TOO HONEST Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy palette Review/Tutorial | also the chapstick...

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Liam McEvoy

Yil oldin

I thought my jacket looked like hypnotic swirls but I ended up looking like Beetlejuice :/

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Lucas Fernandes
Lucas Fernandes 28 kun oldin
You got the best edits omgg
Lucas Fernandes
Lucas Fernandes 28 kun oldin
I wish a vid on hiw to edit yasssssssssssssss s
luna The Storyteller
luna The Storyteller 28 kun oldin
i love how the birf is "eating" him but hes not even reacting to it.😂
Monica Robledo
Monica Robledo Oy oldin
OMG. That ending tho LOL
Savion Greeveson
Savion Greeveson Oy oldin
Nobody: Liam editing Jeffree with a glock in: What taste like? MmMmm, indescribable, isn't it? I ✨lost it✨
Shiv Wesker
Shiv Wesker Oy oldin
15:09 when this was you when the palette was first announced and now you realise how cringe it is cause of recent tea.
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton Oy oldin
The last few seconds of this video are going to haunt me
Axt Xo
Axt Xo Oy oldin
Thanks for the Video and your bird is so cute!
Ajay Let
Ajay Let 2 oy oldin
Omg the bird 🦅 love
Ajay Let
Ajay Let 2 oy oldin
😂🤣, when he put a broom for Shane I died
Lúthien 2 oy oldin
The Ashe reference! OW PLAYERS UNITE!
RayGe FdZ
RayGe FdZ 3 oy oldin
That bird is so cute
salsa salsa
salsa salsa 3 oy oldin
crazy how 2020 starts going downhill after this palette
RayGe FdZ
RayGe FdZ 3 oy oldin
18$ for chapstick that's ridiculous
spooky girl
spooky girl 3 oy oldin
🤣🤣your awesome, honestly I'd rather watch you than the star saga anyday your tools with what you're saying keeps me laughing and wanting to watch more🖤great job!
Alrie Aquino
Alrie Aquino 3 oy oldin
Liam: wheres the bird My phone message tone: hEWWO
styles_ maeva
styles_ maeva 3 oy oldin
I love your video... you do makeup just like me and you like glitters just like me we are twins hahaha. Great channel I got recommended your channel and I love you for it😊😍
Loreta Bartoseviciute
Loreta Bartoseviciute 3 oy oldin
you should find a dupe on alliexpress of it or any other pallete and see how it is compared ....
Roman Zacharias
Roman Zacharias 4 oy oldin
1:43 why does that warp make Jeffree Star look like an obese woman? lmao
Arthur Henrique Da Costa Cardoso
Arthur Henrique Da Costa Cardoso 4 oy oldin
1:30 “A lot of B!tches will be buying these in 2020”. Fast forward to 2020 when they found this palette on that discount store in Europe.
kevin mcgrath
kevin mcgrath 4 oy oldin
"alot of bitches are gonna be buying this in 2020" 🤭🤭🤣
Dat_Ella* 5 oy oldin
Coke is a citrusy drink
Nicki Gregersen
Nicki Gregersen 6 oy oldin
It’s the bird chewing on your hair for me 😂
Random Kid
Random Kid 6 oy oldin
I’m glad I found my way here. I’m having fun. This is delightful. Thank you.
