The deeper meaning of Trisha Paytas and Lovely Peaches | The Trickster

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Liam McEvoy

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𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖙𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖌𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 💩

𝕿𝖎𝖒𝖊 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖘-
Intro- 00:00
Part 1, Theory of Monomyth- 01:38
Part 2, Intro to the Trickster- 04:43
Part 3, Comparisons to the Trickster- 05:48
Part 4, Hidden meaning of the Trickster- 14:59
Closing remarks- 20:15
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Works cited-
Empire of Dirt: The Aesthetics and Rituals of British Indie Music- Wendy Fonarow
Myth and Knowing: An Introduction to World Mythology- Scott A Leonard, Michael McClure
The Hero with a Thousand Faces- Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell interview-
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Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy 5 oy oldin
Hi again fairies! I noticed some comments taking issue with the comparison made in this video, but I would like to clarify on that. Just to eliminate any misunderstanding. The comparison between the two was *not* made to imply that these individuals are the same, but merely to show that they both can fit neatly within an ambiguous and dynamic mythological archetype. And was made solely to expand upon my initial "internet mythology" theory. I apologize if my lack of annunciation lead to a misunderstanding, but I hope that you were still able to extract some meaning from this video. :)
fata morgana
fata morgana 3 kun oldin
analogies go over many peoples' heads these days. sad but true.
Inari Pop
Inari Pop 4 oy oldin
@JOAQUINA CUETO what are you talking about
Trisha Paytas is done. Lovely Peaches is back on the internet💀. Gosh kids, there's so many faulty regulations on the internet to protect you. I fear for your generation and hope more smart intelligent kids like you can take the lead.
denise perez
denise perez 4 oy oldin
Loved this video . Very interesting and informative deep dive about them . Loved the editing as well .
Michelle Leigh
Michelle Leigh 5 oy oldin
I thought this was obvious 🤷🏻‍♀️
creatrixZBD 3 kun oldin
Haha in the first 30 seconds I thought to myself, “hmm I wonder if he’s read much Joseph Campbell?” 💜🙏🏽
laurafergs88 4 kun oldin
Omg I love this. Your content is the tits.
Gwendolyn 5 kun oldin
Wow I'm drawing parallels to Trump in this because I think one of his most liked tweet is when he announced he had COVID-19. Yikes
Kenneth Rosario
Kenneth Rosario 5 kun oldin
Absolutely love your channel
Giorgia Biolchini
Giorgia Biolchini 6 kun oldin
Ok. This is the best UZpost Channel. Ever. And I include future ones. This is not debatable. I'm simply amazed. Some people have a superior intellect and creativity and guts. I'm watching all the videos now. It's going to be a long ass night, but probably worth it. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime. Wholla Lotta Love Liam
Soyeuse wu
Soyeuse wu 7 kun oldin
You are answering questions I didn’t know I had
V N P X T Oy oldin
in brazil we just call them "esquizos"
kisa hatasie
kisa hatasie Oy oldin
Here for the Liam, stay for the philosophy 💖
Vanessa W.
Vanessa W. Oy oldin
I laughed so hard at the Alabama part.
C Mo
C Mo Oy oldin
I was thinking of writing my final paper for sociology on something like this. The course is Deviance, so I was thinking of analyzing Trisha's deviant behavior and how it helped to allow the audience to disregard serious criminal behavior that she was calling out other creators for. Wondering if you have any tips?
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Oy oldin
Well said Ongina
hardtainted Oy oldin
HELP the outro 😭😭😭
Manvel Harris
Manvel Harris 2 oy oldin
Your eyebrows are getting better
Ajay Let
Ajay Let 2 oy oldin
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson 2 oy oldin
TIL that I am a trickster, whether I like it or not 😬
Brynn S
Brynn S 3 oy oldin
I’m back tracking through your videos now since I enjoyed the first so much. One small suggestion would you sit closer to the camera so we can see your makeup better? Thanks
Dana Mikey Robison Myers
Dana Mikey Robison Myers 3 oy oldin
I literally fell out laughing at the Alabama reference. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luce 3 oy oldin
2:45 foreshadowing 😳🖤🌛
Sara Smith
Sara Smith 3 oy oldin
I love your channel so much and the way you break things down and communicate them
Person 123
Person 123 3 oy oldin
The Eclipsa theme in the background though!
