The deceptive tactics of Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, and Tati | Hidden meanings

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Liam McEvoy

9 oy oldin

rah 😝 rah 🤪 rah 😍 roll 🕷️ up ⬆️to the 👣 party 🚗 with 🙏 my🦶crazy 🤪 pink 🎀 wig 👩‍🦰 but 👄 i 👶 cant ❌ get ‼️through 💸 the ✨ door 🚪 because 👺 my 👩‍🦰 bootys 🥾 too 😱 big 🤬
Introduction: 00:00
Part 1 (Jeffree Star 1): 02:02
Part 2 (Jenna Marbles): 05:28
Part 3 (Shane Dawson): 07:58
Part 4 (Tati): 11:05
Part 5 (Jeffree Star 2): 13:36

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Russian Bear
Russian Bear 3 kun oldin
Love the music intro...classy like you
spooky girl
spooky girl 26 kun oldin
Stephen Oy oldin
the mario galaxy comet observatory music in the bg has me gagged
Bri Oy oldin
I love your analysis :(
Pluvillion Oy oldin
I miss Jenna. She’s the one who didn’t do anything bad yet she’s the one who’s not on UZpost whilst these assholes are still here doing content.
Karen Karen
Karen Karen Oy oldin
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Oy oldin
Tati thought leaving the FAKE CRYING IN HER VIDEOS INSTEAD OF EDITED OUT. 2 min of her crying lol would catch sympathy in her viewers
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 2 oy oldin
Sunscreen protects against UV light and other rays. You are supposed to use it at night because theses rays are hitting the earth at all times. Use after a small amount of your moisturizer!
ShAnNoN ViLlEgAs
ShAnNoN ViLlEgAs 2 oy oldin
You’re awesome love you
Debi Dooms
Debi Dooms 2 oy oldin
Do you still think those people lied about James? 👀👀👀
Cat rymer
Cat rymer 2 oy oldin
OMG 6.44 in is Awesome. Liam its the best. OMG Nail on the Head or what????
Matteo P.
Matteo P. 2 oy oldin
You have taste playing Super Mario Galaxy in the backround music
Amber Simms
Amber Simms 2 oy oldin
Can you be a college professor? Seriously, you'd get straight A students with your demeanor and the way you present your presentations. Regardless of you applying makeup or not, you are amazing at capturing your audience AND holding their attention. You've definitely found your niche. On another note, I love your hairstyle on you. Very complimentary to your bone structure. Keep up your amazing work and shedding light on us folks watching your videos. I appreciate the education.
McCammalot 3 oy oldin
I watch for the analysis (I don't wear makeup 😿 )
Jeremy Merino
Jeremy Merino 3 oy oldin
The way facts are the ONLY type of words that come out of your mouth. Literally love to hear it
mimimi 3 oy oldin
me playing mario galaxy all day and watching this video and slightly going insane because I wasn't sure if the Soundtrack was playing in the video or if it's stuck in my head.
Jessica Conley
Jessica Conley 3 oy oldin
Liam serves tea in only the finest China ❤
Aknes Virtuality
Aknes Virtuality 3 oy oldin
Yssa Belle Jamen
Yssa Belle Jamen 3 oy oldin
yo i was in the middle of making a persuasive speech for my English assessment and i remembered this video, so i went back to watch this again. this is so clutch, thank u!!!!
Antoinette Tenorio
Antoinette Tenorio 3 oy oldin
Tu quoque ♥
Reyan Alinour
Reyan Alinour 3 oy oldin
I love how he's calm funny and educational AND BEAUTIFUL! God really has favourites.
Cagla Tokgoz
Cagla Tokgoz 3 oy oldin
Hi love ur videos but Can u please stop using the farting sound I can’t watch ur videos without headphones on otherwise my boyfriend thinks I’m farting 😂😂😂😂😫😫
PGHLive 3 oy oldin
hexity ecstasy
hexity ecstasy 3 oy oldin
Aimee Kane
Aimee Kane 4 oy oldin
I don't even like videos like this but yet you have made me stay and watch it all.