Матip 6 oy oldin
i got the mini controversy palette.... and i only use one or two shades. the tan one, the light beige one, or the shimmery one that’s kinda grey and ugly. yee
nissien loves makeup
nissien loves makeup 7 oy oldin
saying jeffree star is better then liam is like saying 99+1=7 its fucking wrong also i have loads of jeffrees shit its very good but jeffrees a two faced attention seeker so i wont be supporting him lo as for shane i dont really have any opinion on him
Babey Thot
Babey Thot 7 oy oldin
girl omg,,,, this did not age well DSJDKFJKS
online nobody
online nobody 7 oy oldin
18 USD for half a miligram of chapstick is a scam
Astro 7 oy oldin
Liam : I’m a hydration queen, I like water... how do you describe coke? Coke? Me:deliciousness
MonsterBxtch 7 oy oldin
I vibe with Pearl as a more chapstick and *maybe* concealer kind of girl (I get my makeup from FabFitFun and literally idk what to do with it) but after watching a few videos I hit subscribe and not just for the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star drama, your personality is really genuine and you have really taught me a lot about makeup I didn’t know about. It’s so complex and takes so much artistry, I really hate how it’s discounted as just this inherently feminine thing that’s trivial while as an artist, I know that the art world is predominantly male. Edit: not to say males are any less talented, I’m saying anyone doing makeup is seen as femme and therefore doing a trivial thing when it’s actually so much more complex than that.
sass McSass
sass McSass 7 oy oldin
Ngl I was like rose tinted glasses when I got my mini controversy palette being like Stan love it but like idk my drug store eyeshadows really be doing the same but like I’m not going broke buying it 🥴 plus his liquid lips are ass at least mine was...Idk might have just been mine but it was bad
Emily Jane
Emily Jane 8 oy oldin
Wow those pallets are so similar it took me a minute to see which was which. That's crazy
jhorielle 8 oy oldin
0:16 literally thats my hair rn-
Chef boi-ardee
Chef boi-ardee 8 oy oldin
Liked instantly when saw birdie
elena3sunny 8 oy oldin
Love the edits 😂👌
The Womanatee
The Womanatee 8 oy oldin
Don't try to bs me, Pearl, with that 'I'm all natural' crap. You're wearing an inch of blush and we can all see it - just embrace the fantasy, girl - you look beautiful.
ケリー 8 oy oldin
2:34 I didn't even pay attention to the swatches. My eyes immediately went to that Sharpay and Sasuke photo 😂😂😂
Leanda 8 oy oldin
Thankyou Liam 🤍💯
Zer0Diamonds 8 oy oldin
Can't get enough of the bird shouting "Morphy!"
xoxo periodtluv
xoxo periodtluv 8 oy oldin
Honestly I feel like they faked the passion like if I were to make a pallete I would put so much more passion into it but then just got lazy like the ideas at first were really cool but then got dumb and boring like really a spiral and a couple of bold colors doesn’t make you interesting like glam light goes HAM on her palettes like a pizza cake horchata churro lip glosses and palettes are you KIDDING me that is so unique and different and it’s attention grabbing and she’s so underrated and small latina owned business but two big millionaire white people Can make slap on a small root beer scent on some chapstick and overprice it and people will still buy it because there privileged and Shane is trying to struggle so hard by saying he’s poor when really he’s just really greedy and trying to pull at peoples heart strings (it failed for me I am broke asf and this is gross) like please please support glamlite she’s so underrated and actually makes good pigmented high quality unique passionate make up and actually cares about her supporters instead of just robbing her dry especially now since POC are being targeted more than ever latina and black owned businesses are being harmed and need more love and attention than ever don’t buy some powdery basic crap shimmer that some privileged racist white people made overpriced and slapped some “WaCk CrAzY” name on with a stupid Illuminati sign and spryals on to make it a “CoNsPiRaCy” his conspiracy’s suck anyways there so basic and popular and overused like I think everyone knows 9/11 was faked(not to offend anyone or any victims) but his are basic asf and can get really boring really easily I want something so out of the box that no ones ever thought of not that “ALiEnS aRe ReAL” no shit that’s fucking obvious and debunked by the government already I feel like they over hype everything they do with crappy music and a couple of references it’s just really plain don’t come at me saying your going to make this beautiful never been done before cRaZy controversial pallete and give me some shit like this like no I don’t want it if it’s something we’re I can get better from not a racist white boring overpriced racist cracker anyway that’s just how I feel it’s my opinion take or leave it go support @glamlite cosmetics and support your fellow Latina sisters xoxo 😚💓🇲🇽
online nobody
online nobody 7 oy oldin
I know Glamlite is known for their theming and packaging and people either love it or hate it, but I've heard pretty good things about the formula. Also, there are TONS of other makeup brands that don't have racist, mysogonyst, manipulative, and generally trash CEOs that offer good, high quality products at similar price points.