İhsan Burak Atinc
İhsan Burak Atinc 3 oy oldin
I lost it when he said EH....then the Alabama sign showed up !! that was super funny
A L 3 oy oldin
This is so well-done, well-read, and entertaining. You're awesome at this, keep doin' it.
Grumposaur Rex
Grumposaur Rex 3 oy oldin
I would pay college level amounts of money to attend your classes if that was a thing. I love history, cultures, mythology, psychology, religions, etc. and every single class I ever took in college with those topics where dryer than the lint in my dryer lint trap. The professor I had in mythology only spoke Japanese. And it’s a beautiful language, I was mesmerized. I just don’t speak it and neither did anyone else in my class. So every single student failed. Didn’t see him again after that, but we had to pay to take the class again and everyone’s gpa tanked. Oh well, it was an experience. Regardless, I enjoy learning INTERESTING things from intelligent and interesting people that convey the information in a relatable way. Still never understood what my psychology 101 teacher was trying to teach us by having us watch Disney movies while SHE did her own homework. Yeah it wasn’t a great college experience. Only cool teacher I ever had there was our history teacher, man he was a cool guy. He got it. For our midterm he had every student cook and bring a dish to class that was period specific and accurate to the time we were learning about. And that was legit cool. He taught us all kinds of weird and interesting things about history, no one expected. Learned more in that class than any other. And although none of us here are in a classroom, you’re still teaching everyone a lot. And things we can apply to every day life. Usually I just listen to videos, while I do other stuff. I have ADHD pretty bad and I can’t sit still or focus for very long. But your videos are so Intriguing, I legit sit and watch intently. Which, silly or not, is a big achievement for me. So slowly but surely you’re not only teaching me about history, mythology and other interesting topics, but you’re also teaching me that I can sit still for a while and focus. And at least for that time frame can manage my ADHD. Also, so impressed by your gorgeous face and make up skills!!! Lots of love❤️
Rimy World
Rimy World 3 oy oldin
interesting 😊👍
bubble butt
bubble butt 3 oy oldin
Please make a video with Jeffree Shane and Ryland
Victor Araújo
Victor Araújo 3 oy oldin
Love this video!
Jackie Gomez’s Shortest Films
Jackie Gomez’s Shortest Films 3 oy oldin
Obie Pendragon
Obie Pendragon 3 oy oldin
Liam you would make a killer teacher. You already are a natural teacher. All of us are your students and I feel like I always finish a video having learned something new. Plus the way you approach pop culture using lessons and patterns from history always reminds me to look at things from a variety of angles💖
J9CKS0N 3 oy oldin
fairy class is in session
PGHLive 3 oy oldin
This is big brain time 🤣 exactly what my brain saying trying to keep up lol . I love it
PGHLive 3 oy oldin
Please do a video this week ! We gotta hear the new trish update
Susan Adam
Susan Adam 3 oy oldin
Once again you nailed it kid 👏👏👏👏👏.. I love you're videos the editing is on point 👏👏👏... Stay fabulous you're amazing 💖💖💖...
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda 3 oy oldin
weeb weeb
weeb weeb 3 oy oldin
The quality luv💞💞💞
therealsamtheman 4 oy oldin
Remember the internet story about the pizza delivery guy? He took a pizza to a car dealership in America, he took all the money given as payment+tip, but they expected change. They tried to get him fired but the internet review bombed the dealership and made many $7 donations to the driver (the amount in question). That's like this. The internet ultimately ruined a business but they are the good guys, avenging the good guy AKA driver. Are they trolls still? Maybe they're tricksters
p y r u v i c a c . i d
p y r u v i c a c . i d 4 oy oldin
omfg just came here to try figure out your gender, but i fell in love with your editing and depth instead whoa nelly youre way underrated to be this epic
Zainab Alansari
Zainab Alansari 4 oy oldin
Tbh you deserve a PhD cuz you make things interesting 😍
🪐🌛 4 oy oldin
sofia german
sofia german 4 oy oldin
i love these types of video because I learn stuff that genuinely interests me in a simpler way
88_keys_to_ my_heart
88_keys_to_ my_heart 4 oy oldin
can you do a video about brad mondo? it seems like his skills are sub-par, sometimes he says or does incorrect things, trashes on some types of products that other hairstylists don’t trash, and lies about his “twin” brother. he did give some basic good information at first, and his positivity is appealing, but now it’s just him reacting and not really doing anything? the lies are also a bit irritating. would love your perspective on this!