Kim S
Kim S 4 oy oldin
I love the dragonfly you're wearing in the beginning of the video!! 🤩 But I don't think I could ever believe anything Jeffree star says, nothing about his video seems like a sincere apology - the literal instant that he says "sorry" he follows it up with justifications, even as far as to say "did I slip up? Of course"🤦... he's already planning for the next slip up and he'll have the same excuses ready, followed by more distractions. He doesn't give any individual "receipts" but he does say that everyone is as guilty as him 😆
Be kind to the earth
Be kind to the earth 4 oy oldin
The description is the best
Blaire Zags
Blaire Zags 4 oy oldin
Liam, i loveeeee your videos! Keep up all the amazing work!!!
Renee Liza
Renee Liza 5 oy oldin
Wait I just found your channel and it’s so educational I-
8 Sucks At Everything
8 Sucks At Everything 5 oy oldin
the video and info part of things is great, but the editing is way too flashy
SewLemony 5 oy oldin
I learned so much, mostly that those 3 were always garbage and I’m glad I never liked them to start with, but this tea was insanely good! I hope you collab with Dangelo wallace. His shout out needs to happen cause you are the only competitor for his commentary chile!
Elriej Tristan S. ARANETA
Elriej Tristan S. ARANETA 5 oy oldin
Very accurate
kevin mcgrath
kevin mcgrath 5 oy oldin
I cannot help but focus on how Shane's eyebrows go / -
Empath With an attitude
Empath With an attitude 5 oy oldin
When I say you broke it ALL the way down I could listen to you ALL day
Juliya Craver
Juliya Craver 5 oy oldin
Going from tea to coffee
FreakyFeline88 5 oy oldin
Your topic is immensely interesting but the memes response feel jarring to me. You are speaking about a topic that requires attention and thinking and I don't know if I am the only one but the reaction memes are very distracting.
something._. random
something._. random 5 oy oldin
what that poster behind you can you tell me its name, i want one
Deburrito Canales
Deburrito Canales 5 oy oldin
@something._. random that is shiro from the new voltron!! I believe he drew it tho. I think if you look online you can find similar!
something._. random
something._. random 5 oy oldin
@Deburrito Canales the dude that has like a piece of their hair like white and is tied up
Deburrito Canales
Deburrito Canales 5 oy oldin
The shiro one? The flower? Or the bird?
Reva Diley
Reva Diley 6 oy oldin
I feel smarter and more aware of human behavior every time I watch you.
Zach 6 oy oldin
Jeffrey is literally a disgusting human being in my opinion. He reminds me soooo much of Donald Trump In certain ways. he never actually takes any real accountability, he says he is but then blames it on someone else or the time. For example the lipstick na** thing he is implying that he is taking accountability but at the same time is saying he did it because it was slang for some thing else. So he is literally contradicting himself. I think he is racist, no if, ands, or buts about it. I mean there are numerous videos and photos showing this. His first make up line was literally called make up nazi. But he never actually apologizes in any of his apology videos. He just deflects and tries to get sympathy. Which is so disgusting and so gross.
Faiza A
Faiza A 6 oy oldin
I learned that Jeffree is a master manipulator and extremely toxic
Kim Clark
Kim Clark 6 oy oldin
Tu quoque will point out a manipulator faster than anything.
Nani Frantz
Nani Frantz 6 oy oldin
You make trash talk classy. Thank you and we love you, Your Highest-ness
Imagica Barker
Imagica Barker 6 oy oldin
That cream you're using is retin A cream. IT makes you photosensitive wear sunscreen when you're using it or you'll get burned very badly and get cancer!
Kayla Playa
Kayla Playa 6 oy oldin
The fact I know where all these clips you added are from I-
Kat MamaPNW
Kat MamaPNW 6 oy oldin
Also...what nails do you use? They look so great always!
Kat MamaPNW
Kat MamaPNW 6 oy oldin
You are an excellent bridge for folks my age with younger generations in the home. I need to understand my daughters generation and thoughts and perceptions. This is also an excellent breakdown of the internet community for those of us born before in home computers.
So not Watermelon
So not Watermelon 6 oy oldin
he should make a viedo for youtubers on how to make a apology viedo
Beatrice Blue
Beatrice Blue 6 oy oldin
You are so intelligent and when u are educating me I am also being soothed 🤗
Ann Green
Ann Green 6 oy oldin
well, baby, i feel so smart rn
Samantha 7 oy oldin
Im in the middle of doing a literary analysis and u really r so smart. I love that u teach your audience of these rhetorical appeals. Amazing work
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 7 oy oldin
Bunny Mesías
Bunny Mesías 7 oy oldin
do you have another channel where you have only like tis sociology studies ? or knows some others ´?
