The aftermath of Jeffree Star/Shane vs. Tati Westbrook | How to "fix" the Beauty community

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Liam McEvoy

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wow thats 🍇.
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📚 Works cited-
The Anthropology of Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft (3rd Edition) by Rebecca Stein
Anthropology and Development: Understanding Contemporary Social Change (2005) by Jean-Pierre Oliver De-Sardan
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Pouwhakaaro West
Pouwhakaaro West 6 kun oldin
I'm Maori and for us mana is like a class system
Christine Heege
Christine Heege 7 kun oldin
So very well explained.... You have a amazing mind.
Calob Mabery
Calob Mabery 25 kun oldin
5:16 Destiny backdrop??? >.>
Rosa Gonzales
Rosa Gonzales Oy oldin
I love how much I'm learning from this video. I'm Thriving right now👍😄🎉
Keke Darius
Keke Darius Oy oldin
You make such interesting content. Your ideas are fresh and well thought out. You also manage really well balancing informing us and entertaining us. The amount of meme content you use is so high, but it always helps to demonstrate a point or quickly cleanse our palate. I do not understand why you do not have more views.
Maksi Liame
Maksi Liame Oy oldin
I know I'm late to comment but after looking back at the thumbnail, that Jeffree Star photo looks like queen Alaska Thunderf**k 5000!
P H Oy oldin
HI Liam I love you and DeAngelo Wallace and I enjoy you internet archeology videos. They are fascinating to watch and really helps me see the topic in a intellectual and well thought out way that I really enjoy. Thank you and keep up the good work. I look forward to your uploads
Marco Jacinto
Marco Jacinto Oy oldin
"Drama is fine as long as it's not about me." - Everyone.
Marco Jacinto
Marco Jacinto Oy oldin
Perfect mix of sophisticated and relatable.
arwynn 2 oy oldin
you’d be a great teacher but ik teachers get paid dust😫
MÄRÏLYN 2 oy oldin
Now, can I just say that that dragon fly that you have exquisitely positioned on your shirt collar is absolutely beautiful!! Denoting the awareness of the need for self expression, and adhering to that axiom in the most stylish and uniquely yours alone fashion!! You know, I can’t even adequately express just how much I recognise and appreciate your blatant possession of a superior intellect, evidenced by your vocabulary alone!! Sorry, this message is dangerously close to crossing over into ass kissing territory, and I can’t state vehemently enough that that most certainly AIN’T ‘real estate’ I am either comfortable or familiar with populating lol!! I guess the short version of the aforementioned statement is that: I fukkin love you loolol 🥰🌟🧡
Chikiru Uchiha
Chikiru Uchiha 2 oy oldin
Um I know this pry sounds weird but could you do one of these type videos on Pewdiepie? I have been a fan of his for YEARS and I’m aware of his controversies but I can’t help but forgive him for them and I want to know from an ethical and logical perspective if this is me with rose coloured glasses on or is it exceptable to forgive and move on? Cancelling the people in your other videos and this one is easy because, to be frank, they are ALL rather obnoxious individuals but I truly do enjoy Felix as a person but I need an outside view to critique this because I don’t think I can be objective in his case and I trust your style of judgment and logic on this topic.
apggn5 2 oy oldin
Love your take and analyses of youtube phenomena! I feel like this is where the future of college class essays is going. I hope you get more recognition in this platform. P.S. I hope you add this video to the Internet Archaeology playlist! I noticed it's missing in there when I was on a marathon of your videos ♥️
aunpaidintern 2 oy oldin
Isn't it time to expose James Charles? Come on, you did Jafar and Shane.
Di Matteo
Di Matteo 2 oy oldin
I got my computer back after months due to some problems with it. What's the first thing I do with it? Pay my bills and contact my friends? No, bitch! Watch gy porn and Liam videos, there's nothing better! Your work is amazing!
Lukewarm almond milk
Lukewarm almond milk 2 oy oldin
What podcasts would you recommend🐰
madgirlmuahaha 2 oy oldin
How am I just now discovering you. So mad I missed out on the High Priestess drop but I absolutely love the content so far.
Amber Green
Amber Green 3 oy oldin
So true im learning so much about reports. You should be a teacher
Martina Domínguez
Martina Domínguez 3 oy oldin
I love how always you bring us such good and complete content 💖💖 what a smart queen And also, why is nobody talking about how gorgeous is that nail polish that you're using 👁👁 I love it
Tonantzin Talavera
Tonantzin Talavera 3 oy oldin
Stop b being so amazing! I'm feeling inadequate...😥 Jk! Love you too much! Ya brilliant!
