The hidden allegations against Jeffree Star | An analysis

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Liam McEvoy

11 oy oldin

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Liam McEvoy
Liam McEvoy 11 oy oldin
Edit: The video is back up! UZpost removed the copyright strike that someone allegedly made on jeffrees behave... This video could not be monetized due to sensitive topics, so I figured out another way to give back! How this works: When you click the links in the desc. and make a purchase, 7%-15% (varies by retailer) of your total will be paid out as commission! I will be donating all of the revenue I earn from the links to "Color of Change". They are an amazing charity that fights racial inequality! So if you have been wanting some new makeup or just felt like spending money, please use these links to donate and stock up on your beauty favs! I would also be happy to create links for any of your favorite products, available at Sephora US or Ulta! Please reply to this pinned comment with your requests. I will heart the links I have added. However, the process is not instant, and commissions usually take around a month to be paid out. So please follow my instagram ( if you would like to see when the donations will be made! For example: If you buy the Pat Mcgrath bronze palette for $125 using the link, you will be donating around $12.50! (please keep your comments respectful too 🥺) o̶r̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶i̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶t̶ ̶g̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶b̶h̶
Heidi Edgely
Heidi Edgely Oy oldin
I came across this video by complete accident & wasnt sure who Jefferee was actually, i live in the Uk. However, what made me stay & watch it wasn't the content in as much as being about JS, but more your personal approach and sense of humour. I loved the thought you had put into the subject of racism, which i cant abide , and i thought your criticisms of people's thought patterns warranted further thought . I have never personally understood racism, i was very anti from an early age, despite being raised by people who were racist (i was bought up by my Nan who had been forced to join the Hitler youth organisation at an early age by her parents: being " good" Germans.) . I understood at 4 years old ; that race wasn't a choice , it was something clearly that others used to define you, no matter how you saw yourself, something that was used to make or break people and an obstacle to much in life that people take for granted, including jobs, housing, relationships , pay , social standing ...and on it goes ... it wasn't something that i believed should play a part in how you see someone else , we are all different and we need to celebrate those differences . As an artist i love to look at the make up of the bones and facial structure , to see why the flesh is where it is , the difference in faces never ceases to amaze me . I still wholeheartedly believe that racism is a learned subject , it isn't a natural one, it is taught by those ignorant and vile people who know no better, or who wish to promote an agenda , a hateful agenda, and to realise that is a very sad thing . To see a video as logical as this one is, in dissecting racist motives or behaviour , is refreshing . Anyway that's where i come to the humour , you have a very quick brain there Liam, and an erudite discourse , which i must commend you for. I had a good giggle and considering the subject was pretty awful really (i cannot understand what Mr Star is thinking, i can only presume he learned and regurgitated his disgusting diatribe) i think you handled it beautifully, so thanku !! I really think you have made a difference in calling him out in such a way that he has zero room to wriggle away from. He really deserves to be knocked off his perch , and i hope his customers see this video and recognise him for what he is. Great job !!💜
N J Oy oldin
Can you prove you donated this? I see so many people say it but never confirm
planetjazzy Oy oldin
Your video/ Theory were both.... Perfection.. Thank you
Reva Brock
Reva Brock 2 oy oldin
Let star get at ya. Why you ask????? Because you my darling are 100 steps intellectually above it ALL!!!!!
Reva Brock
Reva Brock 2 oy oldin
You are so INCREDIBLY correct!!!! Beautiful BTW!!!!
benjamalone 4 kun oldin
Are you gay
Anne ?
Anne ? 5 kun oldin
Wtf have I only watched 1/2 the video??? I’m watching it now and like everything is new to me. Maybe I could only take in 0.001 percent of the content at a time like watch me see this in a few months and I’ll be this video new?
Katie Marshall
Katie Marshall 10 kun oldin
It's a shame that people genuinely get away with 'murder' sometimes. Justic For All is not true and it's so heartbreaking sometimes. Basic human decency and sensitivity is always a grey area unfortunately. I think that's why a lot of bullying or harassment is passed over. It sucks. 😕
I am AZm
I am AZm 10 kun oldin
There should be a new law about social media, it's full of criminals.
meshuggah life
meshuggah life 21 kun oldin
He will never answer for any of this. The Hollywood types never do.
DVJ 23 kun oldin
you should message Dani from millionaires and see what she says! she does reply @iamsnowblood on insta
Valkyr Krieg
Valkyr Krieg 26 kun oldin
If anyone is seeing this video after April 17th 2021, someone from the MySpace Era has come forward. Check out "Interview with Jeffree Star Accuser..." by Pastel Belle.