Daphne Rose
Daphne Rose 3 oy oldin
Wait what? This is so interesting! What’s up with his brother?
abraham mateus
abraham mateus 4 oy oldin
The intro sound so familiar right?
V 4 oy oldin
I finally got time to watch the video cus school aint it 💀 but god damn the timing cus i be taking notes on the structure of the video for a educational podcast i gotta do ✨ liam out here educating ✨
Kai Truther
Kai Truther 4 oy oldin
I knew it! So your true colors come out.
K T 4 oy oldin
Liam you’re amazing
Jeffry Matias de Jesus
Jeffry Matias de Jesus 4 oy oldin
Where are the views?? Where are the views!! YT is hating on you gurl
Chris 4 oy oldin
Boy you better end up running the country or colonising space in the near future
Mamkajiwin 4 oy oldin
What’s up Broski 🦋
Haley 4 oy oldin
Please make a million more of these types of videos. So unique I am obsessed
geoz 4 oy oldin
im late not this
Dabi on them haters
Dabi on them haters 4 oy oldin
ok but that shiro portrait in the background 😳
Kate Sull
Kate Sull 4 oy oldin
I miss your videos! I’m rewatching haha. Happy holidays :)
abi kristina
abi kristina 4 oy oldin
Marissa Lyn
Marissa Lyn 4 oy oldin
The hoodie I wanted was sold out! It's okay, snagged the t shirt! ❤❤❤
Basil Jaxin
Basil Jaxin 4 oy oldin
Thank you so much for getting an ad on ig page, you are the best person I’ve ever discovered
Sameek Sha
Sameek Sha 4 oy oldin
i guess her instagram has been suspended?
Dx H
Dx H 4 oy oldin
Why am I 2 weeks late UZpost!!!
Camille Bagaipo
Camille Bagaipo 4 oy oldin
Tbh, Jean Baudrillard would hate/love your videos
Sour Eggz
Sour Eggz 4 oy oldin
Do you have an example of when someone handled a trickster appropriately?
Bratz Lip Logical
Bratz Lip Logical 4 oy oldin
So basically Lovely Peaches is a cult???
Kimmiecat420 4 oy oldin
Yo ass better go or be going to college and be somebody bc you are to damn smart to not become someone significant
Kimmiecat420 4 oy oldin
Fairy Queen, I ask that you please start making more videos. I genuinely enjoy every single video that isn't video game related.....but even those I still watch.
Wuis Peanut
Wuis Peanut 4 oy oldin
Idk why I don't like reading but when I read a book. I like low-key understand the concept and morals behind the story lmao.
Angie G
Angie G 4 oy oldin
Are you a gemini???:)
Paul 4.0
Paul 4.0 4 oy oldin
the way I always come to rewatch your videos during my online classes and I learn more from your videos
Salimyra 007
Salimyra 007 4 oy oldin
I'd love to see more about the other arcotypes relating to other social media influencers. This was fascinating!
American Citizen
American Citizen 4 oy oldin
I may be outta place commenting here as i am a digitally inept older white dude, but i swear you are hypnotizing me as the video rolls on i go deeper into the trance....i loved this one! i’m subscribed now and following. I really love the editing it keeps me laughing as my brain is satiated by the content my eyes by your image and my ears by your vocals. You are really awesome and i appreciate you. Your make up by the way is very attractive to me, Thank you for posting this video. Stay safe & be well. 👍😃❤️
Daniel Campos
Daniel Campos 4 oy oldin
You look like peaches
Laura Ryerson
Laura Ryerson 4 oy oldin
this is so cool
Woke &Trill
Woke &Trill 4 oy oldin
Do more these 100
Bruce H.
Bruce H. 4 oy oldin
I love this vid but maybe pull back on the Twitter memes between every other sentence lool
Jonna Beth Styles
Jonna Beth Styles 4 oy oldin
I just now found you, and I'm so glad that I did! 💙 I LOVE these videos! I'm so interested in these topics and love how you incorporate "the tea" as you educate. You definitely have a new follower💙
katekate201 4 oy oldin
Okay so seriously when are you writing a book because this level of analysis and discussion about ~the internet~ from the perspective of people it affects the most is so so important, and it feels like any and all attempts at contributions to the academic discussion from this group of people is stomped out by crochety people who are on their way out while they make sure to leave us with their mess.
мσcнι 4 oy oldin
I could literally see you being a really good college professor this was so nice
denise perez
denise perez 4 oy oldin
So love this type of content .