Tymeka McCaskill
Tymeka McCaskill 3 oy oldin
Andreia Guerrero
Andreia Guerrero 3 oy oldin
Frankly, they're not even beautiful. Shallow people. You look more intellectual compared to these mainstream "beauty gurus" who only look beautiful outside.
Grumposaur Rex
Grumposaur Rex 3 oy oldin
I feel like this is all gonna end like the original mean girls... making up, forgetting, moving on, the “old” makeup guru generation fading out of relevance and then a whole new problematic collection of makeup gurus will appear on the scene.
Vocanimeify 4 oy oldin
DR Rod
DR Rod 4 oy oldin
I appreciate internet anthropology. You've taught me much, your voice is nice to listen to and you've got a great sense of humor.
Mr. NLR 4 oy oldin
The man that’s telling you this is the same man who used to support or still supports, Jeffrey star with his n word past AND u actually bought the conspiracy pallet that was made by 2 controversial pasts oh irony🤣🤣🤣
Mr. NLR 4 oy oldin
@cubbypowered Oh idk, since cancel culture now exists I’m sure that mean you DO NOT ASSOCIATE THE PERSON/CELEBRITY WITH ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS, which clearly this corny kid has clearly not done😂 even if it’s 5 star quality or trash quality.
cubbypowered 4 oy oldin
why would u throw away 2 perfectly good palettes that you could just use up completely instead of waste it... weirdo
Sister Shaw
Sister Shaw 4 oy oldin
I just think I've just seen a peek into " The Age Of Aquarius " Thank you !!
Gorudanusan Heriru
Gorudanusan Heriru 5 oy oldin
One of the smartest people on UZpost. Even on such insignificant issues you are able to pull deeper concepts that are very significant across all facets of life. Subscribed and will be watching you often!!! I could care less for make up, but your mind 💯! But you’re make up looks great!!
eiwil 5 oy oldin
girl your editing is the only thing that made me smile today
Tea Witch
Tea Witch 5 oy oldin
I really like the dragonfly. The dragonfly is my guide and I have her tattooed on my body.
Alex O
Alex O 5 oy oldin
I want you to teach my college classes!!!!
vrisrezi 5 oy oldin
roberto sanchez
roberto sanchez 5 oy oldin
Bitch why did i just found you chanNel OMG
Aki T
Aki T 5 oy oldin
Atlas Fox
Atlas Fox 5 oy oldin
The Undertale music to begin🥺
einjlz ador
einjlz ador 5 oy oldin
Sira Castori
Sira Castori 5 oy oldin
This is quite interesting, even if I have no idea who these people are, and I like your way of explaining theories and your conclusions, but... Wait, did you just compare make-up tutorials to Marxism?
Znowi Cotton
Znowi Cotton 5 oy oldin
I adore that you forget that you were doing your makeup....
leslie garcia
leslie garcia 5 oy oldin
Feel smart af after watching you 😭
leslie garcia
leslie garcia 5 oy oldin
I love to watch you
Bri 5 oy oldin
Dude I’m studying that book in anthropology along w doing TAROT RIGHT NOW ARE YOU SERIOUS I HAVE TO FOLLOW AT THIS POINT
Michele Davis
Michele Davis 5 oy oldin
I enjoy your videos so much...question, does your mind ever allow you respite? Seriously, you’re so bright and witty and don’t miss anything. I feel your brain works on max 24/7. That’s why your videos are the best...intelligence rocks. Thank you!
Z Q 5 oy oldin
Victoire-Theodora Pruvost
Victoire-Theodora Pruvost 5 oy oldin
Omg I talk about “mana” in my PhD on 20th century French music ❤️!
Saz Nuhs
Saz Nuhs 5 oy oldin
All 3 are pieces of shit.if the world is ever conquered by Alien Overlords, out of these 3. Tati would throw her own mother under a bus to save herself , then make a whole video,sobbing about necessary sacrifices. Jeffrey would release a new make up line for the Aliens Overlord.He is after all an Immortal Vampire Shane probably would not survive the Aliens Overlord attack
Carolyn C
Carolyn C 6 oy oldin
I love your videos you always speak so eloquently.