Claire Doo
Claire Doo 8 oy oldin
Ok so i bought the conspiracy and mini and honestly i never use the conspiracy like monthsssss later (+ur expose video lmao) its sooo bulky like honestly using it is a chore. I hate saying that bc i spent soo and got catfished bc im a dumbass consumer lollll. I do use the mini but the only shade i use is the crease shade or whatever but thats it lol
Joss 8 oy oldin
I recently found your channel and I'm OBSESSED....! Hahaha I haven't stop laughing, keep the honesty and good material ❤️
Denise G.
Denise G. 8 oy oldin
I love your video's 🦋🦋🦋🦋
EloQueen 8 oy oldin
The scream, fart, and Trisha saying "oh....ok.." trifecta always has me laughing
13din 8 oy oldin
Omg when he was sniffing James ass 😂😂😂
Drew Branscum
Drew Branscum 8 oy oldin
I think the Coke flavor is actually a proprietary blend of several spices (Check out some of the copycat recipes.) mixed with copious amounts of sucrose (traditional, no-Norteamericano) or fructose (Norteamericano) and soda water. Soda is usually made en masse with sodium (bi)carbonate these days instead of pressurized CO2 because reasons, but the other method also adds a small amount of sodium.
Drew Branscum
Drew Branscum 8 oy oldin
"She's like a chapstick and maybe a concealer kind of girl." Hinny we can see all that orange blush and yellow-tinted foundation from outer space. That parrot wants you to recognize her for the diva she is.
Chase 8 oy oldin
It’s ironic that he said a lot of bitches in 2020 will be buying the palette... now everyone hates jeff and Shane (as they should)
Ashly Lynne
Ashly Lynne 8 oy oldin
Pearl is a boy birb ☺ my birb is a reverse, boy name but girl birb lol
Mute violence
Mute violence 8 oy oldin
as a dumb b*tch with adhd i reall appreciate ur editing style
Forest Mori
Forest Mori 8 oy oldin
That Sasuke meme got you an immediate follow from me
Hope World
Hope World 8 oy oldin
Liam: "Alot of bitches in 2020 are going to be buying this palette" Everyone is 2020 after shane got cancelled:🤭
Str4wb3rryn1nja TV
Str4wb3rryn1nja TV 8 oy oldin
I absolutely love your humor its everything ❤
Nicole 8 oy oldin
Ms thang over here was ahead of her time 😌
Anna Young
Anna Young 8 oy oldin
They are the same pallet tho
Anna Young
Anna Young 8 oy oldin
Make sure your cockatiel gets a steady pellet diet without seeds!
Rebecca Spratling
Rebecca Spratling 8 oy oldin
Pearl is a psychic bird.. She tried shitting on the pallate to warn us. 🤭 But she missed and shitted elsewhere. 🥺
Zoe T
Zoe T 8 oy oldin
13jae 8 oy oldin
PenBeatsSword 8 oy oldin
I got so swept up into this hype, was so excited to get the palette after the complete fuck up that was Beauty Bay UK, swatched it and thought it was so and why?! XD I literally have used it twice and the colours are so fucking random and weird and patchy that I now don't reach for it ever. Lowkey only keeping it because it cost a fortune and was so so so hard to get
wren plays the SIMS
wren plays the SIMS 8 oy oldin
The sheer chaotic energy of you doing your makeup with a bird lmfao
xrainbowmintx 8 oy oldin
Gurlll where do you get that ear clip thing?? Its gorgeouss!!
