The Cult mentality within Stan culture | Internet mythology

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Liam McEvoy

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Take a shot every time I say "phenomenon".
Introduction: 00:00
Part 1: 02:56
Part 2: 07:34
Part 3: 12:03
Part 4: 17:13
Part 5 (conclusion): 21:57

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Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese
Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese 6 soat oldin
I love your theory, I'm curious what you think of vr chat rooms? Is this a way to "cross-over" into the spirit realm of the internet?
Russian Bear
Russian Bear 3 kun oldin
"Yup..thats wonder how I got myself into this situation" classic
Lawful Dumbass
Lawful Dumbass 3 kun oldin
is that shiro the space dad in the background
creatrixZBD 4 kun oldin
Nice work 👍🏼 I’m glad that rather than doing videos on individual people, you instead offered people the tools to do it for themselves in their own minds. Kinda like the “teach a ‘man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime” thinking. Good on you for encouraging the audience to practice these approaches and develop their thinking skills. Also, beautiful look 💜
Robert Zurenko
Robert Zurenko 4 kun oldin
Ross Edmund Rivera
Ross Edmund Rivera 4 kun oldin
I feel my hoe-ish brain getting smarter after rewatching the vid for multiple times. Omg I'm falling in love with your content with every single video.
syrobonkerz 6 kun oldin
what in the serial experiments lain
Clementine 10 kun oldin
I have to rewatch this video every month because it’s so amazing and I need brain cells
Jonathan Lopes
Jonathan Lopes Oy oldin
Vladislav Jang
Vladislav Jang Oy oldin
you were faster damn
Mireillie Montalvo
Mireillie Montalvo Oy oldin
I feel this video and the one about parasocial relations by Intelexual Media complement each other very well 👍
Rosie Eevee
Rosie Eevee Oy oldin
Whether people accept the story or not, is not what determines something as a cult. What determines something as a cult, depends on the amount of control and influence that is put in place by the leaders, such as music, hymns, chants, and prayer, to mute complex thought. Another small example is the control of information, not allowed to speak to ex-members, apostates, people critical of the religion, shunning of family members who are apostates (also form of emotion control), or read or watch any content that says anything that goes against the organization. The BITE model is often used to measure this, so some religions that are generally accepted are cults, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, or Mormons. Even some forms of Christianity are cults.
I'm Red
I'm Red Oy oldin
DO I SEE SHIRO (VOLTRON) MERCH ON THE WALL- Anyways what were we talking about again? I got distracted
Adventures Of Ace & Bella
Adventures Of Ace & Bella Oy oldin
damn your voice nice, where's your pronouns?
joao vito
joao vito Oy oldin
whadaf that makes so much sense, but now i wonder if you are on the toilet rn. ill never know
Kalin Oy oldin
This is crazy informative!! I can’t even imagine the effort that went to this video... I’m amazed
green Oy oldin
can you talk about how the decline of “religion” led to more stan culture?
Mixed Views
Mixed Views Oy oldin
This is fantastic!!!! Keep up the great work! That pixel situation was iconic.
Ray Jay
Ray Jay Oy oldin
Brings new meaning to æther/ethernet ! Interesting you had this as a topic I have also theorized over similar notions ! I Bet your a virgo!
Kate Creasey
Kate Creasey Oy oldin
Might I add ur make up is amazing!!!
Kate Creasey
Kate Creasey Oy oldin
Kate Creasey
Kate Creasey Oy oldin
I loooovvvee ❤️🔥 ur edits! Great research for the video!
thot duster
thot duster Oy oldin
Remona Flowers
Remona Flowers Oy oldin
You are really smart
pessimissimo Oy oldin
Oooh... That's why whenever someone is cancelled, a lot of semi-related information about the cancelled person is brought up to add fuel to the fire, and to establish the otherness of the subject of the Twitter mob in comparison to whoever brought it up...
SammyB Poeticly
SammyB Poeticly Oy oldin
I normally don't comment, a lot but when I do it has to be under a video that has made me react or made me smarter and by golly this video, not only entertained me but made me feel like I took a damn $700 class. The time it took you to do this research and then perform it like a bad bitch, baby somebody needs to be paying you! I will pay you if you did a master class.
RabbzGott Oy oldin
Sunshine Ramirez
Sunshine Ramirez Oy oldin
I’m tOOOOO HIGH for this wowzaaah
jjbear beautiful
jjbear beautiful Oy oldin
I’m SO glad I found this channel😳👏🏽👏🏽
Jocelyn O’Shea
Jocelyn O’Shea Oy oldin
Not LGBT my self but anyone who watches this I’d imagine would find you clearly vary reasonable. I’ve always struggled with the political issues that a lot of this stuff has. But I was happy to not bombarded with a bunch of political junk. Your making your community look goooooood.
planetjazzy Oy oldin
Again.. Perfection...
Jasper Yap
Jasper Yap 2 oy oldin
I've rewatched this a few times and everytime I feel like I've actually learned shit
Shed Rule
Shed Rule 2 oy oldin
Omg you’re literally changing my life you are the UZpost god
Johnna Zipp
Johnna Zipp 2 oy oldin
Love the intro !!!!!