BeautifulGirl96 7 oy oldin
SUBSCRIBED!!! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Hi welcome To chili’s
Hi welcome To chili’s 7 oy oldin
You’re only supposed to use the cream at night 😂😂😂
Megan Hailey Gonzalez
Megan Hailey Gonzalez 7 oy oldin
But how are these videos so good. They are so well thought out and explained. Thank you.
Elena Leon
Elena Leon 7 oy oldin
😍 I love you 😘 you make my days happier every time I click on one of your videos !!!!
inQ [uisitive]
inQ [uisitive] 7 oy oldin
More of such videos please! Analysis and educational! :)
Kelvin DiLaurentes
Kelvin DiLaurentes 7 oy oldin
I love these videos
Jasmine Shaw
Jasmine Shaw 7 oy oldin
baby you are SMART
Aiesha West
Aiesha West 7 oy oldin
I'm working on Ethos Pathos and Logos in my english class so I had to come back to these videos and take notes lol
Cyndi Silva
Cyndi Silva 7 oy oldin
Yes. Thank you so much. I’m deconstructing my sister in law’s, a bad word bad word bad bad bad word, stupid tactics that work on many but not on me. Thank you! And anyone who is dealing with toxic family members, please know I send you good vibes! My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Paige Champion
Paige Champion 7 oy oldin
We stan an inclusive academic fave W that free textbook!!! 🥰
Elle El Saltador
Elle El Saltador 7 oy oldin
Wear suncreen (at least SPF 50) when using tretinoin or any skin medication.
Melynne Jimenez
Melynne Jimenez 7 oy oldin
You're honestly making me want to go back to college so I can be as well educated and fabulous as you🥺❤ you're doing amazing sweetie ❤❤❤
Mackenzie Walsh
Mackenzie Walsh 7 oy oldin
Does anyone else put his videos on .75 speed to try batter understanding the topic? No? Just me? Alright.
mel 7 oy oldin
Anyways in this video I learned that I’m going to look at that book and next time I be arguing with my bf he gonna feel dumb 😌 thank u
mel 7 oy oldin
I should know better than to be using my earphones loud when watching your videos 😂
hexity ecstasy
hexity ecstasy 8 oy oldin
Alondra Pacheco
Alondra Pacheco 8 oy oldin
Im kinda conflicted with the whole jeffree star drama because i really dont think he should have a platform. I feel like its starting to be hushed up again he isn't really being punished ?
Aireana Standing
Aireana Standing 8 oy oldin
mmm it's the memes combined with academic language for meeee
AcidCoder 8 oy oldin
What’s ur pronouns? 🥰
suburbangrl 8 oy oldin
PLEASE use tretinoin/retinol/retin-A with sunscreen like its not an option to be skimpy with it 😭 Retinoids make your skin more photosensitive so you’re going to end up making your skin worse off without the use of ample sunscreen amounts
snail 8 oy oldin
Liam is so well spoken and then i just randomly switches to nicki minaj screaming roaches or random ass moaning and i think its the funniest thing on the planet
Andrea W
Andrea W 8 oy oldin
Professor McEvoy has arrived 👑
Damariz Villegas
Damariz Villegas 8 oy oldin
I totally enjoy your videos!
42Fern42 8 oy oldin
What an excellent, excellent video. The contrast between the use of formal language with the effects/snippets is hilarious, but it's also just, fascinating, and such a great breakdown of communication, use of language, and visual, and just, everything, and a great way to help critical thinking/being aware of fallacies. Thank you for teaching us! You look amazing! I subscribed right away!
Bethany Palmer
Bethany Palmer 8 oy oldin
Liam you are literally so awesome and so intelligent I wish you were one of my college professors , it's unfortunate that there's not many good youtubers out there like you. Keep doing you❣️❣️
lol idiot
lol idiot 8 oy oldin
No, on the show Seinfield the man was called a soup Nazi because he was a Nazi about soup to a Jew i.e he was telling the Jewish man that he couldn't have any soup. Not a "crazy cook" at least fucking know your references you bleached out crypt keeper.
sarah carnihan
sarah carnihan 8 oy oldin
want to add and see if anyone else agrees with me on this one. the way jenna apologies is so genuine because you hear it in her voice however both shane and jeffree have a tone just like any other video if english wasn't my native language i would assume it was like any other of their videos because the tone is exactly the same. shane speaks as though its a serious conspiracy theory and jefree like his dog died.