John Marco Melucci
John Marco Melucci 28 kun oldin
GIRRRRLLLLLL I love your channel. Thank you for these vids. Funny and intellectually stimulating. Much love
Liquid Snake Probably
Liquid Snake Probably Oy oldin
That really makes sense about people not defending that actual racist , people are defending themselves from their own mistakes... I kind of understand why, because there's not any way to really make better? That's why people say everyone make mistakes, but you know... some mistakes really are worse than others
Kate Oy oldin
More internet anthropology please! I'd like this video twice if it were an option. I don't even care about the drama content I just love the fact that it's such a good way to help people understand what logical fallacies are and how to identify them
janie sayahane
janie sayahane Oy oldin
Shoutout to SLO4N AYEE but I like your content as well lol all the memes😂
millie todd
millie todd Oy oldin
Im a bit late to this, but my engineering teacher and i were talking about cancle culture and i told him about jeffree getting cancled. He said that he doesnt find it suprising and that he rhought jeffree was a bad person
meah Oy oldin
Sombra Ramirez
Sombra Ramirez Oy oldin
Dia de los muertos or day of the dead is a Only Mexican Holliday
Private Email
Private Email 26 kun oldin
only mexican? wut? You mean it's origin is mexico. Or ???
itsabeautifulanimism Oy oldin
Jeffree Star: “I’ll pay [Garrett’s] rent if he sleeps with me” Shane: “Omg Garrett you have to do it!” Garratt Watts: *Visibly uncomfortable*
Rafaela de Faria
Rafaela de Faria Oy oldin
I should have watched this research tutorial when I was studying.
Rain Wonk
Rain Wonk Oy oldin
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TempleX Dank
TempleX Dank Oy oldin
very good tea
Jenna Oy oldin
It is 5am i am deliriously tired and ur edits have me SCREAMING GIRL OH MY G O D
Jenna Oy oldin
3:53 is my fav
Samantha Marshall
Samantha Marshall Oy oldin
i'm a research scientist and you are smart as shit and awesome.
Y D Oy oldin
Guys the whole song, “Beauty Killer”.... I knew Jeffrey was suspicious, he kept talking about Dahvie Vanity to get rid of all the attention towards himself.
Ashley Self
Ashley Self Oy oldin
I've met plenty of black people that say racism isn't a big issue. Go to other countries and tell me racism here is bad...
Yellow Crusader
Yellow Crusader Oy oldin
Racism is real but there's not a lot you can do about it it will always exist on some level because people are flawed just like theft nd murder will always exist it's best to just move on and try not to be around it
Warren Caelum
Warren Caelum 4 kun oldin
lmao what? so basically normalize and ignore racism?🤣
Leslie Divine
Leslie Divine Oy oldin
This is a very educational video. Thank you for making this.
Jean Pugliese
Jean Pugliese Oy oldin
Great video so intelligent
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Oy oldin
U should do this more less u do lol I didn’t check ahha But ur smart an that would be completely different where you analyze. Some may do this but are they gay, gorgeous an have 0 work done hahaha no girl
Craig DeNova
Craig DeNova Oy oldin
The word is behalf. Now clean your room.
Warren Caelum
Warren Caelum Oy oldin
that's what you're concerned about? really?
Chrissella Ryuunosuke Carrasco
Chrissella Ryuunosuke Carrasco Oy oldin
Omg, I just found You and I Love the sound of your voice!!!! And Your video is very interesting. 💖💖💖🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖
Marco Jacinto
Marco Jacinto Oy oldin
Sometimes I return here for wholesome, educational content.
Cuz I'm the Mom
Cuz I'm the Mom Oy oldin
I'm a 60+ year old White woman, who has been fighting this "non-existent racism" since my two best friends, Wanda Hunter and Susan Stafford, who were Black, got bussed to a different school so that we could have a "better balance" in our schools. Except it WASN'T a "better school", it was an old, vastly underfunded "school" where kids had about 70% less supplies than us White kids, where their teachers were paid at least 60% less than ours, and where the kids went without hot lunches, while we were served not only a hot noontime meal, but a breakfast as well. And I am sad to say almost nothing has changed since I went to school with those wonderful girls. Racism is as alive and well as it was when I was a girl. We have to fight that much harder, because it seems people are not only "missing the point", they're refusing to see it's there at all.