Sofia Rhiannon Keefe
Sofia Rhiannon Keefe 4 oy oldin
getting all jungian on PEACHESSSSS
Mrs. merri Jaynes
Mrs. merri Jaynes 5 oy oldin
I absolutely love listening to you speak. I think you are very intelligent & wise beyond your years. You seem to have almost a super power in your ability to understand the human a Dr. DREW of your generation. Ive watched several of your videos & subscribed tonight because id like to hear more. Keep up the good work!
Amor Valdez
Amor Valdez 5 oy oldin
I live for these videos and the ✨REASEARCH✨✨
Ethan Stein
Ethan Stein 5 oy oldin
You make my day
Kelsey G
Kelsey G 5 oy oldin
A video bringing together Joseph Campbell and internet commentary.... this is EXACTLY what I never knew I needed. I am obsessed and would love to see more videos like this!
MSK 5 oy oldin
*i'm the bad guy*
Liana Gheorghiu
Liana Gheorghiu 5 oy oldin
You need to write a research paper on this and imma sure as hell read it
オオカミの盾bone 5 oy oldin
I wasn’t even aware of the trickster archetype and personality. My shitty ex used to call himself a trickster, and I never knew what he meant, thought he was just being stupid. Could this be classified as a personality disorder? Thank you for teaching me something today! ✨💕
AJ Gentry
AJ Gentry 5 oy oldin
This video is SO GOOD! HOLY SHIT IM LEARNING SO MUCH! Had to do that. 😂 the trickster analysis was so intriguing, especially the ending that the world isnt fair and theres no use in crying about it. Technically speaking, neither Trisha nor Peaches does anything illegal. (Thats a bit loaded with the whole thing with Peaches' daughter and the potential for her having more kids that she could treat poorly in the future, but her daughter isnt in her custody.) Theyre just morally degenerate people for various reasons and they essentially are just societys amusement. They cause various issues (well, Trisha does. Im not sure about Peaches since I only learned of her recently and quite frankly shes not a trickster ill indulge in) and get laughed at and ridiculed. Neither of them necessarily change to become better socially. They have adapted their lives in some ways (eating healthier, making music instead of lice-riddled porn, etc.) but it has nothing to do with us (society). They just wanted better for themselves at that moment. I think the reason we hate Lovely Peaches and Trisha Paytas is because we cant change them. They get online, act a fool, get criticized, laugh in the face of critics, and repeat. [I think Injist womansplained Liams whole video but yeah. 😂]
gratitude 5 oy oldin
If I had to learn this in class I would pull my hair but for some reason it’s more interesting when you say it lmaoo
Shelly Belly
Shelly Belly 5 oy oldin
Really enjoyed your video
Arielle Baker
Arielle Baker 5 oy oldin
Absolutely love your content
persom random
persom random 5 oy oldin
Liam analyse this perfectly when we all just think Trisha and Peaches are just crazy in general
trash cat
trash cat 5 oy oldin
i can’t with the roblox oof lmao
tired tears
tired tears 5 oy oldin
I learned so much about archetypes after watching this video...its almost creepy how accurate they are.
Artxx Ddvjud
Artxx Ddvjud 5 oy oldin
Narayan Sridhar
Narayan Sridhar 5 oy oldin
This was more informational than my usual lecture videos! I'm floored by the intellectual 😌 discussion and also the natural way of referencing the grounded foundation, I'm shook af. Loved the depth you went with it! (The editing throughout though 🥂💯)
Mad Lib
Mad Lib 5 oy oldin
I left this video with a whole ass life lesson. For real tho, this is grade A content and truly actually helpful for my personal life. I already subbed but I just turned on those notifications!
Queen555 O
Queen555 O 5 oy oldin
I actually love you so much as an anthropology student!
Stephany Brand
Stephany Brand 5 oy oldin
i know u need to get paid for ur work but damn. WAY too many ads. im not even finishing.
Howie perez
Howie perez 5 oy oldin
love this vid ( ´ ▽ ` )b I'm really into mythology and love seeing modern human examples of it in your culture
Sabrina Miah
Sabrina Miah 5 oy oldin
I love you you are so smart
Patsu 5 oy oldin
Oh my god yes queen slay
Lucy Blewer
Lucy Blewer 5 oy oldin
i’m really mad because you deserve at least 1 million subscribers 😪
Luna Vieira
Luna Vieira 5 oy oldin
When I say that you’re editing - and your editing only- makes this crusty ass mom laugh out loud... I mean it.
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