Emily Bourke
Emily Bourke 2 oy oldin
I love these videos just stumbled upon it and I study social science and love anthropology and sociology. Love how you’ve structured the video and content ❤️❤️❤️
kennydunk 2 oy oldin
What is stan culture? I would research but looked like big words were used and yeah I can't. I just can't.
Cat rymer
Cat rymer 2 oy oldin
Liam, OMG LMAO. KEEMSTAR DRAMA ALERT, When I heard your reference to this I had to stop and take a look about what you were speaking of. It is typical Nasty, Star, Dawson Formula isn't it? It just doesn't end with some people does it? But no worries as Jeffree is Invisible and Shane is an empath. Awesome Work as always. Thanks for such an informative, enlightening Commentary of Truth. Sam
Cat rymer
Cat rymer 2 oy oldin
Liam I have watched a couple of your videos and I am hooked. Such refreshing commentary coupled with common sense, insight and truth. All the qualities that appear tp be missing in much of the youtube community and the world at large. Awesome work. Keep the Faith. All the Best Sam
Peace Longe
Peace Longe 2 oy oldin
you are so smart it literally blows my mind. also the shiro picture in the background is sending so bad
Kai Freeman
Kai Freeman 2 oy oldin
exactly bestie!!!! we still stan
Meme's Lounge
Meme's Lounge 3 oy oldin
Love how you use humor with intellect. I'm learning from you beauty
Ashley Lebato
Ashley Lebato 3 oy oldin
LIAMNMMMM even if you didn’t get nails done you’d have the most beautiful hands on a male (correct me) I’m so addicted to your content
Élena 3 oy oldin
Great video!
Jeremiah Frazier
Jeremiah Frazier 3 oy oldin
9:53 seconds girlll
Jessica Conley
Jessica Conley 3 oy oldin
I absolutely love your videos, how you explain things, how you integrate memes into everything - and you're gorgeous I appreciate you're interesting point of view. Helps me thinks outside the box.
DajaViews 3 oy oldin
you give me life
bentley De Guzman
bentley De Guzman 3 oy oldin
love the editing, the content itself was super interesting don't get me wrong, but i wasn't expecting to laugh as hard or as frequent as I did.
Issy B. On Air
Issy B. On Air 3 oy oldin
Here in 2021 - still giddy you dragged Jafar Star w a textbook.
Dawn Tavish Flynn
Dawn Tavish Flynn 3 oy oldin
Also you should check out this video by Angie Speaks.
Dawn Tavish Flynn
Dawn Tavish Flynn 3 oy oldin
Tanuki are actually not raccoons. They are raccoon-dogs, which are canids that resemble raccoons. Raccoons are only native to North America.
Astrid Berit Hindhammer
Astrid Berit Hindhammer 3 oy oldin
You internet archeology series is really interesting!
ーBloomieー 3 oy oldin
“Eliminate the source.” @ Jeffree Star: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!
iNFamouSNaNa7 3 oy oldin
I didnt know i needed this. But turns out.. I needed this.. umm thank you
Andi_S 3 oy oldin
I am not gay, at least not yet 😅 but you are very cute. I also admire how freely you express your personality. Also very interesting and intelligent as well as fun to watch sociological analysis.
LaTonia Harris
LaTonia Harris 3 oy oldin
Brilliant sis!
Faith Ann
Faith Ann 3 oy oldin
These videos literally are life changing tho. I was a blind Stan before and I am not anymore
halo218813 3 oy oldin
It says in the Bible that we should have no other gods besides the Lord God in heaven. All these people that are "worshipping" these celebs are worshipping false idols.
halo218813 3 oy oldin
You are BRILLIANT. I have zero interest in any of the content but stay because of the way you present it.....on my 3rd video by you (all same type like this one). Are you studying to be a teacher? If not....YOU SHOULD.
Oli Bean
Oli Bean 3 oy oldin
I'm living for thiiiiis
These meme cuts... I’m living.
hexity ecstasy
hexity ecstasy 3 oy oldin
veryverte 4 oy oldin
0:29 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seán de Róiste
Seán de Róiste 4 oy oldin
10:20 VENUS!!!!!!
DR Rod
DR Rod 4 oy oldin
You are so beautiful! I love your brain! You are so sexy! And all the compliments in the world! You deserve them! Take them all! Besos reina!
Sameek Sha
Sameek Sha 4 oy oldin
data on the internet; analog to digital conversion of human consciousness; automation, electronic records
Sameek Sha
Sameek Sha 4 oy oldin
you have a unique style of humor and i literally burst out laughing every few min. thank you for the december 2020 smiles
nerdy Nikola
nerdy Nikola 4 oy oldin
I love these
Bratz Lip Logical
Bratz Lip Logical 4 oy oldin
*pulls a victum card *
Paloma Alcalde
Paloma Alcalde 4 oy oldin
Boy ur academic speech is beyond this world
Breast Cancer stage 2 with Sheley
Breast Cancer stage 2 with Sheley 5 oy oldin
Loved the video
nour 5 oy oldin
that fairy earring is amazing omggg
cynthia spencer
cynthia spencer 5 oy oldin
I'm here for it. "technically".
jonathan 5 oy oldin
my god i love these so much.... i- i think i found a new obsession a new hyperfixation. i love this. please make more omfg
Jordan Rollins
Jordan Rollins 5 oy oldin
you should do a pantheon of internet gods
Evan Cohen
Evan Cohen 5 oy oldin
Living for the existentialism
Pedro Aquino
Pedro Aquino 5 oy oldin
This video made my IQ higher and my skin cleaner, sociologically speaking
lettern clnovi
lettern clnovi 5 oy oldin
These videos are great for a think. Thank you for making them!!