Jocelyn O’Shea
Jocelyn O’Shea Oy oldin
When someone has the same name as you and you end up shook. Lmao
Emma Collom
Emma Collom Oy oldin
A lot to unpack *subs immediately*
JUDY Oy oldin
Great job on this!! You so beautiful! New sub! Love from Maine ❤️☀️🙏🦋💕🍀
15nanoseconds Oy oldin
BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTELY GENIUS! The way you put your academic spin on all this (while calmly and elegantly displaying your beauty skills) shows just how eerily mensa you are. AAAAAAAANNNND! And, and, aaaaaannnnnd you sprinkle lightning speed comedy drops all over this mermaid colored, magnacum laude collegiate confection??? Genius, I tell you.
Brenda Faithful
Brenda Faithful Oy oldin
He/she?? I'm confused! Do you people enjoy that?
Mira Lena
Mira Lena 5 kun oldin
People express their pronouns for themselves, not for your approval
Paisley The Driver
Paisley The Driver Oy oldin
So I have never watched any of your videos before this one ... First off I love how you do your make up!! You make your skin look flawless ... As someone who suffers from lupus I find it hard to find a good makeup routine that covers the redness on my cheeks and nose. I wish I could get my makeup to look that flawless for real!!! I also loved how you broke this down and would love to watch you do this to the cardi b and candis owens Tweeter war and the megan and harry vs the palace war and just some of the big name fights going on right now! I think that would be amazing to watch you do! You truly put a great video together for all ages to watch! Thank you for doing such a great job and research on the subject matter at hand. I think you should keep your explanation of "cancel culture" on the internet. Your explanation is the best I have heard yet and I truly believe that your explanation needs to be taught to the masses!! Preach it loud and clear!!
Jackie Wisdom
Jackie Wisdom Oy oldin
I'm always impressed by your videos. Most of the people I know (and we're old) couldn't put together such a balanced, evidence based argument. 😘
Betsy Woolbright-Birch
Betsy Woolbright-Birch Oy oldin
I just discovered your channel. I've got to say I'm more of the conservative type (now in my mid 30s lol) but I agreed with the majority of what you had to say here. I especially liked your academic perspective. Quite refreshing.
alexandra schuster
alexandra schuster Oy oldin
I have no idea how I found your channel but happy it happened. You are a lovely human being
Jax Stormo
Jax Stormo Oy oldin
Yessss love this education and theories!!
Nikd66 M
Nikd66 M 2 oy oldin
Your very intelligent and beautiful but ..#DONT HURT #BEKIND
Fabi Williams
Fabi Williams 2 oy oldin
What's the thing with all these gay youtubers alway trying to turn or take advantage of straight men? I'm sure there's enough available gay men to ho round.
Fabi Williams
Fabi Williams 2 kun oldin
@Mira Lena No not the whole gay community but the youtubers who have the greatest influence who I think are using their profile to take advantage of others
Mira Lena
Mira Lena 5 kun oldin
By “all these gay youtubers” you mean Jeffree and James right? I hope you aren’t making sweeping generalizations about a whole community based on 2 people
Cynthia Underwood
Cynthia Underwood 2 oy oldin
I love this! It is so hard to believe that many people took the time to dislike this video rather than not react! Check the DSM for sociopathic criteria.
Fabi Williams
Fabi Williams 2 oy oldin
Very structural critique
Remona Flowers
Remona Flowers 2 oy oldin
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 2 oy oldin
This is scary on like MULTIPLE LEVELS.
Sarah Greene
Sarah Greene 2 oy oldin
OMG!!!!! GIRL....... Those comments at 22:51 were just AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! My favorite was " how can I be called racist when I have 16 Mexicans putting on my roof?"!!!!!!!! WTF!!! ???? THAT IS HORRIBLE.... Especially when he says he was just 'trying' to be nice! Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I think you are savvy, smart & beautiful and, I love that you are continuing your education. Don't ever give up! Keep on pushing, and honestly I think you should continue that Anthropology class as a major... It has obviously taught you MUCH about the human race, past & present! It suits you!!!!!
brianna Oy oldin
@Sarah Greene they do. They absolutely do. Racist people are the saddest people in the world. I literally can't.