Zach 6 oy oldin
The power of “drama” is so true. Like everyone including myself says we hate drama but what is actually true is we love drama when it has nothing to do with you but if you are involved then that’s when you hate it. It’s also like saying I hate gossip or I don’t mean to gossip but and then repeating gossip. And again I’m totally guilty of that.
Mandy Brochtrup
Mandy Brochtrup 6 oy oldin
your voice is very calming n relaxing. love listening to ur videos 😉
Bernardo Rodríguez
Bernardo Rodríguez 6 oy oldin
I need Liam to do an educational channel where I can learn about pedagogy and language. I understand way better when is explained in Gay LMAO
Moonlight_Somar 6 oy oldin
I got unsubscribe from your channel
Kenz Bell
Kenz Bell 6 oy oldin
3:32 Dude the fact that you included that clip from that Dramageddon animated video. Man. Now I gotta go watch it for the 18,000 time. Thanks a lot
Ashleigh Lawrence
Ashleigh Lawrence 6 oy oldin
🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 PLEASE run for office. Something. Do SOMETHING with your amazingness. Well, something in addition to this. Bc you're just so perfect to listen to. Finally someone with a BRAIN. UGH.
Virginia Company
Virginia Company 6 oy oldin
Constructive note: Taboo in lame terms is something well known and NEVER spoken. In general, those who revere cows have zero qualm expressing their devotions and those who eat meat are very open about it. Taboo is not an "in comparison", it's isolated issues and how we as a (sub) culture communicate how we feel. In the US, incest, child abduction, and child trafficking is VERY real. We don't know the exact number of children affected by these because we DON'T talk about it, it's TABOO, but is estimated to be in the hundreds of THOUSANDS. A much lighter example is the fact that women ENJOY sex. Yup, woman sometimes just want to get laid but in society it's only allowed for a woman to have sex for love. It's TABOO for a woman to just take a man for a spin and be done with it premeditated. I like your internet anthropology videos but the cow vs. burger deterred me from this one. I'm PRAYING that you do one on President Trump, I heard you make a comment on "evidence piling on him" but that was it and I'm really looking forward to see how you'd create that video after you've done your dig. You are very talented, your generation really needs an objective voice in politics and I really think that could be you.
M. A. Gardner
M. A. Gardner 6 oy oldin
I like you and your content but not your use of digital blackface.
Imagica Barker
Imagica Barker 6 oy oldin
You are so adorable! And smart too, 😆. Don't forget your sunscreen! Got to keep that money maker out of the sun, it's the key to no wrinkles! That and having oily skin!
jaispot3 6 oy oldin
Baybayyy.. this content is spot on... and the editing is top fkin notch 😂🔥🔥🔥🚨 underrated channel enters the chat
Erin Frazier
Erin Frazier 6 oy oldin
I rlly didn’t expect to learn this much from this video
Irie Rogue
Irie Rogue 6 oy oldin
*Your editing is absolute gold*
casper johnston
casper johnston 6 oy oldin
damn you are so articulate with words and damn you are so well spoken and presented you deserve more subscribers
Yasss Gawwwd!
Yasss Gawwwd! 6 oy oldin
I want u to know how pivotal you were on my Jeffree stan mentality you helped me break with your initial video draaaaaaaging out the facts!🤺😲💀🌺 That day it was like something in me floated off freeing me. Whether or not we make mistakes (only if not so repeatedly) became no more of a hiding spot within thee recesses of my mind.
Yasss Gawwwd!
Yasss Gawwwd! 6 oy oldin
I’m dead u just said Jamboree 😆
QuEeN Mama Bear
QuEeN Mama Bear 6 oy oldin
You are so Freakin Smart. LOVE your Vidz!!!!!! Your so Beautiful & Smart girl DAMN!!!!! 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙
Salaine R.
Salaine R. 6 oy oldin
Omg I have the same deck it’s so beautiful
bubble butt
bubble butt 6 oy oldin
Learned alot, Her research strategy was more than my thesis. You should be a professor major in society
danidani 6 oy oldin
i wish i could write my papers the way u write ur scripts for these videos
dude. 6 oy oldin
I would love to know your honest thoughts on capitalism.
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 6 oy oldin
I just love listening to you talk. You speak so smoothly!
Kelli Favazza
Kelli Favazza 6 oy oldin
You are so damn articulate.. I'm mesmerized by the way you speak. Thank you for the amazingly entertaining and educational content
Buddha Baby
Buddha Baby 6 oy oldin
I feel smarter.