Kinsey Designs
Kinsey Designs 5 oy oldin
I would have actually paid attention in history class if you were the teacher! Your videos and looks are so freaking good!
SewLemony 5 oy oldin
Entertaining, informs, cute look, entire package! 10/10 would let my kid watch you.
Bridget Martin
Bridget Martin 6 oy oldin
I just found ur channel and I love it. I have watched a few of ur videos so far and I love them, they r so informative and ur makeup is so nicely done.
A Nagtalon
A Nagtalon 6 oy oldin
I've only just found your corner of the UZpost world but I have to say, you have found your niche! You're an amazingly talented speaker and I'm loving this learning! Thank you for your cyber anthropological and digital archeology videos, it's fascinating!
Elfe DelaForêt
Elfe DelaForêt 6 oy oldin
Tatsuya Kaminari
Tatsuya Kaminari 6 oy oldin
I love these videos so much but HONEY is it archeology or anthropology I am confusion 🤣🤣😅
Elisa 6 oy oldin
Your voice is amazing, you are beautiful, intelligent and talented! Want more vids like this 😭💖
Kendoll the Alien
Kendoll the Alien 6 oy oldin
"I don't read the Bible; I read b*tches to filth." -Liam McEvoy 2020
ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟᴏᴜsㇱ 6 oy oldin
Cancel culture is like getting mad at a kid because they pick vanilla ice cream instead of strawberry.
Kat MamaPNW
Kat MamaPNW 6 oy oldin
I am pleasantly impressed with your mind and skills!! And I am so not your demographic! ❤️🙌
Amanda Hessick
Amanda Hessick 6 oy oldin
I love these! Not only are the informative but they way you do them is A. funny af & B. very logical. I love something that's put together well & going to make me think. I'm OBSESSED. Idk how I found you down the youtube rabbit hole but I am so glad I did. I'm up past 5am living for your content & excited to show them to my friends & get conversations going. So anyways long story short I love your stuff & hope you do more makeup & internet archeology 💥💗
Jose Valencia
Jose Valencia 6 oy oldin
All the video is so smaaaaart. And The miss juicy clip give me lifeeee Please do more videos like this that are funny but also smart 💖💖💖
Katsitsiaientos *Sadie*
Katsitsiaientos *Sadie* 6 oy oldin
So look at the race of these competitors..yes I'm going there. Your theory of these kind of people along with the mythology stories are basically about 1 race. This comparison leads me to believe the old slang "white is alright". If people of color acted in the way these white people did it would be immediately labeled and get negative or zero views. I think an anthology on racial differences in this drama game of social 'platforms' needs to be examined.
UnScenePunx 6 oy oldin
Please do more videos like this. You arguments and layout of ideas and facts is very relaxing for me. I have PTSD from being a dumb teen and putting myself in very dangerous situations where the consequences of my own actions became a very traumatic experience. But learning from you helps me to relax. Thank you for being you, and doing something to help viewers to get a better understanding of internet culture as well as a chance to expand our intellect. You make me proud to have been a nerdy A-student. Love you 😘💋💖 You're truly a beautiful person⭐
•Sad Godzillah•
•Sad Godzillah• 7 oy oldin
I came for the tea and came out with existential crisis, possible ideas for the jobs of the future and a thesis... 🤯
Ellice Jones
Ellice Jones 7 oy oldin
Does this mean I can make a Barbz Bible? I want a Barbz bible
fin 7 oy oldin
i have no fucking clue whats going on but i do at the same time
Finn Tran
Finn Tran 7 oy oldin
Y’all, if you use this to analyze the Jorge Floyd’s murder, the BLM movement and white supremacy bitches can solve racism in 2-3 working days chilllllle
malyee 7 oy oldin
so being a directioner really is a cult-
A H 7 oy oldin
What Im wondering is, is Pewdiepies appeal the same as Shane Dawson in that he has been in the platform for so long he represents a kind of nostalgic relic? Is that why, despite people calling him out for racist comments blanketed as jokes , people were more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?
green Oy oldin
pewdiepie’s fanbase is very different. he has a huge alt right following and a lot of the “gamer” types just don’t care
Gilad Fadel
Gilad Fadel 7 oy oldin
Liam you are seriously smart! This channel is wayy too underrated!!!
Gilad Fadel
Gilad Fadel 7 oy oldin
Estudo das Escrituras dos Hebreus
Estudo das Escrituras dos Hebreus 8 oy oldin
In Brasil we've got Christian Gay Church. 😷
felix 8 oy oldin
me studyin sociology rn: *frantically taking notes*
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