Sarah Greene
Sarah Greene Oy oldin
@brianna Right???!!!! Why not just say "My roof is being fixed...." Point blank... NO racism!!!!! People suck!!!!
brianna Oy oldin
Ikr like how can anyone say those things. Disgusting 🤦‍♀️
Magdalena Pigram
Magdalena Pigram 2 oy oldin
I really enjoy listening to you
ashey kent
ashey kent 2 oy oldin
I know i am late because this was 9mos ago...but damn I have NEVER in all the years I have watched UZpost have i ever watched someone so well spoken and informative and you my friend are going to do amazing in whatever direction your degree takes you! Well done!!
CR User
CR User 2 oy oldin
As a female who attended K - 6 in a 99.9 percent black school - (post civil rights era) - so 1970's. I can vouch for the fact that you are correct in that racism is real. Everyone I know agrees with this. What we do not agree on is what tools are being used to allow some people to make money off of other people's pain / while keeping us divided and at each other's throats.
Jay V
Jay V 2 oy oldin
This is amazing!
Liam Killerx
Liam Killerx 2 oy oldin
da tee is cooking
Josh Hunsberger
Josh Hunsberger 2 oy oldin
Funny how the left is saying now cancel culture ain't real but here you are
Josh Hunsberger
Josh Hunsberger 2 oy oldin
Your a joke racism is a huge problem ? Lmao when oprah and jay-z got billions. And how many black kids a year become rich because of sports a year? How come college's require lower SAT score and GPA from black and Hispanics kids to get into colleges? Well actually that dose seem racist it like college are saying black and hispanic kids ain't smart enough to be held to the same standard
Mira Lena
Mira Lena 5 kun oldin
Racism is more complex than what I think you perceive it as
sentientcumsock Oy oldin
a select few of black people being popular/rich does not account for every single black person in America/around the world
Josh Hunsberger
Josh Hunsberger 2 oy oldin
If you care about racist so much why do people support this white people woke movement? Did any black person ask you to be offended for them?
Mira Lena
Mira Lena 5 kun oldin
If someone is being assaulted next to me, I can/should defend them even if they don’t ask.
LennyTM corp.
LennyTM corp. 7 kun oldin
Huney, what was the reason for this? What rhetoric are u trying to portray😟
Sandra Morgan
Sandra Morgan 2 oy oldin
What is your major.? I loved watching this. I could listed to you talk all day. Very intelligent.
Johnna Zipp
Johnna Zipp 2 oy oldin
Him grabbing that guys crotch made me sick to my stomach
Holli SakuraSunshine
Holli SakuraSunshine 2 oy oldin
I am IN LOVE with your entire vibe. Brains. Beauty inside and outside. Humour. Genuine. Self aware. If I had friends in real life, I can only hope one would be like you. 🤣 Love your channel. 👌🖖👽☮️🖤
Canisha-ann Calloway
Canisha-ann Calloway 2 oy oldin
I just love you 💕💕💕 bihh a beautiful genius 🙌🏽💃🏽💃🏽💕
Shannon Perkins
Shannon Perkins 2 oy oldin
Your very smart ! I never watch these type videos and did know who Jeffrey star is but it sounds like he is a real peice of work . ..idk
Charisma's freaky mind
Charisma's freaky mind 2 oy oldin
Yesterday when I was taking a shit😅.
FLC art
FLC art 2 oy oldin
I love the editing
Cris Tel
Cris Tel 2 oy oldin
Not 3OH!3
R33D B00KS
R33D B00KS 2 oy oldin
What’s Liams pronouns?
keep going
keep going 2 oy oldin
Clever Boy! Lol Really very nicely done. Love it!
keep going
keep going 2 oy oldin
A true thinker! "DeliverIT"
Macey Coder
Macey Coder 2 oy oldin
I just love that you referenced Contra points in this video and this videos beautiful information is set up in and presented in a lot of the same ways. I love you both! Subscribing
Babe Bee
Babe Bee 2 oy oldin
Your analysis isn’t entirely accurate in the way you are thinking it is. I can disavow a person’s behaviors while also giving that bit of grace that is undeserved simply because we all need that grace and have been afforded the same several times. It isn’t because I take comfort in the person’s behavior. It’s the fact that I know I am not perfect if I am being honest. And being that nobody can cast a single stone or attempt to promote themselves as irreproachable without being a liar and/or hypocrite it’s better just to be honest, say what you mean to say but never look down on others because we are all just a guilty, period. As for the dog whistling... I have heard this phrase a lot. The problem with it is that the only individuals that seem to pick up on those whistles are the ones that are supposedly not racist. I’ve been told umpteen times about this dog whistling. However outsiders are not meant to understand dog whistles. Why is it that people that are said to take part in these things are largely unaware of these dog whistles? Unless they aren’t really dog whistles. It doesn’t make sense to me. Cancel culture is ridiculous regardless of whether or not a person is marginalized. Canceling somebody and accusing the person of hate speech simply because you hate what he or she does or says is pathetic. Marginalized or not. To distinguish a difference honestly makes it seem as though a person that is considered marginalized cannot simply be just a trashy as somebody that is not. That is stereotyping. I think this while social justice thing has done nothing but destroy people.