Jina Justine
Jina Justine 8 oy oldin
Totally loving your break downs of all of this ... Cheers2 ya #knowlageispower
Cryptid 8 oy oldin
fist video i've seen from you, dont you DARE think i didn't see the space dad poster in the bg
Vanessa Molina
Vanessa Molina 8 oy oldin
Justmefeefe Uniquefee
Justmefeefe Uniquefee 8 oy oldin
I just like your whole set up very articulate and educated. glad I found your channel. x
J-Me*Tallulah 8 oy oldin
Because I actually listened to the first video of the Karmatic universe finally made me feel Releif and Actually not having a panic attack every time I want to go buy make up because of the Internet breaking over a weirdo making a lot of orange shades in a pallet and his rich Pomeranian cancel having Voldemort friend to totally I know Knee and he’s two hours away for me and he got out while the getting was good good job Nate!! Rruuuun Forrest!! run!!! I have not watched anything buying anything from Mr crazy racism flex all that’s and Big booty every thing ass fake fake fake fake fake fake it is motherfucking figure I have not but shit but I got a lot for sale y’all I don’t know why I don’t know how I just do it’s not use I was going to give it as gifts but you can blame Lymn for showing the first video and then the second and then the bomb strapped like crazy and I love him I love Liam any Merch!!! seriously! Put a little fairy 🧚🏼‍♀️ on it! I’ll rock yours for a hundred years!!!! rather wear your merchandise than his or the other ones so that will be sold also in my closet I have a Ebay Too and 105 5 stars all the way cross the board being sold also headrest80 on Poshmark get at me!!!
Mellissa Boomer of the Night
Mellissa Boomer of the Night 8 oy oldin
Ok babes, deductive reasoning is only used in cases when, oh shoot, never mind, you'll never read this. I was a professor of logic and critical thinking (lower case, because I'm not using it as my title, and yes, I'm now retired...I'm old, sis). I do appreciate your initiative, though. I also appreciate the fact that you are trying to educate your over 150k subs. You are lovely and hysterical!
Camila Roque
Camila Roque 8 oy oldin
jhorielle 8 oy oldin
dis make me feel dumb-
Vocanimeify 8 oy oldin
Oh my God I wonder if he fucking did that rule of third white space shit on purpose jesus christ
Lando r
Lando r 8 oy oldin
Wait I thought that Jenna posted it after the Tati video
Cali 8 oy oldin
you’re able to give great arguments during your presentations... your studies in speech & forensics paid off!
Joanna 8 oy oldin
I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Please never stop. lol :D
Gilad Fadel
Gilad Fadel 8 oy oldin
I came for the tea. I stayed for the memes.
Bunnie Byrd
Bunnie Byrd 8 oy oldin
You are my queen
Blu Reyes-Saens
Blu Reyes-Saens 8 oy oldin
Tati is an absolute Cow, I can't stand her.
Bleu Phoenix
Bleu Phoenix 8 oy oldin
Queen. Youre videos. ARE- EVERYTHING. I have watched this video three times. May we have sum more?
ThirdWorldMiss Explores
ThirdWorldMiss Explores 8 oy oldin
Beauty Influenza > beauty guru
Christopher Scucato
Christopher Scucato 8 oy oldin
Hey love 💕, you're looking gorgeous and stunning as always. I just stopped by to say hello and that I'm happy you're doing well in these hard times. Your videos always give me life so, please don't stop!! I love you so much.
kewllikethat28 8 oy oldin
Will he ever actually address your videos though?
Grace Bower
Grace Bower 8 oy oldin
I laugh out loud so much, also so informative girl.
mmm _mmm
mmm _mmm 8 oy oldin
I was very put off by Tati, because even if she was manipulated, she never bothered to hear from James himself. Like if someone tells you someone else did something, what would you do. Talk to that person and try to find out whats going on. Or out of the blue make a video accusing them of awful things that didn't have a lot of proof. What the hell.
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