Buddha Baby
Buddha Baby 6 oy oldin
You're intelligence, skills and personality are truly incredible. I've never been so impressed with the person in my life. No joke.
Alp Fra
Alp Fra 6 oy oldin
Good video!!
boi's Random Stuff
boi's Random Stuff 6 oy oldin
sis nice video, but the editing...i mean no it's just a gif oversaturated twitter-like thread i can't stand it when it's every 5 seconds, but i mean that's my opinion🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Melissa French
Melissa French 6 oy oldin
You are incredibly intellectual, and extremely funny and entertaining. This video is absolute genius.
paige ludwig
paige ludwig 6 oy oldin
I love that you started the video with a laugh. Lol.
AngeL BaYbeE
AngeL BaYbeE 6 oy oldin
You should be a teacher..i learned alot from your that!
R.R. Leah
R.R. Leah 6 oy oldin
At the end we are just humans and even Antropology can’t define.
sawriley 6 oy oldin
Looking at your videos I notice you only get big views when talking about JS, SD, TW,JC I hope you find something different to talk about this is old tea. I do enjoy the editing but this topic is old.
Tiffany Green
Tiffany Green 6 oy oldin
I love your videos see you have such a amazing insight and I love how you use your education to really break it down for the normal people to understand you’re amazing I love you thank you
Rosie Nobrega
Rosie Nobrega 6 oy oldin
New sub here ! Love your videos & editing style . Looking forward to watching more ! ❤️
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose 6 oy oldin
I will never be able to stop cackling at the ‘WAOW, THATS GREAT’ meme.
Sofia Kettunen
Sofia Kettunen 7 oy oldin
"Thats grapeee" I DIED😂😂😂😂😂😂
jose avianeda
jose avianeda 7 oy oldin
If cursive were a language it would be this.
Robin Lawson
Robin Lawson 7 oy oldin
Absolutely a heroine! Love watching your videos!
Robin Lawson
Robin Lawson 7 oy oldin
You have captured my attention and I adore your content!
Miss B
Miss B 7 oy oldin
I think something is up because I'm just now seeing this post it usually shows me the videos the day posted I think youtube is suppressing viewership
Матip 7 oy oldin
i have watched d’angelo for a year, since the begging of his channel. seeing him grow us just. like seeing a child grow up.
N van der Jagt
N van der Jagt 7 oy oldin
idk how I got here and I don't watch the people you talk about (I did like 3 years ago though) but I love your video's lol
Emm Guz
Emm Guz 7 oy oldin
Oh I Stan this Queen so much, you’re excellent, Liam!
Miranda Allie
Miranda Allie 7 oy oldin
Honestly, this is one of my favorite channels, came for the makeup tutorials, stayed for the t
SweetDreams Collaborations
SweetDreams Collaborations 7 oy oldin
We love your channel & You’ll adore our dream potion. We sent you an email about joining the @mysweetdreams community. Take a peek and set sail to your dreamland. 💜💫💤
Bann 7 oy oldin
Zoë Baldwin
Zoë Baldwin 7 oy oldin
So I just found out that Mykie has not really been an ally to the BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ community after following, loving and supporting her for many, many years - and not thinking she was even *capable* of being problematic - and I'm so, so, SO disappointed and sad about it. Liam's comments about ideologies and them not matching up with our expectations hit me right in the feels, that's exactly what this is about for me. :(
Bonnie Dynamite
Bonnie Dynamite 7 oy oldin
You are so learned.
Aligha 7 oy oldin
man, be my professor.
kevinhxc1 7 oy oldin
You have a beautiful mind and it's a joy to watch you. Keep going strong x
i#f#yousayso 7 oy oldin
Not into makeup at all .. But wht you are saying i see it in 💅 polishes
i#f#yousayso 7 oy oldin
So thems 💅 true blue baby i love you 🌈🌈🌈💯🌈💯🌈💯🌈💙💙💜💜💕💖💖
Hydie 007
Hydie 007 7 oy oldin
I really love your video's! I'm new and I just really like how you approach sensitive are smart..beautiful and funny..I don't see much of that..keep up the great work.. absolutely agree with you! XO HYDIE ❤
Casey W.
Casey W. 7 oy oldin
The EDITING. 😱😱😱👏👏👏
EvilLiesl 7 oy oldin
I always enjoy these videos that you make. I actually learn a lot. I hope that you are receiving good credit for them from your (Uni) course. Please continue to make them
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