Nosferata138 2 oy oldin
Is it wrong that i am perfectly content not knowing who most of these "famous" internet people are?
purpleXpotion 2 oy oldin
You’re obviously very intelligent, well spoken, and I appreciate your research effort.. a lot!! So Thank You for that. =) But you’re wasting your talent on garbage. (And by ‘garbage’ I’m referencing behavior, not the people.) know, even though I’m sure it wouldn’t be your ‘cup of tea’ ..if you ever decided to put that much effort into researching how conservative values actually preserve and promote freedom & liberty (despite the mainstream narrative) & how left wing ideology (while deceivingly kind taken at face value) actually destroy it.. (such as, with the cancel culture you were talking about) ..I think you would be surprised to find that the mental manipulation happening throughout our culture is much broader than Jeffrey & Shane. Praying your talent will be used for good.🙂 God Bless🙏🏼
Ionia 2 oy oldin
You remind me so much of contra! Calm, collected and clever, while also being v glamorous.
Rosalie Giordano
Rosalie Giordano 2 oy oldin
Your makeup looks great. Oh and Jeffree so done with him.
Cheryl Haggart-Schell
Cheryl Haggart-Schell 2 oy oldin
People accuse you of being problematic because you speak the truth, the cold hard truth... and I LUV IT!
Cheryl Haggart-Schell
Cheryl Haggart-Schell 2 oy oldin
Even though this is the first time I’ve watched one if your videos, you are definitely one of my new favs fosho 😊
Shannon Holland
Shannon Holland 2 oy oldin
😆 this was great
Candy Becker
Candy Becker 2 oy oldin
Your analysis of Cancel Culture and "What causes people's apologies to be ineffective" was super interesting. Fascinating, honestly. Thank you! It was very well thought out and entertaining
Made by ValJean
Made by ValJean 2 oy oldin
I love the makeup you did. First time watching; well done discussion and makeup.
Nadi C
Nadi C 2 oy oldin
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey 2 oy oldin
I’m very disappointed.......there’s no farting. Now come on, you built your reputation on releasing rectal vapour and now you’re too good for it. Bring back farting
Melissa Dove
Melissa Dove 2 oy oldin
Just found you love you ❤️ subscribed!!
Ajay Let
Ajay Let 2 oy oldin
Sis put in the work 👏
Kawaii Galaxy
Kawaii Galaxy 2 oy oldin
I have a couple notes/comments about this video 1. It’s funny how people think using racism is a way of arguing a good point. 2. Cancel culture is an all over the place topic. Some people try to cancel celebrities over things that other people wouldn’t try to cancel them for. The main reason being is their code of ethics. Everyone has a different code of ethics, and what one person may see as problematic , another person will not. 3. Jefree star is manipulating people. There are people who think inferior to their environment (asking questions like “how can I impress this person?” Or “can I become more likeable?”) and there are people who believe they are superior to their environment (asking questions like “how are the going to impress me?” But yeah you get the point) anyways, Jefree Star has that “superior” mindset, which makes people basically kiss his shoes. Those people focus on the good he’s done, and if he does do something wrong, they take it lighter because they see him as superior to them. This isn’t exactly something that is 100% true, but it’s a theory that I kind of observed. Now, this is just me spewing out my thoughts during this video, staying neutral between the two sides. However, in the end I do see more logical sense in your side than jefree star’s side.
Kristman Moss
Kristman Moss 2 oy oldin
he got so exposed bro you did the right thing
Valerie Ruiz
Valerie Ruiz 2 oy oldin
Wow she got a point! Lots of good information in this💯
Andrea Ranney
Andrea Ranney 2 oy oldin
Thank you
Honesty Nagel
Honesty Nagel 2 oy oldin
I love your videos. You're not only informed but, also educated... which is truly refreshing. Plus, you're beautiful. I would be thrilled to have you do my makeup, cause no lie, I'm jealous. Just beautiful to watch & informative to boot.
