isn’t considered satanic Lmaooo
Rachel Guyer
Rachel Guyer Oy oldin
Omg yesssss I'm so glad you covered this! You're so beautiful 😍😍😍
bruh moment
bruh moment Oy oldin
i really like your elegant voice, it's relaxing and calming.
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez Oy oldin
I love this analysis so much Ive watched this video like 4 times
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson Oy oldin
The judicious use of Swan Lake in the background is 😘🤌 not only from an objectively q33r & hot composer, but also the dichotomous themes of the swans.... I mean, finding one's sexuality is always two swans, if you know what I mean. Edit: Nek minit, Liam jumps into a description of the ballet Black Swan 🥴
JHope watches nisekoi
JHope watches nisekoi Oy oldin
Also, this reminds me a lot of Haiti's voodoo culture because I heard that people who don't feel accepted in Haitian christian society such as: divorced women, LGBT members, impoverished ppl will befriend voodoo-ists but they won't actually practice voodoo-ism. They just befriend them to feel more accepted and appreciated
JHope watches nisekoi
JHope watches nisekoi Oy oldin
You probably might not see this but lil nas x actually said a lot of islamophobic things in the past and even made awful jokes about children. I think that's why religious ppl are concerned about his image since last year he was just doing a program for kids.
Vero Gee
Vero Gee Oy oldin
I really admire you❤❤
Vocanimeify Oy oldin
We love a makeup guru queen spitting us facts and knowledge as well
Shahad Al-Ward
Shahad Al-Ward Oy oldin
And you are wearing a black and white top 😍😍
saana salonen
saana salonen Oy oldin
yeah i dunno about this one. see in you in the next :)
Theodore Georgiou
Theodore Georgiou Oy oldin
my wig
Jenna HG
Jenna HG Oy oldin
Thank you for talking about what satanism actually is, specifically the Satanic Temple
Victoria D'Auria
Victoria D'Auria Oy oldin
Old Marilyn Manson fans be yawning
C Mo
C Mo Oy oldin
Kate Walsh's boyfriend is literally the only perfume I use. Its the only time I've smelt a perfume on myself and absolutely adored it. SO. GOOD.
princess dratini
princess dratini Oy oldin
If you're interested in doing more research into The Satanic Temple, watch the doc "Hail Satan?" on hulu.
Pascal Maurice
Pascal Maurice Oy oldin
I love it
Alicia Schmalicia
Alicia Schmalicia Oy oldin
Algorith comment
jollynyoung Oy oldin
Is there a video of Liam explaining what he majored in college ?? Such refined perspective.
Rahaf Al Khaldi
Rahaf Al Khaldi Oy oldin
How blind can y’all be? this is world order
Misheo Oy oldin
literally my fav lecturer/makeupguru
Shineystarlight14 Oy oldin
Hey bestie thanks for giving me college credits with this video
TheBionicGoat Oy oldin
This was VERY intellectually delicious, thanks!
Lando Land
Lando Land Oy oldin
Beautiful, exotic, intellectual, stimulating, soothing, warm, refined are some of the adjetives that describe Liam and his channel
Reu Reu94
Reu Reu94 Oy oldin
8:46 the inner saboteur
Marnukin __
Marnukin __ Oy oldin
I love these new formats, this content but it would be really nice to go back, just for a video, to a overwatch meme'd gameplay ✅✅✅
“Don’t worry it’s not a real candle”
Gina Oy oldin
YESSSS BITCH I love your videos sm
John Bhoy
John Bhoy Oy oldin
Great video, thank you.
Sierra Jaquelyn Vincent
Sierra Jaquelyn Vincent Oy oldin
you are stunning 🥺
adam hi
adam hi Oy oldin
Ok i need more
Shay McArdle
Shay McArdle Oy oldin
Love the black swan 🦢 reference AND outfit choice‼️✅
Knight Pandi
Knight Pandi Oy oldin
Was barbies swan lake playing in the background?
Kevin R
Kevin R Oy oldin
Hey fellow homosexuals 😂
Arianne Gozzing
Arianne Gozzing Oy oldin
The first time I see someone saying the right word "Taboo"
joey c
joey c Oy oldin
stan stan stan
Μάριος Φράγκος
Μάριος Φράγκος Oy oldin
Can you please do a video about Artpop? 🥺
geoz Oy oldin
Liam is so classy now yall omgg
alvi ibon
alvi ibon Oy oldin
this subject resonates with me a LOT as someone who's gay and has a family that are devoutly Christian (Catholic and Born Again (weird family IK)) Long story short, my gay ass had a negatively bad experience with my family's religions and I just turned into a pagan one day and thank the goddess for that 💜
Tindra Reyem
Tindra Reyem Oy oldin
Damn I love your videos!
Miyane Oy oldin
this series may never end
π Vektor Yhugio
π Vektor Yhugio Oy oldin
Extended my time life
Alux Cia
Alux Cia Oy oldin
Amazing work girl! & it's *NaZZZZZ
Domingo Benitez
Domingo Benitez Oy oldin
Very nice 👍🏼
Charles Irwin
Charles Irwin Oy oldin
This bitch is so smart
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