M 8 oy oldin
i wish i found your channel sooner :(
Tongko Umbon
Tongko Umbon 8 oy oldin
Your editing is goals. It cracks me up
Dora M
Dora M 9 oy oldin
the editing and the fact he has a reaction clip for everything 😭😭😭 kills me off
RayGe FdZ
RayGe FdZ 9 oy oldin
Oh BTW that pokemon was actually Vaporeon
RayGe FdZ
RayGe FdZ 9 oy oldin
Your bird is so cute
13jae 9 oy oldin
Paula420 9 oy oldin
JensChoice 9 oy oldin
I honestly thought the colors were too random. I expected maybe greens, blues, grays, etc. "Conspiracy" just reminds me of aliens or other things like that so I never got the hype..
Kaz love
Kaz love 9 oy oldin
Your bird is soo cute 😊😊
Jamilynne Renner
Jamilynne Renner 9 oy oldin
Your edits always have me weak
Avril 9 oy oldin
i lost it when I saw what i think is Sharpay choking Sasuke lmao
T Fagan
T Fagan 9 oy oldin
I like #2
Esther Garza
Esther Garza 9 oy oldin
The My Pills edit had me dying 🤣🤣 When did James Charles post that naked pic??? 😳😳
greg 9 oy oldin
the bird sitting on your shoulder is vibing
Kukubaps 9 oy oldin
Kona Rose
Kona Rose 9 oy oldin
Screamed when Pearl chewed your hair using that audio lmao
boo 9 oy oldin
2:32 was that me??
Karen Briggs
Karen Briggs 9 oy oldin
Is there anyone else on UZpost (or in the world) that has such a dry sense of humour with the most deadpan delivery? 🦗 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 Nobody but Liam? Thought so.
Admiral Peach
Admiral Peach 9 oy oldin
What is the thing on Liam's ear called? An ear cuff? And where did you get it? I LOVE IT!
ABRAHAM AG 9 oy oldin
Love your voice and you look stunning
hanna bailey
hanna bailey 9 oy oldin
“we can’t do that because we can’t do that” me when a customer tries to use an expired coupon or do a double sale price on something.
savannah bartlett
savannah bartlett 9 oy oldin
I just really really enjoy your edits 😍😂😍😂
Clark Wahlberg
Clark Wahlberg 9 oy oldin
Why does Shane have a make up product anyway?!?! Its very off brand. He should sell ingrown neck beard hair oil.
Pseudolungs 9 oy oldin
love u pearl
Joshua Marshall
Joshua Marshall 9 oy oldin
'Then everything changed when the fire Nation attacked' I died
princess dratini
princess dratini 9 oy oldin
Liam: a lot of bitches are going to be buying this palette in 2020... 2020: uhm ACTUALLY, sweatie,,,,,,
Bea Tolan
Bea Tolan 9 oy oldin
Your edits literally send me i-
davidz dollzz
davidz dollzz 9 oy oldin
he took a shit on your arm-
Chloé Ismaily
Chloé Ismaily 9 oy oldin
Wait you actually put pp enlargement pills in the description omg 🤣
Emili Wyatt
Emili Wyatt 9 oy oldin
ur edits make me die laughing
S D 9 oy oldin
LMFAO the fuckin bird flying around. these edits are amazing.
lu cifer
lu cifer 9 oy oldin
Yes girl soda is nasty
1moola 9 oy oldin
I really enjoyed Pearl in this video, would like to see more of her low key presence and natural beauty, you two are a good team!
Labels For Lunch
Labels For Lunch 9 oy oldin
Can you serve us some ads please? Make yo’ money!!!!!!!!
Michele 9 oy oldin
your bird is so cute!
Claudelmar 9 oy oldin
I love your edits. And since i dont have the internet archeology stuff to watch i am here. Watching your makeup.
Lee Howell
Lee Howell 9 oy oldin
I got this pallet and it sucked and burned my eyes
GG T 9 oy oldin
I wouldn't trust you to give a honest reviews on this pallet and anyone who would is stupid
Travis Voss
Travis Voss 9 oy oldin
The unexpected birb was a total blessing.
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