Isabel Mutswairo
Isabel Mutswairo 2 oy oldin
This is disgusting.. wow. I used to watch all of his videos.. ew. I feel sorry for the boy victims who won't come out and say anything about this
B s
B s 2 oy oldin
My brain cells were rejuvenated by this
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie 2 oy oldin
I need more, in depth videos on your cancel culture theory.
Elizabeth Johnston
Elizabeth Johnston 2 oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣...doing ur makeup to keep the video gay...LOVE IT
Erin Lebo
Erin Lebo 2 oy oldin
You are not sensitive one bit if you listen to your topics and how you talk about thing's thats far from who you are.. and the one's who say "you're digging thing's up" must not want to hear the truth on this.
-- 2 oy oldin
This what JS does is totally what James Charles was being accused of in the Coachella incident.
Heaven Sennamon
Heaven Sennamon 2 oy oldin
Racism is HORRIBLE. And if you condone it then YOU are horrible🤷
brianna Oy oldin
Periodt. Literally how can anyone be racist, it's so disgusting.
Kimberly Crazed!
Kimberly Crazed! 2 oy oldin
Internet was not a different time racist thought it was ok to shout it and now people are finally standing up and saying stop no more It has taking this long for people to see this is wrong which is sad really
a r friedman
a r friedman 2 oy oldin
You are so adorable. I love your voice. You are intelligent beyond your years. Your makeup is always so flawless and fabulously gorgeous. May g-d bless you and your family always.
sparkle gazer
sparkle gazer 2 oy oldin
Your edits/add-ins are everything!! F.f.t yet another U-tuber that should be in the 7digits!! And I'm fully aware that we all have our opinions as to who should be where however when seeing the channels profiting off all thing's negative/deceit well that's when i develop anger and I'm not talking mediocre anger no no no im talking (put the hair in a pony-ho take off the bamboo both pair and grab your jar of Vaseline and that mask because not even valid anger gonna kill off these covid-cooties) kind of an😠gry! And even still the majority believes in these types of influencers and this level is where they deserve to be🤔😳 & this is where I've come to the realization that u need not good taste to make millionaires out of individuals that care nothing about what got them to this rising platform yet continue scamming,lying, fans being hospitalized for thier actions and do nothing to make up for what thier supporters went through. There's 2 utubers that actually did just this when they were kind enough to invite their fans via live stream to be apart of this special most important day. And this is what all that attended received in thier virtual goodie bag. 86 on the audio, no visuals at times,an entire 2hr fashionably late appearance, some seriously skilled clickbait, and i feel like I'm leaving out something 🤔(emoji representation of the deep thinker) light💡bulb representation of the brain fart that almost was🤗 gots it➡ and u get all stated above for the low price of only a whopping 50 fucking dollar💵cover charge. I will never try to comprehend why selfish thieving compulsive liers that conflict all this and more towards the very one's that got them to this platinum status!! I'm also beginning to wonder if i should start entertaining the concept of mind control yes as of now I'm still in conspiracy mode with this topic of much discussion and one that isn't an isolated one but rather one being discussed throughout many social media platforms. Because that's actually beginning to make more sense to me oppose to thousands being in your face played yet still keep coming back for more playtime. Okee dokee doggie daddy's I'm gonna cut this angry sarcastic rant because this stopped being a comment many sentences ago and turned into an index in why social media influencers disgust me biography. I'm a rambler especially involving topics I'm passionate about it's a problem and yes I'm getting help for this condition.
Cipri MATAHALA 2 oy oldin
The fact that you literally cancelled Jeffree Star and idk how people still be sleeping on you it's STILL beyond me
Bunny Lacy
Bunny Lacy 2 oy oldin
The sound effects are too muchhh. Like there’s a shit ton of sound effects in this video
Warren Caelum
Warren Caelum Oy oldin
it's for memes and censorship 🙂
Brittney Welsh
Brittney Welsh 2 oy oldin
I have never had such a calming and eloquent tea session before. You make this enjoyable, thank you.
Kassandra Herrera
Kassandra Herrera 2 oy oldin
You should do a video reveling the real tea on kamal Harris you won’t be disappointed lmao 😂
Graham Stephan
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saying goodbye to the tesla :( #shorts
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Bella Poarch - Build a B*tch (Official Music Video)
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Ko‘rishlar soni 18 mln
saying goodbye to the tesla :( #shorts
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